Vape Review of Banana Nut E-Liquid by Element 10ml

April 17, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Banana Nut E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Vape Review of Banana Nut E-Liquid by Element 10ml

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Banana Nut E-Liquid by Element is a warming banana nut bread liquid, swirled with notes of luxurious caramel and deliciously accented by ripe bananas. A deliciously nutty all-day-vape Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Element E-Liquid Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics.

Vape Review of Banana Nut E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Banana Nut E-Liquid by Element 10ml

sweet taste of summertime and some good
home cooking today we're looking at two
fantastic e juices from element eliquid
the pink lemonade and the banana nut
let's check them out
hey guys welcome back now the product
review here on review of mine with Josh
price today I've got to eat juices from
a new ejuice line the vape easy is
carrying baby Z right here in the middle
higher value this a juice line is
fantastic I'm super super excited to
review all the flavors in this line with
you guys we're going to do it over a
series of videos highly recommend you
ever and check them out the first two
we're doing today from the element
eliquid juice line this is their special
line that is called the premium dripper
series line of two that we're doing
today is the pink lemonade and the
banana nut and let me tell you why these
two are fantastic highly recommend you
get a check out vape easy I'll put the
address to both of their
brick-and-mortar shops below in the
description if you live in the local
area if not currently right now their
website is down but you can call their
store the phone will phone number will
be down there also you can get your
orders placed that way before we go into
taste of these two e-juices today that i
wanted to give you a little bit
information about element a liquids
themselves these are American made great
juices only USP pharmacy grade
ingredients in these all organic
nicotine and they are just fantastic
just fantastic they come in these nice
20 ml bottles glass bottles really nice
labels on these really nice glass
strippers they have these have the J tip
drippers they really really work well
especially if you are dripping into an
RDA and they are just fantastic
$12.99 is what these bottles go for at
vape easy that's a fantastic price
that's the exact same price that they
are carrying these on their website the
elements element liquids website so
you're not going to find a better deal
fantastic pricing on this available in
zero 6 12 and 18 and milligrams of
nicotine if you are going to be dripping
and you're wanting the premium dripper
series though you
I have to go obviously with the lower
nicotine level only in those so premium
dripper series high VG available in
their five most popular flavors and
we're going to be doing hopefully all of
these I'm gonna be working with vape
easy to try to get all of these juices
into several videos from this line
because this line is top-notch kids I'm
telling you you're going to want to get
these yeah this is probably one of the
best high quality e-juices I have baked
to date since I've been vaping and they
are fantastic without further ado the
first one we're going to be doing today
is the pink lemonade this is an 80/20 VG
PG ratio in this and I have a penis at
six milligrams of Nick today I'm running
my el cabrón RDA I've got a point 4 ohm
build in here running at 65 watts
let's give it a vape so we think pink
chucking tons of clouds on this tons of
vapor just putting off tons of April
production great
80/20 VG PG ratio and the flavor is
phenomenal I cannot explain to you how
great the flavor is on this is just top
top-notch pink lemonade the the online
description says pucker up and prepare
to release a hot summer's day
a juicy lemonade blend with just the
right amount of red fruit a slight Tang
on the tongue gives way to a smooth
citrus exhale and it is fantastic just a
really really nice pink eliminated taste
just like you're drinking a glass of
pink lemonade I love this e juice take
another hit on it I stopped over baby
baby Z last week and I was picking up
these e-juices for review and I sat down
with Tonya reveille peasy
she got all these e-juices lined up for
me and was from this line the element a
juice line element a liquid line I'm
sorry and
tasted all of them and they're all
fantastic I'm so excited to review them
with you guys
pink lemonade just fantastic great
summertime babes sitting by the pool all
this vapor this yesterday sitting by the
pool loving life spending time with
family you got a nice pink lemonade
juice can't go wrong definitely check
that one out fantastic prices on these
two at $12.99 for a 20 ml bottle alright
folks I went ahead and changed out the
cotton in my Addie and I've got the next
one all week depo ready to go for you
this is the Banana Nut
let's give it a vape fantastic just a
short hit like that's all you need
you're chucking tons of vapor and you're
getting a fantastic flavor I'm loving
this element liquid just top top-notch
now for the Banana Nut the description
online says rich banana nut bread
infused with caramel the aroma freshly
baked banana nut bread will make your
tastebuds swoon savor the nutty caramel
and ripe bananas and it is top-notch
right on the dot with this one right on
the money just a fantastic vape I've
been vaping on this one for a couple
days - and I'm loving great desert vape
or just a great all day vape by itself I
have been vaping this one actually all
day today myself while I was at work I'm
loving this e juice just a great banana
nut bread flavor and the aroma of it is
just just wonderful just wonderful take
another hit great great flavor there
definitely definitely gotta love this
one love of banana nut bread reminds me
of my mom back in the day when she would
sit down when I was younger and make a
nice banana nut bread for dessert after
dinner fantastic alright guys well
that's it for today that's the two
flavors the first two flavors were going
to be to review in here in this premium
dripper series from element eliquid like
I said I got these from vape easy here
in the middle high Valley address to
both brick-and-mortar shops are below in
the description also put the address to
the website in the description
and also keep in mind the website is
currently under construction but they're
working on getting that back up and
going soon so you can place your orders
also check them out on Facebook
fantastic Facebook website they're also
so for these nice 20 ml bottles you'll
be paying $12.99 their babies the
fantastic prices swinging everything let
him never view a mine Sencha they'll
take good care of it you guys have a
great day
keep on vaping don't forget to subscribe
this channel if you haven't done so yet
follow me on Facebook follow me on
Twitter check me out on periscope you
guys have a great day
keep on vaping and get over vape easy
and check these out we'll see you next

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