Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Grizzly E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 17 min read

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Grizzly E-Liquid

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Grizzly E-Liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

Grizzly by ANML Unleashed is an e-liquid that combines the flavours of chocolate chip cookies and milk. Available in packs of 6 x 10ml bottles with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Prominent Flavour(s): Chocolate Chip Cookies, Milk

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed - Grizzly E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANML Unleashed - Grizzly E-Liquid

going on everybody out this is JTG got  my boy Maddy ice convicted apes in the  house and another ejuice review for you  guys what's going on today ladies and  gentlemen uh coming back at you with  another quality juice or you have  coerced outward this is long overdue as  you guys know drip Club put out a new  animal line you know animal Philip  Braque animal um for Flair they did  originally they did the looper which was  the fruit loops they did the carnage was  the carnage was the red licorice they  did the fury which was the cornflakes  and then they came out this new animal  unleashed line now when this came out I  was like oh shit oh shit Phil Brock  animal unleash four new flavors yes a  frog fanboy I gotta have it you know  what I mean I'm pumped dude I was pumped  like and I didn't order it right away  you know I wanted to get here some  people's opinion so bleed or not Ricky  from clean cotton killers in England  reviewed this and he sent it over to me  send it from England to me because he  didn't want me to waste my money you  know but he already had it so he was  like I'll just send it to you and you  could review it so I was like alright  sweet so he sent me there's four flavors  there's uh the first one we're gonna be  doing is called grizzly it's got the  bear now these labor the packaging is  nice yeah packaging is real it's fancy  this one's called grizzly we're going to  be starting with that one's called  Reaver it's got a little like a fucking  frog or a lizard it's a lizard lizard  rego then we got beast which has a  gorilla on it and we're going to be  going through the flavor profiles as we  do them we got Thrasher which is like a  fuck cause prehistoric looking shark  beautiful labels though beautiful  modeling it's 60 mil bottles so I think  oh they only come in 60 mil bottles to  be honest with you there might be bigger  bottles too but we're gonna be starting  off animal Unleashed and it's gritty 995  29.95 so it's a 360 mm yup 39.95 30  bucks 30 bucks for a 60 ml bottle um I'm  we're going to be doing all four of  these flavors on clean cotton I have  four different atomizers loaded up there  everywhere all clean so we're not going  to be dripping them over one another  because some are deserts and summer  fruits  give him the information about it  grizzly the first one up is we got  grizzly there's a couple I'm gonna hit  you with the whole thing  grizzly Unleashed this one is a  no-brainer it's a raging good chocolate  chip cookie with fresh milk flavor it's  so OnPoint you could probably leave it  out on Christmas Eve for Santa but it's  so good weed out you'll want to share  flavor profile viously chocolate chip  cookie with fresh milk that's they  that's what they say  and I think these have the VG PG rage  no I believe there's 70 30s I don't  think from the looks of it it's a 70/30  this is a real dark liquid really dark  it doesn't look like the color of this  liquid doesn't really look like  something Filip rock would do there is a  reason for that - we'll get into that  later but a really thin it's it looks  like a 70/30 or 6040 so yeah chocolate  chip cookie and milk so I got this  loaded up we're going to be using the  the mad mater dna200 box this is a sick  box mod I got to review this thing soon  but we're making these are like 93 watts  with dual alien coils I have this in the  Hellboy v1 so first we're going to give  you a smell test then we're going to do  a vapor production test on a scale one  to five throat hit test low medium and  high and then we're going to talk about  flavor so first we're gonna give it a  little you know a real snort I'm just  I'm gonna just let you talk about the  way that smells it's smoked our you know  cookie crisp cereal well this don't  smell like that smells like y'all right  you know you know the bottom under the  Shelf where they have the big bags of  cereal like the dollar store dollar  store brand this smells like that and  like and then some and and like tanning  lotion yeah like yeah smells like  tanning lotion and knockoff chocolate  