Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Ugly Butter E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Ugly Butter E-Liquid

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Ugly Butter E-Liquid

Ugly Butter is a dessert inspired e-liquid by Bad Drip Labs that features prominent flavours of bananas and cinnamon. Available in 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Ugly Butter E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bad Drip Labs - Ugly Butter E-Liquid

hello fellow vapers time for another
juice review today we have got one from
the amazing bad drip labs now look at
these containers that they come in they
are your american-style pill pots you've
got all the logos on there this one
today is ugly butter you can all your
info on their gorgeous labels shake
where you've got your nicotine right in
here and inside is where all the goodies
are at and on the top there look at that
bad drip have a bad day suck on this
absolutely amazing so right to get these
tops off you push down and twist and
about like an eighth of a turn and it
comes off you're met with the gorgeous
bottle which we'll go into in a second
and this little patch oh I'd say it's a
patch or a rag it can be a vape brag and
to like hold your mod in or wipe your
mod if you get any juice on there or if
you've got like a jacket have a patch on
there these look bloody awesome so yeah
they come in the bottom of the rear the
little tab there and there's gone to the
bottle so these bottles are different to
the US version this is the UK version of
the juice these are an ATV G ratio
there's fully CLP compliant labels
you've got the unique lid design which
is like a bluey lid there with that logo
on and you've got metallic foil labels
so see if it picks up that smiley face
there it's like a metallic foil so
you've got suck on this you've got your
attack you for reflective bit see that
bad bit there reflecting you've got your
bad drip ugly butter and the butter
glistening away there and then you've
got your cautions on the back you
milligram rating your bottle size all
your information in
it's not for sale to persons under the
age of 18 etc etc and you've got them in
these beautiful glass drip bottles so
right let's give it a whiff
now I'm getting cinnamon and like a
doughy smell and then there's like a I
think there's a hint of banana in the
background yeah let's give it a drip I'm
going to be dripping it on the J by
Bambino on top of the whizz vac rule Oh
Oryx 200
it's got simple point 5 iron core build
in there and it's wick by Italy OD
designs Texas tough Ross uh Beauvais
quick so let's give this a drip this 80
VG is pretty damn thick is excellent on
a dripper I have been vaping it in the
Aspire curly toe as well with the point
four I'm calls in there so let's give it
a vapor 50 watts
now even on this RT this RDA which isn't
really a cloud chasing RDA you've got a
nice amount of clouds coming out there
and at 50 watts as well you get in a
good amount of clouds a nice amount of
flavor imagine what you could do it 100
watts depending on how you actually vape
it so I'm getting prominently on the
inhale a cinnamony flavor and it's quite
doughy it reminds me of those things you
get in like a Mexican restaurant
I like churros I think they're called
they're like a doughnut a straight
doughnut or is it a twisted doughnut a
battery stuff with cinnamon sugar on top
so there's like a doughy cinnamony
sugary flavor in there but dancing
around in the background there you've
got like a hint of banana um it's not
like yes that's banana he's just like
songs put pinprick of banana in there
but that is beautiful on the inhale and
the exhale it is deliciously smooth I've
got it in the three milligrams as you
saw in the bottle before and that a EVG
combo goes absolutely well absolutely
lovely with it so let's go through the
info on the side there these were kindly
supplied to me by the people at VAP
importers limited but you can buy these
at VAP carb UK there are four flavors to
choose from
they come in zero three six and twelve
milligrams of nicotine they are all
80/20 VG PG so these are aimed at your
cloud chasers and by God do they bloomin
produce some clouds
the 30 mil bottles which you saw earlier
beautiful 30 ml bottles are 16 pounds 99
each so that isn't too bad considering
the flavor of juice you're getting the
amount of flavor the amount of clouds
the labels the bottles everything you
get with it it's absolutely lovely they
look absolutely awesome on the shelf and
with vape club you get free delivery on
orders over 20 quid so fill your basket
with two bottles of something or go on
the vape club website I have a browse
through work a couple of drip tips in
there so just to bring it up to 20 quid
and you get your free delivery there so
yeah have a look on www k and see if
there's anything else on there that
tickles your fancy so right let's round
off this review you've got like a
sugared cinnamon doughnut there with
like a hint of banana that's dancing
around in the background it links on
your tongue nicely it is a gorgeous
dessert vape and I absolutely love it so
this is two thumbs up from me right
please don't forget as well
bad drip they have a stand at vague Jam
2016 in the UK it's on the first to the
3rd of April so if you're going down
there by this juice just go to them say
I want this bloody juice
it is gorgeous you'll love it give it a
tester first as always to see if you get
on with that flavor profile but from me
I'd buy buy the bloomin barrel load is
absolutely gorgeous
so right I hope you've enjoyed my review
please don't forget to click like and
subscribe worker comment in there as
well please links will be in description
below where you can buy this from I've
been a devil vapor and you've been
watching devil vapors fake reviews

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