Vape Review of AQUA PURE

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of AQUA PURE

Vape Review of AQUA PURE

Aqua is a unique blend of various fruits bursting with flavor! Clean, crisp, and refreshing; these are blends that anybody can enjoy! Pure is one of the cleanest fruit flavors we’ve ever come across! Strawberry, apple, and watermelon notes are easily distinguishable and are popping with flavor! VG to PG Ratio: Max VG This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Aqua Pure BEASTLY BECAUSE Aqua is bursting with flavor and savings, these are high quality fruit based blends offered in large 60mL bottles! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of AQUA PURE

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AQUA PURE

what's going on vapors well tomorrow
review for pure by aqua pure is class as
a max VG e liquid nicotine options are
0-3 and six milligrams and described as
pure vaping brilliance this exquisite
blend of strawberry apple and watermelon
is one of a kind mixture which uses
complete flavor concocted by the vapors
favorite marina vape pure is a certified
hit so enjoy
that's interesting me nice ok the inhale
you're getting a good combination of the
mix of the apple and the watermelon
we'll start with the Apple the Apple is
so flavorful there's a nice bit of
sweetness in there that you would get
from the Apple so it's not overly sharp
but you get in that crisp refreshing
taste that you do get from an apple
the watermelon provides a mouth filling
texture in itself it gives off a very
refreshing nature with what watermelon
does anyway but it mixes really well
with the apple it takes the edge off the
apple but it still lets the flavor ring
in terms of the strawberry I'm not
getting it at all there's a bit of
sweetness from the strawberry which you
can definitely tell what's the Apple and
the strawberry but the strawberry flavor
itself isn't coming through for me
after than how the strawberry does come
through you get in such a big berry
burst along with that sweetness that I
described from after the inhale the
Apple actually tastes a bit deeper than
what it usually does
it's got like a it's almost like a leafy
sort of taste which is pretty good the
watermelon is refreshing still and it
just sits and anchors itself to the
the athlean halibut for me is very very
different for what it was on on the
inhale itself you're getting so many
elements from each flavor so differently
the apples you still got that crisp
almost sharp like taste on the Apple but
it's toned down you get a say at leafy
sort of taste which is absolutely really
good at leeks it works well with the
watermelon but the strawberry works well
here as well the strawberry in a weird
way works with the Apple it just
provides a bit more lift to the rest of
the flavor just creating a bit of a
different taste that works well with the
apple and the watermelon the watermelon
doesn't give a great deal of flavor off
but from what you get from the
refreshing sort of clean taste you get
from it it just it's fabulous
it fabulous
the exhale is like a full-on combination
of all three flavors here the strawberry
rings through a lot more you get in that
strawberry taste which is actually
pretty good actually the Apple has come
back to what it was on the in how you
get in that again a bit more sharpness
than what you were on inhale actually
that works well with the watermelon
doesn't work so much well with the
strawberry that the flavors as a whole
ring through beautifully the exhales so
smooth the watermelon is doing such a
great job on just almost keeping a very
clean palate very hard to describe
imagine just eating watermelon on its
own that's how I'm getting it on the top
the leafy taste from the Apple has
pretty much subsided but you are getting
a bit of depth from the Apple itself
overall it's an interesting flavor the
apple and the strawberry don't
necessarily work well together but it
still tastes good as it is watermelons
just doing something completely separate
that doesn't necessarily bounce off the
other flavors but it just does its own
thing the apple is great here it's
probably one of the most clean tasting
apple flavors I've ever had that leafy
taste on the back is very interesting
you get an interesting aftertaste on the
Apple as well it's just full on apple
flavor that imagine eating an apple when
you finish it in that Apple you just
have that juice you have to taste from
it that's what I'm getting here overall
it's it's an interesting flavor it's not
overly amazing but it tastes great
it lacks it balancing areas which is a
bit annoying but it tastes okay it's not
amazing it's not Wow or anything like
that but from what you get from the
flavors there's just a bit of a sticking
it don't stick together as well as I'd
it's an interesting flavor bits just not
just it's not working in harmony very
well okay guys that is the review for
pure done for the night now we found it
informative make sure you like this
video and subscribe to my channel thank
you very much for watching guys I'll
just see you soon Cheers
okay there's no added sweetness no
artificial like flavors going on in
there in terms of sweetness any
additives or anything like that it is
just pure sweetness what you're getting
from the flavours itself the peach does
provide a great deal of sweetness and it

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