dog cookie crisps yeah um doesn't smell  very flattering it all doesn't smell too  well but uh let's give you a little  vapor production test do you want to  start this off Jeff here you go start  off the vapor production test oh man I  was pumped about this juice line guys  animal unleashed its fuckin unleashed  yes four new Philip Braque flavors in  the animal line score you know I was  pumped man oh god that's me oh it smells  powerful paper productions it tastes  like a fucking patchouli far  gonna taste like a patchouli for yo and  yeah it tastes like vapors nice I mean  it's a solid three-and-a-half you ever  you ever smell those Muslim oils that  the Muslims you put on themselves it  smells like the fucking Muslim oil they  sell on broad market oh it smells like  fucking like fucking incense from  Djibouti Africa  yeah the smells like what are those  weird in such nog chompa chompa ya know  like fuck Champa instead tastes like a  Patrol e4 like a hippie farted in your  mouth oh my fucking god listen I'm  getting like FST can fart in your mouth  with your fucking finish it's awful Oh  fucking terrible shit so I get all  pleasure to throat it - oh my god yeah  there's definitely an S is three million  ch3 they're all three my god like a  fucking feste kid farting mouth  it's like a hippie was eating the rodent  it's like a hippie went to the dollar  store all fucked up and tripping on acid  bought some knockoff Cookie Crisp and  then shit it out in your mouth that's  what this about it's fuckin this is  fuckin awful Oh nicotine is terrible  it's burning my throat it's making me  feel like shit this is fucking  disgusting  this is horrible it's absolutely a  fucking truck this does not have the  signature Phillip Rock feel no it at all  not even remotely close Phillip rock  would not associate himself with this  there's just no way this is this is  horrible way this is really really  really bad animal unleashed an animal  there are two separate things  whatever fuck is this Princeton ello yes  hello  Oh Lindsay now this is this isn't  Lindsay sweetheart  I think you got the wrong abhor you  though Michele from what Oh what are you  wearing  you underwear on  Oh what are you wearing  oh so bad what are you wearing what kind  of clothes you want come on we're all  right take a deep look so business like  yours is Lindsay Lindsay  yeah it's Lindsay yes is Lindsay what  are you wearing oh this is so fucking  bed I got a gang people with this I'm  knocking I'm not gonna throw this out  just because it's y'all we should start  doing is every time we have bad e-juice  we should drip like five drops in  another bottle and just for like ever  you don't ieave and then fucking hit  people with a be like yo I'll give you a  brand-new bottle good use but you got to  take three long punches this a shit oh  god that's so bad it's awful  oh it's fucking awful oh god oh god that  was fucking yeah what the fuck yeah what  the fuck tell him we're on YouTube hello  I'm sorry Lindsay's not available  who's this what are you wearing bitch I  just told you the wrong number Oh oh my  god all right next up Jeff look up we're  doing we're gonna do do Reaver cuz  that's what I have pulled up reader  reader read the fuck is a Reaver isn't  that the thing in fucking The Chronicles  of Riddick oh no no no I know your own  Mass Effect it's like a I don't know as  a fucking lizard on a giant killer  lizard  wouldn't that be a mom  her lizard though I don't know dude  Komodo a river is already what we got  here this new tropical smoothie flavor  will refresh your face off will refresh  your face off Wow  with bold strawberries and pineapple  fresh coconut and indulgent cream  indulgent cream that's fucking create I  would say it's in the next girl dude  this one's listen do you like to indulge  in my indulgent craving this smell gets  an excellent summer vape but no laws no  law says you can't enjoy it year-round  created with the highest level of  craftsmanship and expertise whereever is  absolute excellence in a bottle a  must-try  perfect all day vape oh now they're  taking it a step ahead they're calling  this an all day vape uh-oh  flavor profile tropical smoothie with  strawberry pineapple coconut and  creaminess throughout it's got this  tropical smoothie strawberry pineapple  broken nuts and then and a drizzle of  creamy just a drizzle I'll tell you what  this one doesn't smell half as bad as  that fucking that last one did this and  we're doing which one next we want to do  the monkey next year the ape okay this  one smells all right dude it smells like  a tropical smoothie  I smell mostly pineapple but this  definitely smells like a maybe a  pineapple heavy pina colada with with  less with less colada a little more  peanut it doesn't smell like bad by