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Bazooka Sour Straws Blue Raspberry 60ml ejuice is an amazing blue raspberry flavored e-liquid. This flavor tastes just as the name describes, a true blue raspberry flavor, yet with a sour twist, very similar to the popular candy treat you've grew up with. The issue rising from the candy is that it's smothered in sugar, but you've now got the all clear as Bazooka Sour Straws' Blue Raspberry E-Liquid is now available in vape form! If you really enjoy Bazooka Sour Straws from Kilo E-Liquids, also try their other flavors within this brand like Bazooka Green Apple or Bazooka Strawberry or Bazooka Watermelon.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BAZOOKA SOUR STRAWS BLUE RASPBERRY EJUICE

hey everybody thank you were joined in
tonight's never gonna do another you
just review I got in from premium vape
supply you can find premium vape supply
on the web at to two
hundred milliliter bottle for $44.95
over on premium vape supply you can get
nick levels in zero three and six it's a
70/30 VG PG mix and if you go over there
in a use code tomten you'll get 10% off
your entire order if you spend over $25
you get free shipping if you buy over a
hundred mils so if you buy this here
your free priority shipping pretty cool
so anyways this one right here I want to
go over this box book this is a blue
raspberry licorice flavor so we'll go
over the description anyways but look at
this freaking box it's huge blue
raspberry sour straws this side over
what is a bazooka it shows you that it's
a unicorn
plus 200 mils bazooka BAM on the back
here it's got your different warnings
prop 65 as your ingredients as
everything all under there and where you
can find them on Facebook Instagram and
whatnot it's all on two there and then
on this side here just has a little bit
of they all new bazooka I know they have
three or four different other flavors in
this bazooka line so let's take this out
of the package here and like I said it's
quite the presentation
hey there's the bottle let's just say
you can get it there's some 18 650
battery Brown look at the size of the
bottle I think is huge there anyways you
get inside the package get this tray you
get this two hundred milliliter bottle
of juice and they also give you a couple
of 50 milliliter unicorn bottles that
you can fill up to easily carry around I
clear this in my bag I've been out
vaping on a little bit got this down
here already down to about here so I've
used not much of it but still probably
about thirty miles out of it very very
good juice so let's go over the
description onto it the flavor
description it says this on tasty strips
of blue raspberry licorice candy coated
with a sweet and sour sugar and again
your bottling is gonna look just like
the box has the bazooka sour straws and
then on this side here it's got your
different warnings your ingredients prop
65 underage sale prohibited and then
over here as there where you can contact
for bazooka for on Facebook Instagram
and then it break down again just like I
showed you on the box does come with a
child safety cap and tamper proof and
it's very cool child safety cap if you
look at that see let's get those little
rings into there it spin this around but
if you push down is like little grooves
inside of the cap that
and look at the size that it's like a
ketchup bottle hey girlies describe it
so again like I said this is a tasty
strips of blue blue raspberry liquorice
candy coated with sweet and sour sugar
so let's take a smell smell this and you
didn't have raspberry right away you're
getting that tartness of it I'm not
getting neither liquorice just getting
the raspberry
a little bit of tartness they're still
only getting that raspberry though all
right so I got this I'm gonna load this
up here on my Arctic dolphin ATT eighty
180 it's 180 watt box might I've got
this down my mutation X I'm running this
here at point one eight on the ohms and
I run this at 95 Watts take a few rips
tell you what I'm tasting
coming in I'm getting that blue
raspberry flavor raspberry there ain't
no such thing as a blue raspberry um but
I'm getting that sweet it's kind of a
sweet but a little bit of tartness on to
a little bit of the sour right on the
end they're not too sweet and that's a
tart pretty good yeah
I'm not still not getting any of that
licorice but it's still a nice sweet
raspberry would that look just a little
bit of tartness on to it very very good
it's a good flavor like I said I'm not
getting any the licorice I've tried to
set different things I've tanked it it
tanks very well being a 70/30 very very
good on to that but again I'm still not
getting you those licorice notes on to
I've been vaping like I said I blew
through 30 mils I could vape on it all
day I don't know if I could do it every
day I might get bored of it
but if I wanted just to have like a nice
vape session oh yeah definitely very
very enjoyable the smell of it even
though my wife was like that smells
really really good and it does it has a
good smell it has a good flavor I'm not
getting the liquorice onto it but
overall it's still a very very excellent
juice I couldn't say yeah definitely
worth it 200 mils 4495 that's not bad
that's uh you're talking uh what about
30 cents in mil so I definitely go check
it out for sure from w-w-w-whoa WWF
rhenium base fly comm links will be down
below and don't forget to use code town
10 you'll get 10% off your entire order
that's gonna do it for tonight folks so
until the next time
keep vaping

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