Vape Review of BakLava E-Liquid by VGOD

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of BakLava E-Liquid by VGOD

Vape Review of BakLava E-Liquid by VGOD

By Nataly Komova

BakLava E-Liquid by VGOD is a desert style e-liquid that features the flavours of pastry, honey, nuts and caramel. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of BakLava E-Liquid by VGOD

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of BakLava E-Liquid by VGOD

what's up guys welcome back to leaf
babes I am ray and today we are taking a
look at baklava put up pictures of the
close up of the bottle and of the box
behind me so you can take a look at it
you know it's got a nice middle-eastern
design on their boxes have all the
information you need on there the
bottles got all the information you need
baklava is coming to us from vegan I was
sent this by a friend to review so I
have no money in this I'm going to give
you my honest opinion
so baklava nice bottle
it's a chubby gorilla bottle all the
warnings around there and like said our
works behind me let's go ahead and drip
some and I'll give you my thoughts okay
so this comes through this is on the
bottle I'm assuming it's a max VG
doesn't really say on the bottle doesn't
say on my website then looking at it's
either a 70/30 or 8020 right around that
area that was zoom so with the term V
God on it that it's going to be a high
VG mix so um what I get out of it you
get a pastry pastry notes in there just
like a baccala baklava the pastry I get
a little bit of the shop like usually
they're stash EO is on on a baklava so
I'm getting that I'm getting the honey
flavor but the honey is more mixed with
like a brown sugar note so I'm getting
that it's kind of throwing off at that
nice golden honey that usually is on a
baklava and for some reason I'm getting
up a little bit of a floral note at the
kind of makes sense there's a couple of
different types of box well you have the
ones with stashes and it's all nutty and
honey and crispy and it's great the
other version is sometimes you get a
variety at a shop where the baklava
actually has a little bit of Lauren out
like the they use some lavender that
lavender fields going to throw a lot of
people up
I myself was hopeful and wanted this
e-liquid to be that great desert vape
that I always had to grab onto
but the lavenders in there and they
won't really don't describe that in
their flavor profile so I'll read that
to you right now this is available on
the official viga comm site he you look
with those coming 0 3 is 6 milligrams
string and a 60 ml bottle is on their
site $18 so their flavor profile States
just like your favorite Mediterranean
treat of the same name our flavor
baklava combines delicious notes of
fresh phyllo dough crunchy chopped nuts
finished with intoxicating drizzle of
sweet honey to create a satisfying
succulent dessert great they got the nut
they get the pastry note with the dough
they got the honey but that that
lavender feel there it's just not for me
and I feel that it's not going to be for
a lot of people so what is just you if
you're interested in this trying to find
local shop that has it so you can taste
test it in the shop before you buy it to
see if that's going to change you change
you our sway you from purchasing this
this e-liquid
so um advocacy links are listed down
below please reach out to your
representatives text email call them go
out to August 8 org casado are not
points about that our chief or yourself
educated and let everybody that you know
we need to advocate we need to spread
the word we need to be good people in
the community so they see vapors as what
they are
people used to smoke but
now we don't smoke so do something about
it that's all I ask
remember life is fucking awesome as long
as you're not smoking it's all next time
you have a great one

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