Vape Review of ANML - Fury E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of ANML - Fury E-Liquid

Vape Review of ANML - Fury E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Fury is a rendition of sugar frosted cereal topped off with a splash of ice cold milk flavoured e-liquid.

Vape Review of ANML - Fury E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANML - Fury E-Liquid

What's Up babe land youtubeland yours
truly Maddy ice from convicted babes
excuse me
too much may have been going on over
here too much I'm just joking there's no
such thing as too much vaping but Maddy
is here from convicted babes coming back
at you with another quality ejuice
review that's right I'm back on the
e-juice bandwagon I've been trying to
pump a couple out here and there yes
there is a trash marathon coming very
soon all you convicted babes fans we
will be trashing box loads of juices
that we have piling up some of this
stuff just absolutely needs to be
fucking thrashed and we're gonna get to
that very soon it's coming but I'm gonna
be reviewing it guys you've been waiting
for this one it's the new animal flavor
fury it's called it's from Philip Braque
animal line it's got the cool little
label it's uh looks like a fox with ten
9 he's got nine tails but yeah it looks
like the fun you know remember Sonic and
Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog and I guess
in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or 3 whatever
the fuck the case may be I don't know I
had a Sega Genesis I used to love Sonic
the Hedgehog but anyway he had that
little sidekick Foxx guy I think his
name was tails that's what it looks like
on the bottle it looks like tails from
Sonic the Hedgehog yeah this is the long
awaited third flavor from the animal
line he's got the looper in the animal
line he's also got the carnage in the
animal line I reviewed both of those
this is the long waited third flavor
it's called fury and it's supposed to be
frosted flakes guys that's right I don't
know why they didn't put a tiger on the
I guess maybe Tony the Tiger would suit
them or something I don't know but uh
you know Philip Rock is one of my
favorite juice makers he's world
renowned he's definitely one of the top
dogs easily in the business
I mean his juice is just spot-on
phenomenal stuff I mean I stashed the
shit like it's crack you know what I
mean well I mean I guess you don't stash
crack you smoke it as soon as you have
it but I stashed this stuff and I loved
his juice I loved it so I was waiting
for this flavor to drop I didn't think
he would do another cereal vape but
that's his style you know everyone's
like ah cereal vapes are dead not
another cereal vape it's not that people
don't want another cereal vape it's that
they're sick and tired of these average
run-of-the-mill cereal babes he's
working on something called flavor
refinement which I'll explain in the
description of this juice he talks about
it a little bit flavor refinement he
really works hard at doing spot-on
uncanny spot-on renditions of these
flavors whatever whether it's cereal or
candy or whatever the case may be he
tries to work for perfection and just
murder it I guess it's a you know a
category killer as you know all you
underground APIs would call it a
Gouri serial killer so that's what he
did with looper in my opinion it was
fruit loops and milk after trying the
looper really nothing I couldn't vape
anything else that was related to fruit
loops I couldn't do it that sort of just
killed it for me and that's what he
tried tries to do with every one of his
juices so when you try his version of it
everything else will just fade into the
background and that's how it's been for
me with his a lot of his juice so I'm
glad to see this is this is releasing
tomorrow morning it might be past twelve
o'clock so it might be today but anyway
they's were kind enough that setting
this Philip Rock was kind enough to send
this to me before it was released to get
this review up for you guys so this is
going to be available at oohed of absolute
perfection fury delivers a spot-on
rendition of sugar frosted cereal crisps
with a splash of premium whole milk not
not fat-free milk not 1% not 2% whole
milk it says creating a remarkably
indulgent vape experience that is
full-bodied and delicious on the inhale
and yet crisp on the exhale
candidly furies charm is in its
undeniably accurate presentation of
fresh from the bag
frosted sugary cereal crisps that
balances just the right amount of
sweetness with delectable premium home
milk to make theory the all day vape to
rule them all in 2016
fury is perhaps the first and only
contender in a new category of juice
dubbed category killers by insiders fury
by animal confronts the fact that the
world is not interested in yet another
cereal vape instead fury errs Fury's
breakthrough flavor that you just have
