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This 4 pack Bundle includes one 60ml of each flavor: Bazooka Blue Raspberry Bazooka Green Apple Bazooka Strawberry Bazooka Watermelon We will do our best in offering you the best e-juice flavors and cheap ejuice prices. Thank you for choosing us to be your supplier of your favorite vape juice and vaping hardware!Vape Review of BAZOOKA SOUR STRAWS 4 PACK BUNDLE


 Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BAZOOKA SOUR STRAWS 4 PACK BUNDLE

good old Monday it never fails to come
back around and end the weekend
hello vapors and VP's welcome back to my
channel today's video is all about
bazooka eliquid
alright guys yes so today I have three
flavours by bazooka eliquid this is the
Zuka sour straws
I have strawberry right here watermelon
and green apple these sound really yummy
and I love those sour straws especially
at the movie theater to have those when
I'm watching movie and oh my god these
things are huge
I guess so in these boxes are these huge
200 milliliter bottles of a liquid they
do come with two 15 mil unicorn bottles
in here
these are 70% vegetable glycerin 30%
propylene glycol liquids these are
available in zero three and six
milligrams nicotine I'll show you what
you get in here it's very nicely
packaged let's see if I can take it out
nicely maybe oh my gosh check that out
and then here is the 215 male bottles
that it comes with for this flavor here
is a close-up of the 200 mil bottles and
the 15 mil bottle here the close-up of
the box packaging very nice presentation
please excuse any background noise you
hear my cat Taz is in the other room
playing with his toy at Sally's little
Jingle Bell feather toy and I can't
really stop him from doing it unless I
like lock him up but then he just cries
people time it's okay we're gonna get
through this video right so here is 600
milliliters of a liquid or right here
we're gonna go ahead and try them and
I'll just try the strawberry first and
strawberry is my favourite out of these
three flavor profiles honestly I don't
know what this is gonna look like so
let's take a peek oh my god the lid
this tip right there I am testing these
flavors out with my troll RDA today but
if you don't have an RDA and you do want
to do some flavor testing or different
types of a liquids you can always invest
in these 510 dripping atomizer barrels
you just put a couple drops of the
e-liquid down in there put a drip tip on
top and you get a couple puffs of the
flavor they're super easy to use cheap
and disposable I used to use these all
the time in my flavor videos until I
moved on to the world of RDAs I will
leave a link below to these if you're
interested in checking them out to
flavor test for yourself feel ridiculous
like holding this giant bottle oh my
gosh okay oh well very easily squeezed
very much a VG e-liquid - come on
soak it up mmm oh my god it smells so
good it smells just like the sour straw
candies that I have had had the movie
theater you can have a minute anywhere
else but like at the store but I just
remember always liking to have them at
the movie right here we go with the
strawberry sour straw hmm oMG it tastes
just like the sour straw except for I
get a lot more realistic strawberry
flavor like almost like a real
strawberry mixed with a gummy candy
strut cuz like the artificial flavors of
those straw candies you can tell but
this is like more like a realistic gummy
strawberry candy and there's like a
little bit of sour I'm always
apprehensive when trying sour liquids
cuz I don't really like that like a vape
it kind of it almost has the same effect
cinnamon used to have on these but I'm
happy to say that the sour isn't
overwhelming but it's definitely like
you know it is a sour strawberry straw
say that five times fast
sour strawberry straw mmm YUM I I just
like that's what it's name is is what it
tastes like it tastes like a gummy
strawberry sour straws
cloud bitch and I could definitely see
this flavor giving me my candy fix if I
was in like craving something gummy
something chewy and strawberry next we
are moving on to bazooka style straws
watermelon oMG I just get a kick out of
this tiny little nipple on this huge
thing mmm smells like a jolly rancher
mmm definitely getting that watermelon
like I said it kinda smells and tastes
this way it smells like a watermelon
Jolly Rancher flavor you get a little
bit of the gummy vibe I felt more of a
chewy gummy candy vibe from the
strawberry and then you get a really
light sour note to it this one seems a
little less sour than the strawberry one
but you definitely can detect that it is
a sour watermelon gummy flavor and this
one is great too I just prefer
strawberry flavors over watermelon
flavors very smooth throat hit OOP hello
guys so definitely can produce massive
cloud without any throat irritation next
we are trying the sour green apple
flavor whoa this one smells so much more
than the other two because like it was
kind of hard to smell them through the
little tiny nipple on top like I just
wait till I put it on the cotton to
smell it but this one you cannot mistake
the green apple scent roof a plus for
the green apple flavor and I also feel
like this one might be the most like
sour flavored of them all and it's
definitely unmistakably green apple it's
definitely a fresh green apple like I
feel like with all of these they were
more of like a fresh realistic fruit
flavor versus an artificial candy flavor
which is great that's always a plus but
this one definitely has a little bit
more sour it's not too much sour it's
just noticeably more than the other two
I feel like and you can definitely tell
that it's a gummy candy and I like that
like I love that texture like that I
always get that gummy candy craving
sometimes and these would definitely
satisfy my sweet tooth in that area
mmm this one is great too but like I
predicted from the very beginning the
strawberry is definitely my favorite
that's because I prefer strawberry
flavor profiles over most other fruits
hmm this one's a lot like you can detect
the gummy chewy candy vibe from it too
as well and I feel like I would like to
strawberry one then the green apple and
then the watermelon like in order first
to last they are all really good I want
to know if you've tried these flavors
let me know down in the comments below
if you've had them and what you thought
of them I will leave a link below to
where you can get this ginormous bottle
plus the two 15 mil bottles in that
little box for $50 but that's it for
today's video just three flavours so
we've got a quick one today I hope you
enjoyed if you did give it a thumbs up
and feel free to subscribe to this
channel for more vape videos check the
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links like where to get my favorite
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follow me on almost any social media
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I also have a second YouTube channel
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not vaping related so if you want to see
more of me you can check out that
channel all those social media links
will be below and one more thing before
you go if they being is something you're
passionate about
please join cast or follow not blowing
smoke or the APA as Fattah and all the
multitude of vaping organizations out
there to help you learn how to fight for
your rights vape it's really important
if you love vaping because we are under
so badly right now it's pretty
depressing but with that being said I'm
TIA beeps and thank you so much for
watching I managed to keep Taz out of
the room with this little squirty
bottles I just have to I mean I know you
guys like Taz but he really interrupts
the videos and it takes me almost twice
as long because literally I'll set him
down and he'll jump back up and I'll set
him down and he'll jump back up and I
just got to get through the video got to
be professional to a certain level right
but having TAS every once and while
isn't going to bother me so

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