any  means you know no it's not don't smoke  too bad let me see it  trip some more in there here's the  bottle the packaging's nice alright  I'm gonna we're just gonna go right into  flavor I just notice some all right if  you want a 30 mil it's 2195 for a 30 22  bucks for 30 now why is it let me select  no leader sighs apparently no way if  it's only 30 on the website isn't what  when you spike them I'm gonna skip we're  gonna go right thrown it in flavor  vapors the cells that throat it oh god  dude this nicotine is making me feel  like fucking crap dude I'm sweating it's  awful it's it's not good it just tastes  like perfume it smells like it all right  the throat heads bad are you definitely  gonna throw it in what W on my whole  body is just sweating from this nicotine  dude throw hit is awful kicking the shit  out of my throat this is like a hot it's  like it's like hot perfume to the back  of your throat it just things it's  making me not feel goodness this is  taste like hot mouth it's fucking good  it tastes like hot mouth like you just  totally hot breath like you're on the  fucking Boston like a fucking you know I  don't know fuzzy awesome fucking  Islander you know I rather out of the  fucking pulpit and fucking Just Blaze on  you li are you I rather make out with an  Indian woman that just laid a bag of  garlic invade this this is fucking  terrible it just tastes like hot mouth  this is a no no no right get this up get  this leg this is terrible it's like  fucking mass transit oh god dude oh  that's not an all day vape ah it's so  like you know that's not even an all day  vape that's awful that's something dude  oh it's making me feel like shit that's  like a soap it's it's like the fucking  the boss of eight you know I'm saying  like where you don't really want to get  on the bus you have to you know what I'm  saying like it's like it's you don't  really have a choice like that should  say gross alright we're doing the  gorilla next give them the description  of the this one's called beast  got the fucking King Kong on the fucking  compass beast is a decadent and creamy  pudding with just the right of fresh  banana on top and yes when we say fresh  banana we mean it this is very not that  weird  artificial tasting flavor you find a  banana flavored candy so it doesn't  taste like runts supposedly give bees to  try and see for yourself little sure  you'll go bananas for it creamy banana  pudding they really went above and  beyond with these descriptions no  fucking descriptive they were there  they're reaching they are for adjectives  you're just fucking stand there reaching  they're reaching forth after that the  shark give this a smell test Wong  dribbles grab that bottle and tell me  what you get on the smell smells like  banana runs yeah I mean yes what smells  smells like runts they say it's not that  candy smells exactly but exactly like  candy artificial but artificial banana  runs all day  you're the hiss - yeah it's like water  so yeah I cut this shit with water thin  as hell like that Joe when you're  putting it on it looks Diniz help oh  shit look how thin this shit looks this  it looks like fucking water dude like  they're cutting it with it's a little  bit thicker that it's it's a little bit  thicker but it's a very seems very water  you think you can hear the hissing like  when hisses this does not seem like  Philip Braque at all no  the vapor is not even thick really dude  the taste isn't bad this one's like  alright uh I don't know it's just like  yeah oh my god what do you told us it's  ass shits ass compared to the other ones  I mean brah Oh it'd take you know what  it tastes like  oh shit on walkman yo this tastes like  that fucking Ezekiel bread from fucking  Trader Joe's it tastes like fucking  Hezekiah bread dish it tastes like  fucking this shit they made that shit in  Lancaster County it should taste like  the fucking Amish made dude this is  Amish a Jews row it's like fucking yo  you ever had that Hezekiah bird Ezekiel  bread it should taste like Ezekiel bread  bro motherf oh oh  fresh oh oh oh just like a chair out of  Exodus now I'm getting it  oh boy huh Oh God shit tastes like yeast  barley let me get that  ah let's bet nicotine is awful Oh God  oh it's all I don't even taste banana  dad is straight-up shit that is my ass  fucking Amish fucking bread loaf of  fucking loaf chunks like oh fuck it  tastes like head cheese oh god dude  ah that is fucking awful shit don't take  that shit don't taste like pudding are  you feeling danke from this nicotine I'm  feeling funky from the nicotine then  understand Siddhant I'm people I'll keep  it 100 with you I don't really feel  funky from the nicotine but then again I  was locked up and I had to smoke  cigarettes I wasn't allowed to vape you  know what