to try for yourself to believe has
illuminated a truth about an
increasingly crowded marketplace
littered with thousands of juice brands
ain't that the truth that the world
indeed is not interested in another
cereal vape and yet the world has just
been waiting for another good one so
that's an issue an interesting point
that they make you know you guys think
you you may think you're sick of cereal
vapes you may think you're sick of
doughnut babes but maybe you just
haven't had the category killer version
of it yet and that's what this
supposedly is and this is available in
30 ml bottles only right now the
nicotine strength that it comes in is
zero three six and twelve zero three six
and twelve nicotine strengths and it's
2195 a bottle so it is $22 a bottle
that's pretty average pricing when it
comes to top-shelf artisan gourmet
illiquid nowadays so with you know with
his past flavors I've never had a
problem paying twenty I you know I
always always pay out of my own pocket
for Philip Braque juice because I don't
mind paying the twenty two dollars a
bottle I mean there was times I was
ordering you know ten fifteen bottles at
a clip at that price and I it's so good
that I was willing to put the money out
just let it sit and basically stash it
so without further ado let's get into
this review I got this this fury I got
this in very nice labeling
the way his labels are always so nice I
got this in the new samurai v2 which I'm
gonna be reviewing probably tomorrow
along with the the dos equis box mod the
version one the limited edition Brown
stabilized would shout out to Pete
broody from Dragon's Den vapor on that I
did buy it but I'm gonna be reviewing
this and the VIP I'm gonna be reviewing
the v2 Doce keys also the stabilized
wood but anyway I got some alien coils
in this samurai v2 so before we get into
that let's do a smell test on this juice
might I add you know no dyes no
additives this is in three milligram
nicotine strength and it's still very
clear this stuff is very clear and the
VG PG I'm guessing is a 60/40
possibly a 70/30 I doubt it though this
looks to be more along the lines of a
60/40 it's pretty thin but it does drip
very well all his juices except the the
grand reserve that's an 80/20 but all
his juices they look a little bit thin
but they drip wonderfully and they're
also wonderful in the tank so it's very
versatile but no food dye as you can see
smell test
spot-on Kellogg's Frosted Flakes spot-on
I've had some frosted flake like I've
had the aisle 7 the flaked buy aisle 7 I
thought that was like a spot-on as it
gets as far as corn flake Papes frosted
flakes by the smell and this know this
smells dead-on like you're literally I
don't get like milk I do get it a slight
creaminess so that's probably the milk
notes they're talking about but I do get
a spot-on Kellogg's Frosted Flakes like
I just stuck my nose in the box
I smell that like
that's sweet frosting but it's not like
frosting out of a jar it's like that
dried frosting on the corn flakes I
smell that I get a creaminess with it
which is probably the milk notes and
that corn flake it's dead-on
it smells literally like I stuck my nose
in a bowl of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
and milk dead-on so how's it bake let's
find out
let's do cloud production vapor
production test
beautiful clouds absolutely beautiful
nice thick milky dense clouds that sink
to the ground they linger in the air the
vapor production on this juice is very
I am definitely happy with that throat
hit on a scale of low medium and high as
far as throw hit low they should add
extremely low to this because this is
absolutely silky smooth there is no
throat hit whatsoever not even a little
tingle at 3 milligram nicotine there's
no burning or stinging out my nose
butter it's just silk absolute silk
let me drip a little bit more on here
god this stuff smells good let's get
into flavor let me take a vape with me
for set take take a vape with me real
quick and let's get into flavor
all right on the inhale
I get full-bodied Kellogg's Frosted
Flakes I get mostly the cornflake and a
milk note and on the very end you get
that frosting that little teeny bit of
sweetness on the exhale it all comes
together it's pretty much the same on
the exhale now there's one thing I don't
like about this juice and it's not gonna
make it or break it for me because it's
still a very nice vape this juice is
everything you'd expect from Philip
Braque it's got that Philip Rock feel to
it that quality crisp clean flavor it's
got that it's got that signature Philip
Rock feel to it which I really like
however however on the exhale on the
very end of the exhale I get a
bitterness real slight bitterness it's
sweet and then it's a little bit bitter
which is very on point with a court with
it with the frosted flakes because you
know they start off very sweet so you're
eating them dry they're very sweet but
