Vape Review of Aqua - Mist E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Aqua - Mist E-Liquid

Vape Review of Aqua - Mist E-Liquid

Mist is a fruity e-liquid by Aqua. This Green Apple, Peach and Kiwi flavoured e-liquid is available in a nicotine free 120ml (100ml of e-liquid) bottle.

Vape Review of Aqua - Mist E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Aqua - Mist E-Liquid

welcome back YouTube once again we are
back here falling out with the fat man
and what I got is misty liquid by aqua
ejuice at 1795 for the 60 mil comes at a
zero three and six milligrams nicotine
it's a 70/30 plan and it comes in a nice
simple plain box it's plain a couple
colors going on but it's nice and neat
once you crack it open you get a 60 ml
chubby gorilla bottle as you can see
there and it looks just like the Box
there's nothing special about it
nothing doesn't draw too much attention
but it's neat it's nice it's neat it's
plain it works and what this stuff is
it's a delicious summer blend of sweet
juicy pears fresh granny smith apples
and a hint of Kiwi tart descriptions
don't say nothing about peach but it
does have peach on the bottle if you
could see it right there I got the mod
drip down already so what we're gonna do
is show you a little bit of the vapors
there we go take a whiff and you got a
whole bunch of everything going on in
here yeah you got like the Apple you can
smell like the Kiwi it does have like a
sour smell to it it's not a top cap
along and give it a go
okay I want to get off of this I get the
pair the pairs are talking about which
on the packaging it does not say nothing
about pairs I get the pair of flavor in
the description it does say pair the hit
of Kiwi
it's faint green apples not so much but
the pair and the Kiwi is there peach I
don't get no peach so so so no I
remember I go by what the package says
what the description says and the pair
is on fucking point it's sweet your
nicotine is good it's not scratchy the
pear and the Kiwi to the description not
the package the pear and the Kiwi is
it's on point it's good it's sweet it's
good illiquid it's good just change the
description it's not what the package
says I don't get the peach I don't
really get the green apple
I get the pears and I get the Kiwi I'm
believing it that it's not it doesn't
have peach you don't really get the
Apple it is what it is all I can do is
be honest hop over there check it out it
might be me like I said taste is
subjective like they say but I don't
really get the peach or the green apple
out of it I get the pear back on point
Kiwi is nice but you don't get the peach
or the apples the green apples no 1795
for the 60 mil comes in a 0 3 and 6
milligram nicotine it's a 70/30 blend
where did I get it I got mine from wwm
vape supply calm hop over there check
them out get you some of this stuff try
it it might be me it might be me that
check out remember the coupon code fo
WTB 20 will save you 20% off your entire
order and it is what it is and again I
want to thank you for watching I'm not
gonna make this video any longer than
what it should be because it's it's kind
of ly kind of like a letdown I like
peach and I didn't get
peach so until the next reveal falling
out with the Batman come on get yourself

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