I mean so nicotine to me right  now I can't really tell them do you have  to rely on that  for that because I fucking what is  nicotine they're using is awful it is  awful I'm sweating I'm feeling dizzy  this is get this get this out of here  this is another thumbs down that's three  for three that's not good  Philip Braque animal line really fucking  Ezekiel bullshit  tastes like fucking wheat crackers from  trenches oh my god maybe if we fucking  drip that on some you know what I mean  fucking put a little fucking you know  fucking deep fried brie with like a  forest fairy kool-aid sauce it might  taste alright oh my gosh it tastes like  fucking alright I got some more alien  coils fresh-caught tastes like a fiber  one fart that is fucking ball that's bad  the next one is Thrasher what's it say  what is it Thrasher rasher some crash or  danner Donner and Blitzen  all right one alright Thrasher up  Thrasher is modeled after those  delicious orange and white half peach  half cream gummy candies and it delivers  an extraordinary class  Thrasher uses a tart white peach flavor  that's not too sweet for the p-side  infuses it with the creamy notes to  replicate the candies white side the  result is another incredible a juice  that will definitely want your regular  rotation regular rotation flavor  profiles white peach gummy candy let me  put it like this Matt is a peach fucking  connoisseur yeah he is you are your  peach fucking connoisseur you like the  fucking lord of the peach Snapple dude  yeah but I don't like they don't like  the gummy worms though the peach bunny  were no and I don't like babe I love to  teach gummy worms most peach babes that  I've had I haven't really had one that's  really stands out as something something  special oh this is let me smell this  fucking it smells like the first one the  colada 100  shit fucking I sniffing it gave me an  insta phlegm yeah this is this is crazy  it smells like oh it smells like the pee  chose the juice itself  smells like out of the bottle it doesn't  this one doesn't smell the bottle it  smells okay vaping is a different story  altogether it's a whole different pull  different sock I'm hoping one of these  is at least good the animal line really  drip Club like come on drip Club animal  on leash she put that pussy back in the  cage go ahead and put that fucker right  back on leash or back in knock him the  fuck up take them back to the zoo put  take it back to the zoo it tastes like a  suit oh man the NIC dude this one is  like it's not hard tastes like the peach  rings oh nah dude oh oh it makes me feel  like shit that nicotine is just killing  my throat yeah you get a thrown it on  all you oh I gotta fuck should I be  getting a throwing it like that at 3  milligram it's been a I got a raging  headache from this shit it's like just  artificial candy tasting it tastes peach  Oh esque yeah not good let me see this  that's its shit it's not something I've  ate  he's a gas station juice tastes like  just like peach ring candy gas station  juice I the NIC is horrible like I feel  like what's that jus that that flavors  flavors from China to Kang yeah it  tastes like they use decaying flavoring  it's not good what it fucking  disappointment thank God I didn't buy  these cuz I was ready to pull the  trigger on all of them I was gonna get  the big bottles - he sent me Ricky thank  you for sending this to me so I didn't  have to spend the money  check out clean cotton killers on  YouTube tastes like springtime in  Indochina yeah this is fucking like  springtime in Micronesia alright thank  god this is over with I don't have to  bake this anymore this thread perfect  here with this fucking for this fucking  Unleashed chain line here listen  ass ass and we're gonna let you guys in  on a little secret  this is not Philip Roth not at all  associate Philip Roth not he did make it  nothing this has nothing to do with him  drip Club told him to go fuck himself  and that I will do just as good with the  know named easily or the whole story but  apparently something philip rod was  teamed up with trip club for the animal  yes not that not to feel foreign not  that not to Philip Roth creme de la  creme no no that she wasn't part of the  animal the first three okay yes the  animal line like I don't know if Jeff  artery carnage and loop yeah now Philip  Braque is still making those original  flee to Philip Braque is still making a  looper he's still making the carnage and  he's still making the fury this new  unleash line these four new flavors has  nothing to do with Philip Rock and you  could tell when you you can Jeff oh yeah  night and day if you try Philip rock and  try animal the regular animal versus  animal on leech would've Apes of night  and I fuckin day this is the strawberry  ice cream