Vape Review of Apple Strudel E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Apple Strudel E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Vape Review of Apple Strudel E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

By Nataly Komova

Apple Strudel E-Liquid is a delectable offering of tart Artisan apples baked to perfection in a deep, fragrant buttery pie crust. A sprinkling of sweet cinnamon sugar completes this aromatic and decadent eliquid. Details 10ml E-Liquid 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.2% nicotine strength About Decadent Vapours Decadent Vapours are one of the UK's market leaders in the production and supply of e-liquid which are all made in Britain to the highest possible standards so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best. Their Decadent Vapours brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community.

Vape Review of Apple Strudel E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Apple Strudel E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

as the beginning of the month now I
should have done this review yesterday
but it was my birthday yesterday so it
doesn't so instead I'm doing it today
doubling up the dawid meal review of
piano vertical as the beginning of the
one so it's time to look at decadent v
paws livre of the month so yeah just
goes free analysis team for a joss
Stevie's flavor of the month from the
month of febuary west of a wikia for
family we have another contemporary veep
for you to dry as a brand new addition
to a decadence range called apple
strudel as an ass design offering of top
Apple top notes deep buttery pie crust
and a sprinkling of sweet cinnamon sugar
you can pack up from the DV website for
on you flavor of the month place of
three per 95 of 10 ml cream x + 3 / 95
out of 10 mil cleaver concentrate less
often runs from the first to the 28th of
febuary so it's got the usual discounts
that apply to the fluids of the month
from decadent v but i think it's a pound
of a pound of the 10 ml pre max which is
what that says and fifty pence off the
10 ml flavor concentrate bottles it can
basically match your ordnance so here
you're 50 50 as always for the DB mean
range and changing the setup is still
the same old mod dia Anakin TC 18 650
but I've changed the dropper I'm now
using the tool for lush plus but it's
very tight orderings i'm now using the
tool for lush plus because it's a much
more smaller dropper the decks are
lateral but bagger so it's much more
easier to rewrite between the reviews
and it does give a little bit more
punchy f leave i'm not very much i'll be
honest but it does give a little bit
more punchy a flavor compared to the old
tsunami that i've been using for the
past year for these just reviews saw
let's just so cursed up mop you here pop
the top cap on top come on come on down
you go bare weed or 50 watts point 5
ohms buying on practically five also
matt off this is decorative vehicle even
on the ones apple strudel at three
milligrams yeah
oh yeah the other the sediment Sofia
butter cinnamon and their hold on or
those definitely sediment it's not on
red hot let's just set them and flee bit
and that's always ok no the cinnamons
out there my tongue is getting you step
yeah it's an apple strudel actually
piece like a baking into an apple
strudel from what I can figure total I
think they've went down little to put in
two different apple flavors on here
that's what is starting to teach like
hold on a minute as actually start to
teach like two different apple flavors
know there was a there was an apple pie
from the Viet meal box i looked up today
that had a very similar profile to this
when it came to the apple this is a
little tiny bit different compared to
that one from sleep on where school I
think word DV have done is this two and
two dozen apple flavors one as the
classic cooked up of your bramley Apple
that cooks bramley Apple at least it's a
little bit slower it's a little bit
tangy and there's a slight better note
to it which is what happens when you
cook an apple right but i think this
popped on i freshen up awfully that i'm
here as well just to brighten it up a
little bit because it's not a fool oh
and your fees apple flavor that you
would get from a cooked apple strudel
was a little bit of a freshness going on
with us one
yeah i think that too yeah that's what
it tasted like to be and of course the
classic pie crust flavor that you would
get from a strudel is all and here fault
and this is the one thing I've been
noticing with the apple pie esque beast
VIPs over the past five months since the
end of last year about such kind of went
out of last year going into the
beginning of this year normally when I
was beeping an apple pie flavor they
would usually put far too much apple
flavor and not enough pastry so all
you're getting is a mouth full of angry
so I better apples and bug at all p
street but be noticing over the past
five or six months the newer apple pie
or apple pie esque B steel actors that
are coming out the team of that more
taemin maximum so you can actually taste
the peace tree that's what it all comes
down to if you're vaping on an apple
strudel which is what that says on an
apple pie you want to teach the peace
tree you don't want a mouth full of
angry pissed-off apples you want to
teach the pastry and that's what you're
getting in this a good dollop of apple
slightly tangy slightly better slightly
so up but with a cane of fresh apple
topping and top of that and a fear but
not a lot but I feared that of the apple
pie the pie part of it the peace tree
part of it basically setting in the bar
comas all they're actually does teach
like an apple strudel to be honest it
does well they let all but a sudden and
don't forget the sun am in the sternum
in dunoon as well yeah that 10 ml balls
going to be gone very soon I'm probably
gonna end up just keep dropping it and a
washing just veep it for the night of
the day
oh if you're a fan of apple pie viets
are the strudel tape beeps you're gonna
love this you know of this don't worry
about this cinnamon you'll be getting
our most fearless tournament for the
sauce two or three weeks then your
tongue will get used to it and then the
apple strudel look check in with a
little hand of a cinnamon flavor behind
that this is a nice one they've done a
damn good job of the apple strudel and
there we go that's db's fleeben of the
month went to deck into vapors going to
be down there as always the discount
well run until febuary 228 because as
the flavor of the month as always big
thanks to DV for sending it all but I'm
going to be looking at the decadent V
Pape she can beep max kept easy cat
thing that they've said and I'll be
looking at that at the beginning the
next we could me be the end of us we can
figure the same people want so I'm going
to be looking at that Lee and unless we
could have begun in the next week if you
are brand new to the channel the end
goal is going to be popping up but then
the next few seconds we'll have the
subscribe button honor as always folks
thanks for watching and yeah have a good

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