Vape Review of Avant Garde Succulent Strawberry E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Avant Garde Succulent Strawberry E-Liquid

Vape Review of Avant Garde Succulent Strawberry E-Liquid

The sweet and subtly sour taste of the strawberry is realistically blended into the Avant Garde Succulent Strawberry e-liquid. Seriously flavourful.

Vape Review of Avant Garde Succulent Strawberry E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Avant Garde Succulent Strawberry E-Liquid

hi everyone welcome to this review its
melting here it's an e liquid review and
it's number two in series of 14 yes 14
for avant-garde eliquids now I gave you
all the vendor information in number one
which was a refreshing pineapple so you
can always go back and have a look if
you want to know just a little bit more
about the vendor but I only basically
was reading this stuff from their
website and you can find the details up
there so the first one I did was
pineapple and I was quite impressed by
the flavor so I've chosen another fruit
one for this review and it's going to be
succulent a strawberry now we've talked
I've talked about the packaging on here
and the fact that I struggle with my
eyes to see everything apart from the
name there you can see succulent
strawberry so I'm going to take a little
torch believe it or not to have a look
at the mix in this because their
standard mix is 6040 but once again this
one says it is a 50-50 mix so I'm I'm
going to have to take it as as red it's
a 50-50 mix in 18 milligram and if I
just hold that up and put perhaps mine
thumb no actually probably better if
it's light you should be able to see
there we go a 50-50 mix just there in
the center okay so succulent strawberry
50-50 mix we're gonna have a little
smell this and keep this to a minimum
for you now they say it's our British
premium vibrant and sweetest flavor very
fruity and can go with almost every
flavor because of course is mixing isn't
it it must have a liquid and easily the
most popular in the range a more of a
soft smooth throat in that is pure
strawberry I am smelling a punnet of
strawberries there you get a Punnett
strawberries you lift and lift the
wrapping off them that is the smell that
is that is definitely a punnet of
strawberries so we'll give it a try
using my nature vape micro coil with a
fresh cotton
which I've just done and we will put 12
drops on the coil and a couple of drops
on the I'm tempted to say this
definitely is a 50-50 mix why should be
any different to what's in a bottle I
don't what its own a bottle I don't know
but they do say that their standard mix
is 6040 but this has the consistency of
a 50-50 mix I reckon so we'll take it as
that I'm going to use the nature vape
mini tank and I'm going to put just a
small amount of this liquid which again
based on my experience of filling this
tank before feels like it has a
consistency over 50 50 we don't need to
put too much in just do that bear with
me definitely fills a little bit slower
being a yeah it clings to the glass as
well and they do come in nice needlenose
novel nozzles remember i use this tank
in all my juice reviews to make it a
consistent experience and i still need a
little bit more in there it's definitely
a thickest juice this here we go sorry
for the delay okay so we'll put this
together and we won't have a vape on it
once again I don't need a lot of juice
in here I really am just putting it's
like I'm using it like a dripping
atomizer and I'm putting juicing in the
base really that one clings to the side
quite a lot as well clay and thick juice
but we are going to wrap it so succulent
strawberry they rent in one of the most
popular in their range primer puffs can
taste all I can take that's like a real
strawberry just from that primer puff
let's go with firing
that has been hacked out strawberry
assessing one of the nice nice I've
tried a few strawberries there is there
is a beautiful strawberry aroma in the
room here this isn't like a candy
strawberry you know like a strawberry
lace or and like a chew it to remember
those don't you to its opal fruits it's
not that sort of candy strawberry it's
more of a a natural real fruit
strawberry aroma that's in the room they
say a smooth throaty I'm getting quite
strong throat hit off that not not super
strong but there's definitely a decent
throat hit there and the vapor
production as ever is fabulous and on
the exhale it is just it's pure
strawberry pure strawberry after that's
a very tasty vape as well I tell you
what that mixed in with a custard I
think would be really really nice
first off vapor production is brilliant
and I mean that obviously is partly down
to the coil but so the quality of the
liquid is without doubt very very good
indeed that is a really really nice
strawberry vague but once again I have
to ask myself the question could i vape
it all day and the answer is most
definitely yes on this one it just has a
nice soothing tasty flavor to it there
is no chemical flavor in there at all
and it just leaves your mouth feeling
like you're eating a strawberry I do
like that one if you're a strawberry fan
I would absolutely recommend you give
the succulent strawberry a try from
avant-garde eliquid so that's it for
this one there's nothing more I can tell
you it tastes brilliantly of strawberry
and a very accurate vape I think so
thank you very much for watching and
I'll look forward to seeing you in the
next video

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