Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip E-Liquid

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

Cereal Trip by Bad Drip Labs is a mix of mixed fruits, cereal, milk and doughnut flavours. Available with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip E-Liquid

everybody know what it is cuz everybody
know I mean back go keep a little chrome
right on me get my toe smoke what up
YouTube it's a business paper got
another review for you alright
sorry about the air-conditioning it's
hot as fuck out I'm not shutting off as
chooses to damp eyes so excuse the noise
in the background all right so we got a
review on any juice again yes it is bad
drip okay I got to eat juices for you
alright it's cereal trip 3 milligram
they're all three milligram ugly butter
this is their new flavor profile of
their line okay
read you the description off of bad
trips website alright
so cereal trip is conceived from the
teardrops of crying clowns is your is
your daddy's favorite fruity cereal
slather it on top of a gooey frosted
doughnut drowning in a sugar rich milk
bath that's the description of cereal
trip ugly butter is they don't call it
ugly for nothing uncle Freddy's famous
fancy fried dough showered with carnival
cultivated cinnamon sugar serenaded with
a Cosby quality banana pudding are you
kidding banana pudding you could get up
50 mil of any of these for $14 okay
that's a premium premium okay premium 15
mil is $12 this selling it for $14 okay
and 120 mil will run you anywhere
between 80 to 90 dollars I think it's
about 80 85 bucks for 120 minutes
alright these are a high VG okay I think
they're max VG alright there are there
definitely thickest shit okay you can
find these juices @ww bad distro calm
link on-screen inscription you could go
to the bad rip calm
and then you go into the shop and it
sends you to bad distro where you buy
purchase it and they ship it out to you
all right so it's like you go to a
website and within another website you
can buy in the ship an idea all right I
think I was flavor on what's tenth scale
and big production on what's a five
scale and throw hit on a one to five
scale it either if it gets my stamp of
approval or it doesn't get my stamp of
approval all right
they have great they have great
all right if you look at those that's
great presentation it's gonna come with
this comes like that is bad drips okay
ugly butter I can get that light out of
that this is ugly butter okay
do you like the packaging all right the
packaging is it's a good packaging they
also give you this alright I don't know
why people don't understand what this is
for but this is still I clean the juice
off your mods alright
you wipe it off it's a rag dude I've
seen a lot of people like what the hell
is this it's a rag first so I'm gonna do
is ugly butter alright
vapor production gets about a four it's
got great vapor production the rogue hit
on a one to five gets a four flave on
this one guys
you know number one I don't taste any
banana pudding okay number two the
cinnamon is supa supa fuckin strong okay
Peppa three it's not sweet if these are
like a dry type of vein they're not like
smooth or milky they're very dry this
one's very dry play a law on that sucked
I couldn't stand it it was disgusting I
don't like the I don't like that juice
one bit it doesn't get my stamp of
approval yes my opinion you know I'm
probably gonna get a lot of heats for
this but uh I don't give a shit this is
my channel and I'm giving you my opinion
and you know I was completely let down
it's $14 for a 15 mil next one which I
was looking forward to okay his cereal
I bought a 120 because I thought I was
just gonna love it it was the only time
I said you know what fuck 215 I'm gonna
buy the 120 and you know I'm probably
gonna love it I've heard a lot of good
things about it and I love my cereal you
guys know I love my cereal so the the
packaging is great the color of it I was
like alright that's that's a good color
you know compared to cereal flavors the
color it's right on par with that
a production as you can see it gets a
full throat hit full flavor I'm let down
on this guy's I am a hundred percent
completely fuckin let down on this
there's no doughnut first of all there's
no doughnut in it whatsoever there's no
like there's a little little little
sweetness to it but it's an overpowering
flavor to where it's harsh its harsh
there's not a lot of milkiness to it
there's not a lot of cereal taste to it
this is premium price premium price okay
this line doesn't get my stamp of
alright I contacted the owner owns bad
rep I talked to him I said hey this is a
little off you know I thought it was
gonna be you know a lot different I
don't taste any doughnut I don't get a
lot of cereal it's really hard you know
can I send you this back and I can you
can you give me another one maybe it's a
bad batch you know what I mean I
contacted the guy you know straight up
before I did this review and he set up
you know we make you know fifteen
hundred bottles in one batch you know
the odds of getting a bad batch is like
slim to none so basically telling me you
don't know I do not recommend this juice
whatsoever it's a premium price with a
cheap I mean this could be sold for you
know six dollars for a 15 mil I just
don't recommend it I think it's garbage
I would throw this in the trash but I
know somebody else likes it I'm gonna do
a trade and get what I like some animal
looper and some serial killer I would
throw this in the trash on video with
you guys but I'm trading it to somebody
else that wants it and I'm getting
something that I like I want to be
honest with you guys I can't bullshit
and I can't stress it enough you know
this is a really really expensive juice
and to not have sweetness to not have it
taste like the description to not have I
don't even taste cereal in the cereal
trip down to even do this review like
this because I thought it was gonna be a
stellar juice and I was excited to do it
and when I got him and I tried them out
they're not worth it I hope you found
this helpful if you did leave a like
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keep on vaping guys remember smoking is
gone vaping is on vape on guys feast

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