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Have you ever had a flavor adventure in your mouth that was so good that it made your taste buds explode? Well Appalachian Steam will put your head in the clouds and keep your feet on the ground. Blowing Rock Candy is a fantastic blend of pop rocks spun right into cotton candy. Subtle notes of sweet strawberry, and that same pop rock explosion, mixed with the sweet, fluffy gentleness of cotton candy. Vaping on this will keep your taste buds popping and your head filled with the sounds of the carnival. This Product Features 60mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Appalachian Steam Blowing Rock Candy BEASTLY BECAUSE Appalachian Steam Eliquid not only consists of unique and delicious flavors, but they also provide added value due to their “bulk” bottle sizes! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of APPALACHIAN STEAM BLOWING ROCK CANDY

what's going on guys Brandon here for
the mad vapes of Boone I got a little
something different for you guys today
you know I've done the mod reviews and
things of that nature just going over
what I like about those mods but today
it's gonna be a little different we're
gonna go over a juice review
I've been vaping on this juice for about
two weeks now its lines only got three
flavors but they are amazing flavors its
Appalachian scene guys
epaulettes this thing it's like it's
meant for here it's amazing how that
works in it they're made out of where
they were born out of Asheville North
Carolina you know right down the road
just a little ways as I said they have
three flavors not your mother's apple
pie which is a spot-on apple pie bourbon
blowing rock candy will get any players
in just a moment and huckleberry trail
mix I'm gonna be vaping them on my
dna200 with my lines
get it wide open simple simple build in
here nothing nothing too fancy put some
not your mother's have a pile here first
it's got some really good flavor behind
them you know it's really good
undertones of the bourbon and the sugar
glaze behind it with the apple pie the
actual apple pie part that kicks in is
just perfect they nailed this one to the
absolutely delicious guys absolutely
delicious let's cut that the apple pie
moonshine taste to it
don't thought I don't know what that
tastes like or anything but it's
absolutely delicious guys got them thick
chunky dense clouds going on alright
next up we're going to do huckleberry
trail mix the huckleberry is pretty well
blueberry on steroids that's the best
way I know how to describe it but this
one you've got your huckleberry the the
mixed nuts and the granola they did a
wonderful job on this juice wonderful
wonderful job on this juice you've got
the sweet of course out of the
huckleberry and then you've got you know
the granola the mixed nuts it's just
it's one of a kind I've yet to have a
granola vape like this one that is just
so tasty this could be my next all day
vape quite possibly my next all day vape
that is some good good stuff whatever
you guys did over Appalachian that
huckleberry keep doing it keep doing
that stuff is good all right next up is
a customer favorite
it's a blowing rock candy and we all
know Boone blowing rock very rock throw
away from each other like I said this
juice was meant for here guys come pick
some up you try it out now boiling rock
candy is a strawberry pop rock cotton
candy and taffy if you've got that sweet
tooth but you don't want to go out buy
some candy and you know everybody's on
their diet kicks now why not a vape it
it's the way I look at it
it's got that perfect candy kick at
perfect sweetness
some good Jews guys good juice I've got
30ml bottles we saw it for $18.99
come try them out come pick up a bottle
they are some of the best premium juice
I've ever tried get that cotton candy in
that taffy and pop rocks unless you feel
like a kid again guys
huckleberry trail mix blowing rock candy
not your mother's apple pie three
delicious flavors guys mad face a boon
to 40 shadow line drive come try out a
bottle pick yourself up a ball if not
all three you can't go wrong guys
they're delicious boiling rock candy
good stuff good stuff
it's just really good juice guys for a
great price eighteen ninety nine for 30
mil premium you guys be safe keep it

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