Vape Review of Bat Juice E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Bat Juice E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Vape Review of Bat Juice E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

This Bat Juice e-liquid is full of fruit berries with just a hint of aniseed. This liquid delivers a cool fruity aftertast is truly incredible. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strength About The Vampire Vape Based in Blackburn, the Vampire Vape line of e-liquid is one of the popular UK brands who have become recognised with their signature flavours, Heisenberg & Pinkman.

Vape Review of Bat Juice E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bat Juice E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

hello and welcome back to solving
reviews hopefully you've enjoyed that
new little intro game I'm kind of trying
to get some rather me trying to get
stuff up to the camera and trying to get
out of focus and bla bla bla bla bla
what color do you kind of carry on the
music at start do a little few kind of
photos so you guys can see what I'm
reviewing before you get to me yeah
hopefully even join up as you see
growing a little bit of a beard coming
on I'm gonna have a little trim the
night see when Ash marked rapper number
tail bag no just a boy give a little bit
of a beard go see what they're like yeah
maybe we'll see so yes let's get on with
a review let's get over the review and
this is a bad juice to flavor but juice
from Thor juice excuse me
thought you sent me on a whole host of
e-liquids for free to review so I'm
gonna go through one by one slowly but
surely we're gonna get there let's just
yeah it's good slowly platform I've also
got a load of juicers from other people
as well so just it's kind of turning
into a juice reveal channel on the
moment and we need to get some hardware
up there yeah so anyway I'm back juice
let's give you the blurb full of
fantastic fruity berries with a cooling
undertone if your friend has this faith
it's one they will be Robert get it back
juice but Robert no oh yeah I thought
it's funny I thought was funny so yeah
this is kind of like a berry berry metal
kind of taste
I don't know what was I've kind of
dialed it down the taste I said now it's
taste tested in my one of my drippers
which I want to got on the girl at the
time and it's been tested in kind of
product gang of Tanks with the very
stock hangout and dual coil heads whoa
got it nailed it yes sorry this is like
the fourth take now just to do a juice
for you ridiculous right yes so this is
a 70 pg-13 VG mix 18 milligrams in my
Kanger Evod two on the vision spinner
two and we are out the 4.2 4.3 volts as
usual eyes all kind of keeping them all
nice and see me for you so you can get
the gist of what's on it
so let's think of eight this is really
as you can see as I said I've done some
40 reviews before they've April it comes
out even though it's 30 percent VG the
vapor that comes out is really thick I
stick it on the face I'll do a little
sideways one for you guys and that's
just about to learn ya know you don't
often fancy nothing huge but a vapor
through thick I know whatever they add
stuff to it I don't know yeah this is
you definitely get that you get the
mouth full soon as you inhale and soon I
get all the fruits flavoring
blackcurrant this is the most prominent
one I'm kind of getting and there's a
whole load of other kind of fruits just
floating around your mouth then as you
inhale down into your lungs you get that
lovely menthol feeling and then as you
blow out it all just mix it together you
get it at the menthol and the berries
all mixing together as you as you exhale
what currently maybe getting a hit or
ya see no at least I don't know whether
that's actually menthol it's kind of
like it doesn't I've only had menthol on
its own avoid though I'm not a big fan
of menthol I've never had a mixed with
stuff so maybe this is what it's like
when it's mixed I do I like it I like it
best way to describe it would be
blackcurrant juice either choose sweets
for what do you nothing knows it tastes
like that because of the menthol II you
personally know that I can't even speak
like mentally did you get from the sweet
that clears your nose it's kind of it's
like that but with that with a touch of
rasping and there is I'm a fruit step I
can't put my finger on exactly what they
one last meat is really nice like I said
I'm not a big fan of the whole mentally
sound of vaping um but this is not over
parent always very very fruity just a
hint of that cooling effect of that of
the menthol it is really really nice
really nice yeah blackcurrant jeans
would be my way of describing it excuse
me but don't you think of raspberry all
right so you can buy these from the
vapor room online co uk I'll put the
link obviously that that's the name of
site now I put links in description to
the vapor room and to the specific juice
these come in 10 mill bottles and there
are four pounds ok and you can get these
in six milligrams 12 milligrams or 18
milligrams okay so a few little options
uh if I just get it up these are all
developed in their laboratory they were
founded in May 2013
they've got lots of really nice Egan
acquits if you've seen my other review
I've done three Thor juice reviews
already they were absolutely spot-on so
far from I get from these very good as
well okay all made the sterile
conditions on their premises and it's
all kind of using UK ingredients okay
yeah large uk-based companies a fleet
ship compliant I'm kind of reading and I
know there's people out there that hate
people that don't know the info already
but my brain is so much that would so my
get the stuff I completely forget was
gonna sense that so yeah so what I'm
making sure and get the details for you
guys so yeah but juice blackcurrant
tunes with a hint of raspberry gorgeous
you know I'm gonna sit here and fate
think the rest of that tank now I was
sort of the video well we'll call that
quick so he's coming at eight minutes I
don't want to meet the juice reviews too
long around more too much so there we go
we will put the links in description to
the vapor room online dot co got UK I
will put the link in description to your
back juice as well
I will put the link description sneak
880 C forum which is where I've flown
about most the time
so we're blog I will put all the links
to my Facebook Twitter Instagram so I'm
gonna start putting them in now so it'll
all be in the description below
it's all right that's me I'm about to
endeavor to another juice review for
another company so we will dive straight
into that so yeah see you again next
time peeps bye bye for now

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