Vape Review of Avant Garde Lemon Meringue Pie E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Avant Garde Lemon Meringue Pie E-Liquid

Vape Review of Avant Garde Lemon Meringue Pie E-Liquid

An eliquid which mimics the creamy lemony taste of the Lemon meringue pie. A delectable flavour which is full of realistic flavour. A truly high quality vape.

Vape Review of Avant Garde Lemon Meringue Pie E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Avant Garde Lemon Meringue Pie E-Liquid

hi everyone I'm Martin thank you very
much for tuning in for this it's another
eliquid review and it's part of a range
from an avid guard eliquid space down
there in london now i have given you all
the information about avant garde I
don't want to have to repeat myself or
bore you by repeating it all the time
but they are a bespoke eliquid maker
their standard mixes 6040 but they will
make them in another mixes for you are
the ratios for you 0 6 8 12 and 18 and
24 milligram available from them but the
most important thing I think is the fact
that they offer a free delivery on every
order so you only need to order one
bottle if you wanted to try any liquid
to get that free delivery there has been
a break this is now back into the the
selection of e liquids from avant garde
because we were waiting for a new
labeling this is the original labeling
literally doesn't look like there's a
label on there at all and a number of
their and customers not only me had
mentioned this so this is the new
labeling it this isn't flavor I'm
reviewing this time round but that's the
new labeling and all the information you
want is right there on the label so
they've done a great job of relabeling
this one is going to be lemon meringue
pie now they do some fantastic sweet
dessert ones that got their tobacco's
they've got their mentees I've got the
whole selection to do this particular
review is going to be lemon meringue pie
now they say on the website absolute
true flavor replication this one Missy
liquid is fit for royalty with its
mouth-watering lemon and filling and
fluffy sweet meringue tart piled onto a
thin crusted biscuit base that sounds
awesome doesn't it well I'm just going
to have a swig amati to get those taste
buds ready and we're going to have a
little smell of lemon meringue pie and I
have said they do come with a child
safety caps and the new labeling does
have all the information you need on
there so this one lemon meringue pie oh
yes absolutely one hundred percent lemon
lemon meringue pie aroma that I could
smell a biscuit and I can smell the
lemon in there as well so I way to bake
this one there's my nature vape micro
coil with a fresh cotton wick I am going
to put some lemon meringue pie onto the
coil and some onto the wick as well so
we are good to go and we're going to put
this back together and we will try this
one quite looking forward to trying this
one it's sort of it's one of my flavors
if you like so lemon meringue pie let's
put some into the nature of a mini
clearomizer and we will be set to go I
just have to do this slowly you hear it
in every video but some the small for
small fill holes and this is a 50 50 50
50 e liquid and if I go too quick I will
end up with a liquid down the center
tube but I still choose this way of
reviewing because for me it takes two
minutes to read wick the coil so we've
got some liquid going into their they do
come with nice little squeezy Pete's but
areas on the front of the bottle and
just really need gravity to do its job
here and we will be good to go so let's
make sure we get some in there you can
tell when you've got quality e-liquid
because it just takes a little longer to
get some liquid in there and like now
for instance so what I'm going to do is
I'm just going to break the the suction
if you like that the vacuum and that
should do the job for me it's a
testament to the quality of the e-liquid
to be honest and
being nearly good to go then we get this
cloth right behind here I do apologize
for the delay but once you actually get
the liquid flowing in like it is now
you're absolutely fine it's a bit like
osmosis if you remember that from school
we have lemon meringue pie flowing in
there nicely now if you've got a big
thick nozzle on your bottle probably
won't be the best way to fill out
probably would be the best way to fill
instead ago got the good in there now as
you can see i normally use a needle nose
bottle and that really does the trick
we've got plenty flowing in there now
sometimes when you wash out clearomizer
in between reviews it you know has a
little skein of water maybe over the
holes and it doesn't work straight away
there we've got plenty in there now
sorry about the delay but we are ready
to go okay so this is lemon meringue pie
which they're saying is a true flavor
replication I hope so let's try it get
that cool nice and wet here we go lemon
pie mm-hmm
I don't think I said that is lemon
meringue pie on the inhale I'm getting a
really nice lemony flavor with a bit of
lime in there may be as well and then on
the exhale Wow the biscuit kicks in as
well that's awesome I can tell you if it
was a lot of lemon I wouldn't like it
because I don't like those tarts type
vapes but this is perfect this is a
lemon meringue pie there is no question
of that
that goes on my list of mistakes it's a
flavor is fantastic the throat here is
just what I want from a 50-50 the vapor
production is superb and it has
everything that they say it has without
it being overpowering now remember taste
is subjective if you watch this channel
regularly you'll know that I like
something that is so the mellow vape
maybe with a bit of dessert a custard
flavor I'm not into mental I'm not in
tobacco into the back oh you've heard me
say that many many times if something
really gets me on the back of the throat
I don't want to vape it all day long I
want something that has just a really
nice flavor to it and so far the lemon
meringue pie is up there with the other
ones that I've picked from the
avant-garde range will have one more
all I can tell you is it's it's it's
light years apart from those juices that
you pick up from the local bricks and
mortar store 7030 mixes with a you know
you sort of weirdo names to the lemon
meringue pie that would definitely go in
my vaping gear on a daily basis that
really like that one so that's another
great one from avant-garde I hope you've
enjoyed that remember only one pound
delivery sorry free delivery no minimum
order so one bottle if you fancy trying
that that's lemon meringue pie thank you
so much for watching I'll see it in the
next review
so you take let us assume a third tokes
long and slow you vaporize

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