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By Ksenia Sobchak

Bazooka Vape blends your favorite iconic fruits with mouth puckering sour crystals! Green Apple Sour Straws is nostalgia in a bottle as it taste exactly the green sour straws you enjoyed in your youth! You simply can’t go wrong with a classic sour apple! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Bazooka Vape Green Apple Sour Straws BEASTLY BECAUSE Sour is the name of the game with Bazooka Vape! If you enjoy tasty fruits with a nice sour kick to it, you simply can’t go wrong this these BEASTLY flavors! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BAZOOKA VAPE GREEN APPLE SOUR STRAWS

today I bring you green apples sour
straws by bazooka beep hey there ladies
and gentlemen
KJ and EO is back in the house this time
I have an illiquid review of green
apples sour straws from bazooka vape
they are manufactured out of Los Angeles
California I want to give a big
shout-out to Kevin thank you so much for
sending them my way to review greatly
appreciate it ok the price and the size
you guys the one that they sent me is a
15 mil bottle okay it actually comes in
the sample pack which is pretty much
non-existent anymore I can't find it
available anywhere but they normally
come in these 200 ml bottles right here
this is the tail end of my strawberry
sour straws been trying to like save it
because I love this stuff so much but
I'm not only they come in these size
bottles 200 mils and they're 50 dollars
over at a liquid calm okay and I will
put a link to a liquid calm so you could
easily go over there and get your own
bottle today alright the shipping over
at liquid Calm is free free unless you
want to add $2 and you get insurance
with it or there are more costlier
options available just check it out and
use whatever suits your needs okay
alright the ratio it's a 70/30 blend 70
VG 30 PG nicotine strengths available
are zero three and six milligrams I have
mine in three milligrams and there are
normally three in their entire product
line there's strawberry watermelon and
green apple okay so I'm going over the
green apples sour straws today and like
I said you could purchase them from a
liquid calm or visit the manufacturers
site at bazooka vape calm
they're definitely all-day vapes I mean
if you like sweet and sour but not too
much sweet
it's definitely decent for that and the
description is just basically green
apples sour straws inside the box you
get two 15 mil empty unicorn bottles so
you could take with you on the go and
that's about all the info that I could
come up with alright okay so
let's grab this bottle here 15 mil
bottle not enough right yeah you break
it open the smell check you're getting
sweet you're getting tart the sourness
of the green apple and you definitely
got the green apple of course that's the
main ingredient but it's very close to
smelling the sour straws okay I think
maybe the strawberry in the watermelon
we're just a little bit closer than this
one but nonetheless it smells good it
smells good indeed all right let's do a
taste test yeah like I said it's close I
really do think the other two flavors
are a little bit more accurate but that
could be just me you know
remember tastes our subjective folks all
right so this flavor I have in the
support RDA and I'm going to be vaping
in on top of the limitless lux
I got a Clapton build in there I think
it's a fuse Clapton resistance is 0.25
and here we go wow it is really
delicious definitely I mean if you like
sweet and you like sour and like I said
that's not overly sweet okay you can
tell when juices are overly sweet they
add a lot of extra sweetener and then it
messes up your cotton in your coils
these juices are not like that smooth on
the throat smooth out the nose totally
smooth juice
totally clean juice yeah it's basically
the same thing going in as it going out
on the way in it's more sweet on the way
out the sweet green apple is like right
there up front followed by the tartness
that comes after it the little sourness
and the tart it's after it on the tail
end and just like the other two flavors
like I said this juice is really clean
I've been dripping it all morning yeah I
think that's about that I don't want to
take a dry hit but I do want to prove a
point so like I said I've been dripping
this all morning that's at least my
fifth time dripping it and look at the
cotton nice and white you know so one
thing I'll say about these flavors is um
they're definitely really clean and same
with the strawberry in the watermelon
all three of them leave the cotton nice
they don't gunk up the coils too much
really not much at all I mean it's like
barely okay and it's not even gunking
him up it's just that they're turning a
natural dark color that's the way coils
are you know but it's not gonna thing
about there's not like all this crud in
there so yeah the flavor it's definitely
really close really close in the 90%
range I would say I really do think that
the strawberry and watermelon were just
a little bit more spot-on from what I
remember of sour straws so with that
said I'm gonna give green apple sour
straws a KJ can do flavor rating of four
and a half out of five that's what I
feel it deserves it's close it's almost
there but it's not quite there at least
in my opinion that's what I think okay
cuz the strawberry and watermelon I gave
five stars all the way and they're like
just so perfect you know and not to say
this isn't good this is really good it's
just and just like a little final
tweaking I think it would be fine you
know but it's still very delicious it's
still very good I definitely give it a
double thumbs-up kjn do approved okay
really good flavoring I mean all three
of the flavors from there lying or just
bangin there really bangin like I said
I've been trying to say what I have left
of the strawberry sours
drawers and I'm getting near the end
totally getting near the end of the
bottle and it's like I'm savoring every
last bit of it totally love it mmm all
right so that being said I think we
should just go on to the vapor
production right about now you know the
way I do it one this way one that way
here we go a nice amount of vapor sorry
I do have a fan on it's really hot today
here's one for you guys out there in
YouTube land yeah I know where I stand
because I know what I rated the other
two at this is the same ratio and I'm
sorry I got a fan blowing so it looks
like it's like not as much and it's
dissipating fast but it's just the way
the fan is but I know it clouds up
really good and I'm gonna give this
flavor green apple sour straw is a vapor
production rating of 4 out of 5 stars
all day and all night
that's what I believe it deserves okay
it's a 70/30 it almost performs a little
more than a 70/30 would normally perform
okay so I think that about sums it up
that sums up my review of green apple
sour straws from bazooka vape head over
to e-liquid comm like I said it will put
a link to them in the description down
below go check it out folks if you like
green apples sour straws this is really
really really close okay so that's about
it that's what I got for you today thank
you so much for tuning in and if you
liked the video go ahead and hit the
thumbs up I disabled the stats but go
ahead and hit it anyways show me that
love and definitely comment down below
see that's why the stats don't matter
I'd rather hear your comments instead of
worrying about statistics you know so
feel free to comment down below you have
any questions you want to just say hi
you know whatever you want to do you
know I enjoy when you guys interact with
me and with each other on my channel
alright alright thank you so much for
watching enjoy the rest of your week and
have a stellar day be excellent to
everyone and most of all remember me
I'm KJ Andy Oh your host with the most
take care and I'll see you on the next
video peace

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