Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Reaver E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Reaver E-Liquid

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Reaver E-Liquid

Reaver by ANML Unleashed is a smoothie flavoured e-liquid that features prominent flavours of strawberries, coconuts, pineapples and cream. Available in 6 x 10ml bottles with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Reaver E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANML Unleashed - Reaver E-Liquid

right welcome back to spinach of reviews
and today we're doing an a juice review
we've already done the first two flavors
from this company called animal unleash
them we've got these from drip Club pick
up to Ashley for sending his eyes just
now these are not by Philip rocker but
they're still by the animal range now
first of all the two flavors that we're
going to be doing are Riva and grizzly
now Reavers a tropical smoothie with
strawberry pineapple coconut and
creminis trap and then glue sleaze a
chocolate chip cookie with fresh milk
now these are thirteen or 60 ml and have
60 ml comes with packaging the floating
milk done and the nicotine strips of
zero three six and a twelve and their VG
PG of 70/30 and again big thanks goes
out to Ashley for sending these over to
us what we're gonna do now is we're
going to have a Viper pond these we're
gonna tell you they do what they say on
the tin we're gonna check in and around
the packaging the logos and stuff right
and also check out the clasp it catches
back in a minute right welcome back to
fitness reviews and today like we said
we're doing these two lovelies here
which is from the animal unleashed range
we've done two before if you want to
look back on our previous review and now
we're going to be going in with Reva and
grizzly and the ones that we did before
was fresher and based but basically Reve
are the first one we're starting with is
that you can have a pond that while we
start if you want and shown the bottle
this one is a tropical smoothie a
tropical smoothie with strawberry
pineapple coconut and creaminess wrap
now all you have a little white box on
the box
now these egg boxes only come with a 16
/ 13 though we don't get this external
packaging again you see one out there
and you can add them up an Instagram or
Facebook animal vapors as you can see
they're lovely packaging
what's up it is a really good Lucas made
in the USA animal fight was calm
we got them sent for the first a review
from chikk klub calm what are you
getting you getting you getting proper
creaminess haha a lot of this movie
that's good
and I looking at the description of
football ravenous pineapples gonna kill
everything cuff but you're getting that
pineapple you're getting that strawberry
and then you think it's lacking coconut
until right now
and all of a sudden no I'm just gonna
say as well he's a nutbar Phillip rocker
that yonder he done the first original
animal Ranger when we put the first
review up in the first two or they read
a couple people complaining are their
fights they're not by Philip rocker and
they're not fight they're actually on
the animal website official animal
website and it just means that he hasn't
designed these ones they've had them
done by someone else or even maybe in
themselves so I'm not going to go into
that cuz I've ever you know too much
about it but they're not by Philip
rocker I mean he's got his own range at
now as well another completely different
juice I'm not gonna go into that Eva but
I'm just giving you the heads up so you
don't have to you know give it a comment
on Mona us it's not our fault they're
not my bath Philip rocker and we're not
advertising atmospheric rock as well so
basically these are animal Unleashed
dunno who designed them but you notice
these are completely different range so
yeah I'm gonna be gaining on this one
I'm gonna like this as I said you're
getting that lovely creamy smoothie
filled with the strawberry and a
pineapple hmm and then you think he's
lacking the coconut and then when you
finish by the end suddenly in comes that
Chi a nice a lovely quickly coconut as
well I gotta say today's really not a
lot creaminess it's got on it that's
really nice
last I bigger Ashley as well from drip
Club for sending these over to us
Thank You ash yeah Thank You Ashley well
these come in a 30 mil and a 60 mil and
only in a 60 mil that I come in this
packaging 30 mil they just come in the
bulb nicotine strengths are zero three
six and a 12 and VG PG to 70/30 now this
tropical smoothie that is talking about
and the store being a pineapple and the
creaminess all mixed together so starter
you sort of pull out what one you're
getting hit by can they do like this
what we call a vape explosion during the
start of the rational right and they all
mix together really well but
to sort of pull out a year this destroy
beyond is the coconut
sorry to pineapple but basically like a
bigger cock was Sam right at the end you
do get left with this lovely coconut and
that sort of stands out on its time but
the good thing I do like about this is
what it says in the description is you
get a creminis for at what you do the
tubes with strawberry and pineapple we
started you know sort of pull them out
because you just get this mixing like a
fruitiness going on so you don't really
know what's going on there but the
creminis and the coconut farm a I think
it's a rule it's not amazing but it's a
nice fight it's a good is clean you
could focus quite a bit and and you know
and and as long as you're not just
looking for strawberry or just looking
for pineapple and you're just looking
for that tropical sort here that's all
there by the criminis and the coconut
perfect so yeah I think that's that's
the part of it I like you know yeah good
packaging again as well I love the
packaging and the logos so yeah next one
we're gonna be moving on to is called
grizzly and this one's a chocolate chip
cookie with fresh milk let's talk about
coconut going my awesome it's lovely
don't forget distribution inquiries you
can it these upper info at animal vapors
calm funnies on Facebook and Instagram
animal vaporous so don't check about I'm
going mad on these chocolate chip cookie
ones Knightley and and you know that
that's or milky white and this is you
know so me it's up on that you know we
did one a little while back by the milk
the milkman and it was called Muniz yeah
this is back on point was this to me I
think he's my favorite out of range I
really like this one I will try to this
one's got a milky creamy vibe to the
milk but the start of it is a good
chocolate if so you know that says
chocolate chip cookie this one is more
like a you know a good creamy chocolate
it's not an off-putting dark chocolate
it's not um you know it's it's done well
it's a milk chocolate we use nice
beautiful almost like an Oreo dipped in
milk that's what that's what it gives me
the vibe too well and I think that's my
favorite arranged to be fair I really
like you know I mean I don't get me
wrong I like the other ones do the white
peach was nice
and the Beast banana wasn't really me
but this one yeah I think this is easier
in the car I think it's a great new
driver and they've done it well it's
perfect on the sugars it's not under
darkness not overdone and and it just
gives me that even now I've just got
that like I've eaten Oreos and drunk a
glass of milk it's got that lovely
creaminess chocolate as well as milk
going on well done guys a finger
brilliant really really nice yeah
big thanks to Ashley once again
w-w-w-whoa the drip Club calm and yeah
don't forget to subscribe to us
don't forget tell all your friends about
to set us up on Twitter Instagram
Facebook as well as YouTube this has
been spinach of reviews this has been
the last two from the unleash range from
animal again it's not by Philip rocker
so if you if you know that now you don't
need to comment in the dance section
because you've already told you that and
yeah catch us back next time I Spit need

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