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By Elena Ognivtseva

Bazooka Vape blends your favorite iconic fruits with mouth puckering sour crystals! Strawberry Sour Straws provides the perfect amount of juicy strawberries and counterbalance the sour notes! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Bazooka Vape Strawberry Sour Straws BEASTLY BECAUSE Sour is the name of the game with Bazooka Vape! If you enjoy tasty fruits with a nice sour kick to it, you simply can’t go wrong this these BEASTLY flavors! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BAZOOKA VAPE STRAWBERRY SOUR STRAWS

today I bring to you
strawberry sour straws by bazooka vape
hey there ladies and gentlemen
KJ hand eyo is back in the house this
time I bring to you an illiquid review
of strawberry sour straws from bazooka
vape they are located out of Los Angeles
California big shout out to Ian over at
vape society supply for sending it my
way the prices and the sizes check this
out folks 200 mil bottle that's right a
super-sized bottle is $44.99 definitely
can't go wrong with that kind of a price
you can also order a sampler pack where
you get 315 mil bottles of each flavor
for $4.99 definitely can't go wrong with
that either you know alright so the
shipping on this over to vape society
supply it's going to cost you $4.99 for
Priority Mail that's the only option
available they don't have a first-class
option and I'm sure it's due to the size
of this package okay the ratio it's a
70/30 blend 70 VG 30 PG nicotine
strengths available are zero three and
six milligrams there are three flavors
in their entire product line there's
strawberry green apple and watermelon
they're all sour straws okay that's what
type of thing they're going for and
today i'm reviewing strawberry sour
straws the flavor intensity I would say
is slightly above moderate okay so it's
not over-the-top strong it's not in the
middle it's not low it's just a little
bit above the middle steeping I don't
think any steeping is needed for this
I'm pretty sure as well steep by the
time you get it okay it was great right
out of the mail I received it yesterday
I was vaping at all yesterday morning
afternoon night all this morning just so
I could get a good feel for it and the
stuff is delicious I'm going to tell you
up front okay you can purchase it at
vape society
I will leave a link to their website in
the description down below so you can
order your own bottle today
now the packaging it comes in a box like
this okay and on the box I mean
very attractive looking and whatnot I'll
just I'll show you this up close
so it's a nice attractive package right
I got mine in three milligrams nicotine
that's what I vape on you open up the
package and inside you will find this
rather large gorilla unicorn bottle I
never seen anything like this it's a
rather large bottle looks like it's
going to have like a messy big tip but
it doesn't you open up the cap and it's
got a nice unicorn tip right there so
you could use it in any tank you could
drip it all day long but also in
addition to that they also give you two
of these I think there are 10 or 15 mil
bottles of 15 15 mil bottles empties
right here that you could take with you
on the go that way you don't have to
carry that large bottle around you know
I definitely filled up one of them
yesterday I filled it all the way to the
top and it's down to about there okay so
I've been totally enjoying this alright
here's what it says for the description
okay so over at vape society supply it
has a lot of information for the
description I'm going to read some of it
to you strawberry sour straws by bazooka
provides a sweet strawberry candy with a
subtle notes of tang on the exhale and
that's that's about all you need to know
about that alright
you know those strawberry sour straws
I've certainly eaten a lot of them in my
time just delicious stuff right there I
don't eat candy anymore so this is the
perfect way to bring back that childhood
memory alright so you break it open and
on the smell test
it totally smells like when you open one
of those packages those you know those
trays that they come in and you open the
train you slide it out and you get that
like wafting smell of that strawberry
sour sugary type thing that's it right
that is totally it right here okay it's
quite amazing I can't believe they
captured it so well actually and it does
have all the standard warnings on the
bottle underage self prohibited they're
definitely doing the right thing here we
hopefully you could see that the font
they used is really tiny so may be hard
to read but yeah they definitely cover
everything with the warnings okay let's
do a taste test
Wow really close really really close I
will say I'm definitely getting that
licorice I'm getting strawberry I'm
getting a little bit of sourness that
tartness Wow incredible just incredible
all right so today I'm going to be
vaping it on the phenotype LS RDA by
anarchist and Aria built and I am going
to be vaping it on my new IPV 400 by
pioneer for you that I received
also from vape society supply look out
for a review for this tomorrow I'm going
to try to get to this one tomorrow
really nice stealthy small device I'll
tell you I'm vaping it at 85 watts
the resistance is 0.23 it's a Clapton
build let's do this man oh man that
flavor and tons of vapor as you can see
totally smooth on the throat smooth out
the nose exhale nothing bad or funny
with the nicotine is really smooth and
good to go I'll tell you that they I
need to read you up yeah definitely
well one other thing to note usually
with these really sweet liquids they
could kind of wrench out your cotton and
your coils and really do a number on
them I put this building yesterday
morning okay
I've been vaping it like I said all
through the morning afternoon evening
and also this morning all right now
check this out
this cotton is still quite white I'm
really amazed to actually usually with
really sweet liquids it definitely does
a number
pretty good indeed I would say it's
definitely cotton friendly and the
quills do not look like they're all
gummed up too heavily so it's very very
good very unique that a flavor like this
would would treat your cotton and coils
like that you know but it's not too
that's the thing it's not like overly
sweet it's like the perfect amount of
sweetness with a perfect amount of
tartness and sourness it's great all
right let's see if I could decode this a
little bit for you on the way in I'm
getting sour strawberry okay I'm getting
strawberry but there's like a sour
element that goes with it okay on the
way out same thing but it's followed up
you get that licorice okay do you know
that like red licorice type of flavor
it's like right there it's totally right
there and it's tangy and sour and
definitely got some sweetness going on
but not too much sweetness like I
mentioned really quite delicious
so close to the authentic flavor of the
real candy that I'm going to give this
flavor a KJ antio flavor rating five out
of five all day and all night
I love this flavor I'm going to be look
forward to vaping this whole entire
bottle I mean it is really that good I
mean it doesn't look like I baked a lot
but you got to remember this is a huge
bottle but it was filled all the way to
the brim and when I got it okay so I've
definitely been enjoying this totally
alright so on to the vapor production
let me drip a little bit more these
Clapton's sure heat up a lot of juice
and you know the way I do my vapor
production I'm going to do one this way
and then one that way for you guys all
right here we go
vapor production time
nice thick dense clouds they drop down
they definitely stay in the air a lot of
vapor here's one for you guys definitely
clouds up really nice for a 70/30 I
would say so I'm going to give the vapor
production of this e-liquid 4 out of 5
stars that's where I'm at all day and
all night really a lot of vapor it's
almost like four and a half stars
it's like teetering right between you
know and usually I get four and a half
stars to 8020 mixes but this is like
almost right there even though it's a
70/30 it's a lot of vapor okay alright
so that pretty much sums up my review of
strawberry sour straws by bazooka vape
go get yours today over at vape society you will not regret it this
is totally awesome juice I can't say
enough kind words about it so delicious
alright so that's it guys I hope you
enjoyed my review if you did show me
some KJ Andy oh love and hit that thumbs
up button why don't you and also please
comment down below I love when you guys
interact with me it puts comments down
below you have any questions concerns
thoughts anything at all go ahead and
comment down below interact with each
other while you're at it - I love when
you guys interact with each other it's
totally cool by me alright so thank you
so much for watching have a stellar day
be excellent to each other and most of
all remember me
I'm KJ Andy Oh your host with the most
take care and I'll see you on the next
video peace

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