Vape Review of ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Combo Pack (240ML)

April 21, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Combo Pack (240ML)

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Combo Pack (240ML)

Unleash your wild side with a vape juice bundle containing the entire line of ANML Unleashed e-liquids. This voracious combination of delightful flavors provide a thrilling safari of diverse taste unmatched by most e-liquids. Grizzly by ANML Unleashed bursts through the flood gates of your palate with a sugary sweet collision of delectable chocolate cookies and luxurious creamy milk. Beast offers a classic banana pudding blend that arrives on your tongue with ape-like force while drowning your taste buds in rich pudding. Thrasher offers a stiff pummeling of candy, cream and peaches resulting in a satisfying flavor experience along with a generous throat hit. A cornucopia of delicious and fruity juices resides in Reaver by ANML Unleashed delivering a palate pleasing flavor experience right to the tongue of the vaper.

Vape Review of ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Combo Pack (240ML)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Combo Pack (240ML)

today I bring you Beast
and Thrasher from a nml hey there ladies
and gentlemen kjm do is back in the
house this time I have an illiquid
review of beast and Thrasher from the a
nml Unleashed edition they are
manufactured out of Southern California
I want to give a big shout out to Ashley
over a drip Club thank you so much for
sending in my way to review greatly
appreciated a 30ml bottle costs $21.95 a
60 ml bottle cost $29.95 they also sell
a 4-pack of all four of the flavors from
this line and there's a 30ml bottle
edition that's $74.95 and a 60 ml bottle
addition that's a hundred and $4.95 and
that's all four flavors from the a ml
Unleashed Edition and if you decide to
order let them know that KJ an do sent
you their way I'll write the shipping
over a drip Club I'd put 130 ml bottle
in my cart and checked out and it looks
like it's going to be six dollars and
forty-five cents the ratio of these
liquids is unknown it's not listed a
drip Club it's not listed a ml I tried
to do my research and homework to not
find them anywhere then nicotine
strengths available are 0-3 6 and 12
milligrams I have mine in 3 milligrams
that's what I prefer there are 4 flavors
like I mentioned in this entire line
today I'm going over 2 of them and that
is beast and Thrasher the flavor
intensity I would say is definitely
above moderate with these flavors
there's definitely a lot of flavor but
not too much where they're still going
to be an all day vape you could vape on
them all day and not get sick of them
you can purchase them from WWE drip Club
calm I will put a link to them in the
description down below so you can easily
head over there and get your own bottles
today one thing I want to mention also
is that when I was going over to drip
Club and I put one of them in my basket
it looks like they add one of these
automatically and you get an empty 30ml
unicorn bottle that has an ml Unleashed
on it really cool looking empty
you know why not right pretty cool all
right the first one I'm going to go over
is beast and the description says beast
by a nml unleashed beast is a decadent
and creamy pudding with just the right
amount of fresh banana on top and yes
when we say fresh banana we mean it this
is not that weird artificial tasting
flavor you find in banana flavored candy
give Beast a try and see for yourself
we're sure you'll go bananas for it
sounds good to me I love a good pudding
with banana why not right so they do
come in these cool cartons right here
really nicely designed artwork I will
say here's a look at the bottle real
quick and as the name it has the flavor
of three milligrams nicotine all the
ingredients all the standard warnings
but no VG PG ratio which is okay I'll
try to figure it out as best as I can
all right so let's do a smell check
first of all yeah I'm definitely getting
the creamy pudding it's like a vanilla
pudding okay and there's definitely some
like banana essence going on but to me
it's it's like a fresh banana definitely
it's not the candy banana but to me it's
coming off like a caramelized banana
that's the way I'm smelling it at least
let's do a taste test
yeah I'm getting more of the fresh
banana that way um and then the puddings
there also but it's more on the back but
the bananas hit me first definitely hit
me first all right so this flavor is
silly I don't know why I decided to do
this but I did I have an alien build and
it's metering out 20.12 so I decided to
use it on the five to one tab why not
right it's a model so I guess and I have
the twisted messes RDA and here we go
really nice flavor totally smooth on the
throat smooth out the nose exhale tons
of vapor as you can see I can't get rid
of it all
really a smooth flavor definitely
there's like no throat hit at all it's
so smooth on the way in I'm mostly
getting the fresh banana that they're
talking about on the way out there's to
me it's like a vanilla pudding okay
maybe I'm wrong but that's the way it's
coming off to me and it's like through
the duration of the exhale you first get
the banana right up front but then the
creamy pudding follows right behind it
and yeah it's definitely coming off like
a caramelized banana okay um it says
fresh banana and it is it's like a fresh
banana you're totally tasting it that
