Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Thrasher E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Thrasher E-Liquid

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Thrasher E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

Thrasher by ANML Unleashed is an e-liquid that features prominent flavours of peach, cream and candy. Available in a 6 x 10ml pack with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Prominent Flavour(s): Peach, Cream, Candy

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Thrasher E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANML Unleashed - Thrasher E-Liquid

whatever you two king vapes coming at  you with a review some juice I picked up  this week with my boy over a retro Veda  shoutout josh is the animal this is  crasher three milligram from an animal  line I know I'm late on this one I know  I know I know but uh let me give you the  flavor description on his juice I'm  gonna taste this juice I'm abatage juice  after that imma let you know what I  think of this juice is it something I  would have a pall day or just sit to the  side or is something that you should go  out and buy you know I mean all right  guys let's get into this juice the  flavor description on this juice the  gummy goodness of candy and blends it  together with a sweetened cream peaches  so pretty much the flavor description on  this one is you know if you go into the  store they got the gummies that a rings  or whatever that a peach and white on  one side that's what the pretty much  saying with a little hint of creaminess  I'm coming sixty no bottles as you can  see they got a zero of three and a six  and then on some websites man I found  him for about $24.99 some a little  higher like twenty six ninety nine  something like that alright man let's  get into this man i'ma taste this  then we're gonna you know I mean put it  through its paces man  when I get off the Tasers that's pretty  good right off the taste man I get the  peach you know I mean you get that  little hint of gummy flavor I don't get  no creaminess off the taste the smell  man the smell is actually really really  good on this one I mean you get the  peaches you get the kind of creaminess  you get the definitely the gummy  tartness from it you get a pretty much  the peach everything I say in  description that's what you get you get  the peach creamy tartness from it that's  not bad  today we're gonna be vaping this on the  avocado 24 I got some alien alien kidney  puncher while you're on there some 28  gauge 3 core 28 gauge right up to 38  cage fire and off oh yeah she's firing  got it at 85 watts this is a 0.15 build  all right now let's get into this man  I'm gonna drip a little bit of this I'm  here to fill this avocado up be honest  I've been a vape anis for a couple days  man you know I mean I like to really get  into juice you know that mean I like to  put juice through its paces you know I  mean what that means is pretty much that  out I'll drip the juice I'll put the  juice in a tank see if you know that  affects the flavor I mean I put it  through its paces the RDA rebuildable  you know I mean I put it in avocado I'll  put it in numerous things to see if the  flavor changes or if it's different or  if it's better or it's worse so far it's  been holding up to the test  not bad man it's not bad when I first  got this juice man it really wasn't  winning me over like I don't know it  just had a really harsh this to it and  then like it just had a throat hit it  just really wasn't winning me over but  overall from the time I've been vaping  it it's been just consistent it's been  the peach really isn't heavy on the  cream out of what they're talking about  the cream it's there you can kind of  taste the cream but it's not a heavy  cream it's like on the back note you get  a small little mile throat hit but that  gets over after the you know I mean you  go through a little bit of the juice  overall it's not a bad juice man it  really holds to that candy peach gummy  flavor with a slight little hint of  cream so if you're a big peach fan and  you like peach babes and like a really  good peach you're gonna want to go pick  up a bottle this is not bad honestly for  the peach flavor they knocked it on the  park I think it's not bad at all and  like I said man this juice really when I  first got it did not win me over I've  ate it for you know I took a couple  babes out of it you know it wasn't  really feeling it put it to the side  fate my usual went back to the juice and  now it's actually winning me over like I  really do like the peach flavor in it  now the creams coming out in the juice I  find it works better in my avocado for  some reason you know what I mean like  the dripper it just was too harsh for me  but this actually toned it down a little  bit to make it really good it brings out  the flavour in it and I really enjoy  baking this now  like I said man you get that peach gummy  flavor on the inhale and then on exhale  you get that creamy notes and instill  that peach flavor which is really good  if you're in a peach you're gonna want  to go pick you up a bottle of this man  it's not that bad  it's really not if you like a throat hit  a little throat hit it's not bad either  you get a little throat hit on the  inhale not bad at all man  I wouldn't say it's like one of my oh my  god I got to run out to the store and  get it right now  but it's definitely something that I  can't find myself going back to and  vaping here and there changing it up  something different you know what I mean  it's not bad like I said this one ain't  gonna be for everybody though if you're  in a peach babes you're gonna want to go  pick you up a bottle of this you know  what I mean if you're really not a big  fan of peach vapes and it's not in your  flavor profile then maybe you don't want  it you want to try one of their other  ones but out of the whole line this is  the one that I picked out and it's the  one that I've been enjoying and it's not  Batman clear liquid it doesn't gunk up  your coils at all I mean I had the diny  of this juice in here two days and my  con looks like it's fresh you know I  mean the coils are getting a little worn  but it's still fresh all right man I'm  out of here hope everybody enjoyed the  video if you like what you see man hit  that subscribe button hit that like  button share comment you know I mean let  me know what you think of it if you  think the juice is shit let me know what  you think about it I'm out of here man  King baby's coming at you  see you guys later have a bob a strong  do you think they've been smoking bacon  peace

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