bar this is delicious Philip  Roth taste that Philip there that's  Philip there's no nuances there's no  notes there's no it's just straight it's  fucking disgusting this is gas station  juice drip Club  IRA I think it's really fucked up that  the drip Club they're not they're not  saying it's Philip Braque if you if you  know  on the other three animal flavors the  original three the looper the carnage  and the fury it says by Philip Braque  now these four new flavors it doesn't  say bye yet briar not by Philip Rock and  when Philip Braque found out about it  Philip was rocked yeah they're not  disclosing it's not easy yeah gets  Philip shocked that they fuckin shit up  I feel like they're trying to pull the  wool drip Club is trying to pull the  wool over everyone's eyes do not be  fooled by inferior quality products  subpar at best that were not made by  Philip Rock this is a clone it's a jewel  juices yup it's total s and you know  listen I'm a fanboy i'ma Philip Rock  fanboy if this if these flavors were  good we would fucking tell you these are  horrible ass they're fucking atrocious  the worst one was that grizzly one that  with the bear on it the chocolate chip  cookie like a hippie farted in your  mouth bro that was so dude it was so bad  that's some of the worst juice I ever  had in my life the drip Club needs to  disclose they need to put out a  disclaimer but it tastes like the whole  G d/f the Grateful Dead family just  farted right in your fucking mouth it's  been shit drip Club I feel like needs to  make a disclosure statement stay hey  guys just for the record this is not  Philip Rock cuz all Philip rocks juices  they have that clean Philip Rock feel to  them you could just tell it's Philip  rock by they're trying to make bread all  Philip rocks name yeah they're trying to  make bread off that line animal cuz they  can't use his name so they're trying to  use animal and they change the animal on  leash to like try to ditch you with the  jokes do not fall for it it's an okey  doke don't waste your time don't waste  your money and don't fucking condone  companies doing shit like that  don't fucking sign up and fucking pay  the money and don't fucking don't don't  fucking get involved in it at all steady  drip drip Club if you watch this you  fucked up fuck you drip Club yo boycott  that shit boy boy that shit they should  put out disclaimer telling you that it's  not Philip Roth also I'm congratulations  strip club because how much money did  you save maybe a dollar on each bottle  you could have had him make all these  new flavors or put out something that he  actually made and have it have that  signature Philip Braque feel  congratulations you saved a few pennies  on every bottle and it's fucking  terrible  a few pennies but you lost a thousand  thousands of customers yeah this is all  straight up this is awful and you're  trying to pull the wool over everyone's  eyes and make them think that this is  Philip Braque not cool get the fuck get  fuck off on guys off sheet move fucking  greedy that's greed this juice line was  greed driven greed driven just to save a  few bucks  you lost a bunch of customers and you  lost a lot of respect from a lot of  people in doubting me man may bullshit  bullshit bullshit this is a bullshit  line it was disgusting nicotine is  terrible that was the month the you know  the flavors were awful but the nicotine  is what I noticed the most it is  absolute trash trash juice gross you  want to say anything I don't know what  else to say it  don't don't don't be fooled don't be  fooled don't be fooled this has nothing  to do with Philip Rock these four new  flavors the original three are still  Philip Rock the looper the carnage and  the fury they're still Philip Rock soap  you don't have to bug out too much on  that you can still get animal that's  made by Philip Rock the original three  flavors but this is just awful stay away  from Unleashed yeah only animal and  unleash animal unleashed are two  completely different things don't get a  mixed up don't get it fooled please  don't get a twist there that don't let  him pull the wool over your eyes it's  total bullshit you know that's all I got  for you guys until next time subscribe  comment like share they bone and take a  deep take it fucking deep please but not  this shit up your ass and out your  eyeballs don't fucking take a deep but  not this shit no put it deep put this  shit deep this does not this does not  have the convicted babes JTG Matty I  still not rule at all no disgusting if  you don't believe us by all means go out  and buy some you know believers will  mail yourself yeah  we'll name it soon yeah holy shit it's  bad that's all I got for you guys heavy  metal heavy metals

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