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Bazooka Pineapple Peach Ejuice is the latest vape juice flavor to be added to their Tropical Thunder collection. Coming in 100ml chubby gorilla bottles, this tropical ejuice will prove its worth within no time. With the sharp tropical sensation of golden ripe peaches intertwined with juicy pineapples, a blend from heaven is created. Bazooka Sours Straws.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BAZOOKA PINEAPPLE PEACH SOUR STRAWS EJUICE

guys budova is back with another ejuice
review i haven't uploaded a video in
about a month because I've been having
computer issues and I just haven't found
the time until recently I'm gonna go
ahead and try to upload maybe a couple
of videos this week maybe more maybe
less I don't know but today we're
reviewing the bazooka sour straws
tropical Thunder Edition pineapple peach
comes in a 100 milliliter bottle chubby
gorilla bottle also it comes with a box
depending on if who you buy it from
sends you the box or if they even stop
you know stock the box it's pretty cool
so it's supposed to be the candy sour
straws but instead of the traditional
like blue raspberry or green apple sour
straws is supposed to be pineapple peach
sour straws so I like pineapple peach
fruit obviously so I figured you know I
would try this so um I didn't get this
from any of these websites but I have it
looking at the price on two websites
right now I'm looking at element Dave
comm they have it for 2495 real retail
prices 29.95 so basically 25 dollars
instead of 30 they have it available and
three zero three and six six milligrams
is out of stock also the other website
vapor DNA they have it for $24.99 so
twenty five dollars it's available and
zero three and six and they're in stock
with all the different nicotine you know
contents all the
you know those I don't know what I'm
trying to say I'm looking for a VG PG I
can't seem to find it maybe I'm just not
looking in the right you know place or
something but I don't think it says
anywhere on the bottle
yeah it just says three milligrams of
nicotine 100 milliliters Oh 70/30 it
says right here on the back I don't know
if you're gonna be you know what to see
that at all
want to focus me and it's not gonna
focus is it
I just take my word for it so 70/30 VG
PG now it's too small to us
okay I'm definitely getting pineapple
like a fruity pineapple maybe you can D
like pineapple maybe you know it's
combination of both I'm not sure and
then I'm getting a little bit of peach
but the thing about the the the smell is
they have a sourness to them as you know
sour straws are also sour so you can
smell the sourness I'm not sure if it's
just you know the actual fruit sourness
or you know they have added sourness
which you know they probably do yeah it
smells nice
you know if you like sour pineapple
peach but predominantly my small
pineapple now when I'm vaping this in
today it's a trusty old with tofo lush
RDA hasn't let me down got it like two
years ago for like twenty two dollars or
something it's only twenty two
milliliter or millimeters which is kind
of small you know not a big dick then
you know build you know fancy coils or
anything but great flavor RDA yeah this
isn't a review about this maybe I'll do
that prevention but yeah I have two
fused I think fused clapping clothes in
here and I just whipped this freshly
last night and I've only used the
bazooka juice so I should have a pretty
good idea of what it tastes like
so for 7030 it definitely clouds up
pretty well
I don't usually rate clouds because you
know this depends on your environment
stuff like that but you know if I had to
you know one out of five and definitely
good before definitely a four now taste
actually before taste throw hit now this
is the three milligrams just making sure
it's three milligrams you've seen my
other review or yeah I've said three
there is a throat hit I'm not sure if
it's because of the nicotine that
they're using I'm not sure would make a
teen they're using it probably says
somewhere but you know I look but I did
forget to add that I am this is my first
time trying the bazooka sour straws you
juice my first flavor so they all might
be like this they you know all might be
different I don't know so yeah the
throat hit like I said I don't know if
it's because of the nicotine or not but
on the inhale you're getting a sourness
it's the sourness is pretty pretty you
know it's right there you know it's not
just a little bit it's a you know it's
our and make sure your a throat tickle
now I would say you do get used to it
but I don't think it ever truly goes
so yeah there is a throat hit so if
you're looking for a throat hit you know
yeah there's a throat hit now the taste
on the inhale I'm not really getting
much I'm getting the sourness mainly
usually don't drink coke you get the
