Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Bad Blood E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Bad Blood E-Liquid

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Bad Blood E-Liquid

Bad Blood by Bad Drip Labs is a fruity e-liquid that features prominent flavours of blueberry, pomegranate and vanilla, creating both a dessert and fruit flavoured vape. Available in 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Bad Drip Labs - Bad Blood E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Bad Drip Labs - Bad Blood E-Liquid

solving to view speaking oh no juice for
you today second one in the bio drip run
of four I think I got ya from budget
these think it sets me free for the
purposes of review from club book okay
all right foot absent here we are this
one is a bad blood okay it does come in
this rather nice container fantastic
label do get a little air smiley face on
the top as well alright folks if we take
this off in the little pot you do get a
little fabric e-type smiley face thing
alright and then here we are with a
bottle okay bad blood absolutely
fantastic label as the last one nice
little hologram e-type finish thing on
the smiley face child safety proof can't
panic do get a glass dropper section as
well three milligrams these are eighty
percent VG twenty percent PG on the
labels ago your warnings or your
cautions except exception all these bars
are bottles the labels are so well
designed there's so well packaged that
absolutely fantastic I really do like
these really do like these AB so this
one up is bad blood which is blueberry
pomegranate explosion with like notes of
vanilla bean to add a creamy edge
alright folks are same as usual
magma dripper 1.4 own coil on the cool
five four plus so let's take a vapor
know what's starting their work our way
up here we go
definite definite pomegranate that these
the certainly hints of vanilla blueberry
I'm not sure we get a little into
blueberry get a pomegranate on the way
in and there's a little touch of learn
around away and then the way out
the pomegranate mixed with the brewery
and again just to touch infinite on the
way up but the pomegranate and the
bri-bri both of them again same as the
strawberry on the last one very natural
tasting flavor not synthetic very
natural tasting nice thick vapor I don't
take big pull so that's quite a big
cloud for me a nice thick vapor for the
high VG so let's just wipe this up see
if any of the flavors kind of come out a
bit more as we do let's take another of
800 all the blueberries much more
prominent much more prominent on the way
up not since that icky they're nice
natural flavor get a pomegranate on the
way in they mix together on the way out
that they get more blue brown or
anything else the vanilla now really
takes a backseat not that you can kind
of can't really take something over it
just gives a little bit of a creamy edge
to not to my taste the cream yet but the
flavors from the blue-ringed of hovering
liner absolutely fantastic absolute
see tell I don't drip super thick vapor
perhaps in fundo this is Britney those
twos that is really good the blueberries
so good so good just a hint of
pomegranate as well on the way out and
then that vanilla cloud once you turn
the Watts up you can hardly taste that
vanilla shame has got that creaminess
edge to it otherwise I'd really really
enjoy that the fruit come on big fruit
flavor fear other than that though
cracking juice another good useful bad
blood all right
ah so these are available fake Cod
compose UK toric folks 30 mil bottles in
over 0 3 6 of 12 milligrams okay and
these are 1699 not bad for top-end juice
and you are getting a 30 ml bulb which
makes a change from the 15 on the 20 for
the same price that you usually get for
these types of juicers so for a very
well presented he liquid fantastic
flavor very natural flavors very well
it's definitely worth for $16.99 okay so
I will leave the links in description to
make WK you can head over there and take
a look thick to so many easily couldn't
even oh it's unbelievable
go and take a nosy I also leave the
descriptions it alone if it leave the
links in description to ecig direct you
don't code on UK the AAEC forum also to
all of my social media outlets including
one do blog I think that's it thanks for
watching folks if you enjoyed the video
hit the thumbs up button does make a
difference to the video answer the whole
channel please do subscribe if you want
to see more videos and don't you'll see
you again next time bye bye for now

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