but then I think because the way it
mixes with the pudding it's coming off
like a caramelized banana after that
point it's like fresh banana up front
then it changes to caramelize and then
the pudding follows it I really like
this flavor I totally like this flavor
and I'm going to give it a cagey antio
flavor rating of four and a half out of
five that's what I feel it deserves it's
really a good flavor it definitely is I
wish they would have mentioned like it's
some like caramelized notes or even
though there's no caramel in it so to
speak it's just coming off that way okay
but nonetheless is
excellent liquid I totally approve of it
double thumbs up kg and IO approved all
right so that is my take on beast I'm
going to save the vapor production till
the very end let's go on to the final
flavor right about now the next and
final flavor I'm going to go over is
Thrasher here's a look at the package
that it comes in really like the box
designs - really cool and here's a look
at the bottle breyer got a big shark
there you know
alright here's what it says for the
description Thrasher by a nml Unleashed
Thrasher is modeled after those
delicious orange and white half peach
half cream gummy candies and it delivers
with extraordinary class Thrasher uses a
tart white peach flavor that's not too
sweet for the peach side and infuses it
with a perfect creamy notes to replicate
the candies white side the result is
another incredible eliquid that you'll
definitely want in your regular rotation
okay you guys know me I don't like peach
bakes you know I really don't
but maybe this one's going to surprise
me you never know because I try all
these peach faves I'm like nope there's
another one they all have this weird
kind of essence to them where it's not
like regular peach it's like coming off
with like a strange flavor all right
here let me do a smell check first of
all it actually smells quite pleasant I
will say there's a sweetness to it
there's definitely a creaminess to it
and it's a different peach than all the
other peaches that I've tried I mean
it's definitely pretty decent smelling
let's do a taste test
just wow I haven't had one of those like
peach ring candies in a long time but if
from what I can remember I mean it's
been like 15 years or so maybe 20 I
don't really eat candy anymore but from
what I can recall from what I could
remember what I just tasted on my tongue
is like a super concentrated version of
what you would get out of those peach
candies you know really quite delicious
and like I said I don't even like peach
babes all right so this one I have
loaded in the Alliance big boy right
here on top of the limitless luxe
I'm at 80 watts and it's a Clapton build
point three five here we go
well it's actually pretty delicious I
think this is one of the first peach
flavors there's one other I'm not going
to mention brand names I don't want to
cross mention brand names in the review
there is one other peach flavor from a
different company that was really good
and even though it's not my babe it was
really good and this is like really
close behind it you know or right
alongside it I would say I mean it's
different you know on the way in I'm
getting that sweet peach okay
and it's coming off like a realistic
peach flavor it really is on the way out
the peach is there it turns into a candy
and then the cream fall is right behind
it did the duration of the exhale and
it's not too creamy it's not like one of
those medium creams were you're like
adds too much cream I mean it's a real
light cream okay it's nothing that's too
Wow really quite good really smooth out
the nose too smooth on the throat
and that's another interesting one
because that usually peach babes have a
little bit of a throat hit to them this
one's not doing that to me not at all
and I coughed pretty easily when it
comes to throat hits so yeah definitely
pretty good definitely matches the
description I'm actually quite surprised
with this totally quite surprised and I
know where I'm at I'm going to give it a
KJ antio flavor rating Oh 5 out of 5
that's what I feel it deserves totally
matches the description is exactly what
they say it is so that's why I'm giving
it a 5 out of 5 it's also good quality
nicotine is good to go everything about
it is thumbs up in my book okay all
right so onto the vapor production let's
do that right alright so I'm going to go
with the Thrasher flavor in the Alliance
because this is going to produce more
while synth at five-to-one tabs going to
do all right and you know the way I do
it I'm going to do one that way and then
one that way for you guys nice dense
clouds they drop down they definitely
linger in the air here's one for you
guys wow really wow it's a lot of vapor
definitely a lot of vapor it clouded up
my viewfinder for a good long time
I'm guessing it's either a 70/30 or an
8020 I don't know it's really difficult
to say it's really hard to see too
because it's a clear liquid but uh I
don't know I think it's it's you could
even be a 7525 for all I know but I know
where I'm at with the vapor production
test I'm going to give these flavors a
vapor production rating of four out of
five that's what I feel they deserve
okay produces a lot of vapor nice dense
thick vapor and that's where I'm at okay
alright guys and gals that is my take on
a nml Unleashed edition beast and
Thrasher I hope you guys enjoyed this
review go check them out at

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