sourness and then on the exhale I'm
getting when I smell really it's the
fruits seem to like kind of died down
I'm still getting at least for me I'm
getting mainly pineapple and then
there's a little peach on the backend I
guess I would say it's blended pretty
nicely um for what it is for you know
being a candy juice now I've never had
you know I don't even know if they make
pineapple peach sour straws do they I've
never had them in real life I have had
the green apple in the blue raspberry so
from what I can tell it's pretty
accurate you know just different you
know fruit flavorings I guess um
I mean I like pineapple I think that I
like pineapple I like peach like him in
real life I love pineapple and peaches
in real life just said that um I do have
to say it's more of like I think
definitely leans towards a candy fruit
now I know a lot of people don't like
candy peach flavors but to me I don't
the peach isn't really dominant in this
it's more of like you know a second
flavor like a background note it's like
you know if I had to compare the two I'd
say it's pineapple 80
peach 20 so yeah if you know not really
into peach and you were looking at this
I would you know I definitely check it
out it's not you know overbearingly
peach or anything it's mostly pineapple
for me and then the sourness now what I
like about the sourness is even though
I'm not sure how they blended it like
I'm pretty sure you know they added you
know sour you know got what's it called
sour flavoring you know from you know
some company or whatever I don't know
what I'm saying but pretty sure they
added it to this because you know I mean
it's supposed to be sour but it almost
mimics the sourness of an actual
pineapple like it's really um it's
really cool actually it's not you know
the pineapple and the peach and then you
know you have the sourness over there's
you know you can tell like the sourness
was added in no it's like it's all
together pretty well you know it seems
like it's a fruit sourness so I think
that's pretty cool actually
and I'm reading the description right
now and it says presenting a flavorful
punch of pineapple peach and sour gummy
forms so yeah is a candy candy fruit
pineapples nice and sweet peaches in the
background it's sour
alright let's try for you this up got
now I guess so there's a throw hit you
do get used to a better number truly
goes away at least in my opinion
it it's a you know pineapple peach gummy
sour you know I mean sour pineapple
peach you know sour straws you know
that's what it tastes like to me now you
know if this sounds like something you'd
be into I definitely you know check it
but do be aware that there is a throw
hit from the sourness so it's not it's
not you know 100% smooth it's actually I
had to read the throat hit home scale of
one-to-five I'd actually give it I'd
give it a 3 2 point 5 son like that
I guess I'm for clouds nicely now what
would I give actually before the rating
is this an all-day very for me I could I
could definitely bait this all day I've
been babying it for about two days
straight because I've been planning on
making this video and yeah I it could be
an all-day baby for me yeah so a rating
one through five I'll give it I'll give
it a solid 4 out of 5 what they could do
to improve it is probably try to get rid
of the sour throw hip or just the throw
hinge and I'll try to get you know lower
down not get rid of it which depending
on how they blend it at me you know not
be possible to have you know the same
you know taste and everything but if
they can lower the throw hit you know B
I'd like it more tastes good to me
fine apple peach sour straws yeah god
this video is way too long yeah oh and
one more thing it's it doesn't seem to
be over barely sweet I don't think it
has sweetener in it it's mostly just you
know the fruit fruit sweetness you know
candy fruit like I said I did rework
this last night I've only used the sour
straw juice so I'm going to show you my
cotton real quick
and obviously you know when the cotton
is saturated it's gonna look a lot
darker then when it's like you know you
vape it all often and it's dry but
hopefully you guys can tell that it's
definitely definitely not a coil killer
or a cotton killer
these are I've had these coils for like
two months now so don't pay attention to
those but the cotton you know it's that
color because you know it's worked up
pretty well but it doesn't seem to be a
coil killer whatsoever so if that's a
deal-breaker for you then I definitely
wouldn't worry about it but it may be
different for everybody
oh no so
all right guys Zuka a sour straws
tropical thunder peach mango pineapple
peach sour straws four out of five all
day great for me and you'd recommend it
next watching guys sorry this video is
so long

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