April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Avant Garde Heavenly Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

Heavenly Vanilla Custard is just as heavenly as the name implies. A creamy custard eliquid with a cool vanilla ice mix thrown in. Indulgent and full of serious flavour.

Vape Review of Avant Garde Heavenly Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Avant Garde Heavenly Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

hi everyone its Marcin here think
much for tuning in for this it's another
eliquid review it's another in the range
from avant-garde liquids down there in
London and it's a series I'm doing for
them I do all the juice reviews
individually so they if you're searching
for a particular flavor you might find
this video and it might help you I put
all the vendor information in the very
first video which was a refreshing
pineapple we're moving on though and
this time around I'm going to be
reviewing one that I have to admit I'm
looking forward very much to and that is
heavenly a vanilla custard now I am a
big custard fan so I have high hopes for
this one I do have to mention I don't
know whether this is the packaging that
you get your e-liquids in but I find it
very very difficult to read what's on
there I can tell you that this is
heavenly vanilla custard and I can tell
you with the aid of a torch that this
bottle says it is a 50-50 mix even
though their website states that their
standard mix is 6040 but they do make to
make it to order now when they asked me
to review these liquids they asked me
what nicotine flavor or what nicotine
strength I use and what mix I have and
I'm 1.8 and I'm a 50/50 mix it possible
so they may have actually put these
together especially for me so do bear
that in mind this one is vanilla custard
and I am really really looking forward
to the vape on this one let's have a
smell of it can't wait any longer
so vanilla custard this has been
steeping for about a week that has a
yeah well they say that without a doubt
it's their top-selling flavor
everyone loves vanilla custard well not
everyone I certainly do they say the
flavor is sweet and very smooth it has a
good throat hit as well and speaks for
itself a creamy custard mixed with
vanilla ice for those who haven't tried
it you're missing out
it'll indulge you and it's an all-day
thing let's find out because that's what
they say about it let's see what I feel
about it
nature vape micro coil with a freshly
cotton wick in there I'm going to put a
couple of drops on the coil one will do
cuz this is definitely a 50/50 mix we'll
put a little bit on the cotton to get it
wicking we'll put the post back in so
vanilla custard is vanilla custard one
of your favorites I think it's sort of
like a it's a it's a favorite of a lot
of people isn't it it's certainly one of
mine although I've never tried grants
vanilla custard as of yet anyways right
let's put some into here and we will
give it a bay you don't need too much
that goes in my nature vape mini tank
along with my nature bait coil gives me
one of the best vapes
ever we will pop that onto the ego-c
twist with a three point a thoughts
plenty in there we'll give some primer
puffs nicer than the flavor coming
through on those and we'll have a vape
on it here we go
now I saved this one I still have
another nine liquids to review for
avantgarde but I saved this one for a
little while I thought I'd do it mid
very mid sort of series if you've
watched the other ones you'll have heard
my thoughts on them I can honestly tell
you now I have tried a fair few custards
from a fair few vendors the vendors that
are just doing the 70/30 ones it doesn't
seem to work for me I don't get enough
flavor from them the bespoke vendors
that are putting together custards some
of them are trying to make their
custards a little bit more distinctive
by adding spices and flavors into it
this is obviously a mix of custard and
vanilla rice and I can say right now
right here now as far as we are in this
vaping journey along these videos this
is the best custard flavor I have tried
so far it just ticks all the boxes it
smells fantastic the throat hit is just
right for me and the vaping flavor is
perfect but you didn't think you're
going to hear that did you neither did I
until I tried it a second ago
from the moment you start the draw you
get you getting that vanilla Fleck that
Vener smell pure vanilla smell on the
exhale all of the custard but notes kick
in it is absolutely stunning nice
stunning stunning vane now I know that
many of you will think well he tends to
like most of them if I like them I'll
tell you if I don't like them I'll tell
you I promise you that when vendors
asked me what types of flavors I like I
tell them the truth I've got some in
there that I left deliberately because
they know destined death probably work
the flavors that I'm going to lie I just
picked out four random ones and the
vanilla custard because I wanted to try
it i steeped it for a week and it's
I have a custard in here right now which
I've had to mix with something else to
try and get a custard flavor out of it
I'm vaping
I'm vaping that at nine Watts on there
to try and get some flavor out of it and
I get massive flavor from the at the
nature bait coils but nothing
I've tried yet comes close to this bear
in mind I'm looking at this as a pure
vanilla custard I'm not looking at as a
custard that has other spices mixed in
or a rhubarb and custard or you know any
other type of fruit and custard I am
looking at this as a pure vanilla
custard all I can say is they offer free
postage and packaging and they'll do it
for individual orders if you like
custard try this one and let me know
because as far as I'm concerned across
there may be 20 custards that I've tried
so far that is my absolute favorite I
can't say any more than that I'd love to
know if you try it thank you so much for
watching and I look forward to seeing
you very very soon

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