when you put milk on them as you're
eating them and the milk dissolves the
frosting off of them they start to lose
their sweetness and that's almost the
same effect you get from this juice it's
got that nice sweet bite on the inhale
and then it sort of loses that sweetness
on the exhale but on the very end
there's the bitterness now I'm gonna say
this this juice is pretty damn spot-on I
wouldn't call it absolutely the same as
taking it by the cornflakes but it's
it's pretty dead spot on so far that's
the most spot-on frosted flakes babe
I've ever had it's definitely the most
quality the most smooth smooth
cornflakes babe I've had it doesn't make
me feel like shit the nicotine is great
everything you'd expect from Philip
Braque it's got that clean crisp Philip
Braque feel to it but that bitterness on
the end I think it's a little bit too
bitter on the end and like I said that's
make it or break it for me I love this
juice I do this is a quality vape but I
think they could have used a little bit
more sweetener I think it could have
been a little bit sweeter
that's my only complaint about this
juice that being said this stuff is
absolutely delicious
it's everything you'd expect from Philip
Braque as far as quality the feel to the
juice it has that quality feel to it
it's just on the end on that exhale on
the exhale on the very end you get that
little slight bitter taste which doesn't
really bother me too much but I just
feel like they could have made it a
little bit sweeter but that's like I
said that's not going to deter me from
buying this again would I buy this with
my own money absolutely for you guys
that wanted a good corn flakes frosted
flakes babe definitely don't pass this
also that like I said that dead bit that
how it starts out with that sweet
frosting on the inhale then it's sorted
losers net on the exhale that's like
very reminiscent of actually eating a
ball of frosted flakes because like I
said you got to remember as you have
those frosted flakes in the milk it
loses the frosting the milk absorbs it
and they start to not be as sweet and
that's pretty reminiscent of what it's
like vaping this juice so I'm gonna have
to say he did a great job on this I
think it could have been a little bit
sweeter but nonetheless it's a great
fucking juice everything I'd expect
expect from Philip Braque now I can see
not everybody liking this but I think
you cereal fans out there anyone looking
for a good cereal vape I think you're
gonna respect this juice a lot I think
you're gonna enjoy it definitely an all
day vape easily hands down an all day
babe I open this bottle this morning
it's almost more than halfway gone and
I'm vaping like five all the juices with
it too so you know I mean you know
Philip Braque all you guys are Gemini
vapors if you're watching this maybe You
Know Who am I
you know I'm a nobody I'm just a Youtube
reviewer but I mean maybe play around
with making it a little bit sweeter I
think I think everyone would agree with
me that it could use a little bit more
of a sweet kick but other than that this
is a great fucking juice I'm not blowing
smoke up your ass I'm not riding the
Filip rock bandwagon by any means he
makes great juice this is another
quality juice by him so that's really
all I got for you guys this stuff is
delicious it's absolutely delicious
clean crisp and bold I like it
and it doesn't make me feel like shit no
matter how much I've ate mmm that is
good it's definitely addictive it
definitely is one of those juices that
you're gonna like right away but it
definitely grows on you even more as you
vape it which I really I like juice that
does that that's sort of for me that
those are the juices that would stand
the test of time like when you get a
juice I'm sure this has happened to all
you guys sometimes when you get an e
juice you know you load it up in your
atomizer for the first time take that
first pull and you're like holy shit
this is fucking amazing this is
absolutely wonderful and then like 10
minutes later into vaping you're like
fuck this shit sucks what was I thinking
10 minutes later you're thinking that
like damn what the fuck was I even nah
fuck this and then you put it down and
never touch it again then you have those
juices that are few and far between that
you pick up and you vape and you're like
Abbot's you know that's really good it's
it's good but you know it's not the best
I've had but it's pretty fucking damn
good and then 10 minutes you're later 10
minutes later you're like holy shit this
is fucking phenomenal this shit just
grew on me this is amazing and then
you're vaping 20 bottles of it that's
the juice for me that really stands out
that withstands the test of the test of
time and don't just fade away into the
background and that seems to be pretty
much on par with everything I've tried
with him with Philip Braque so that
being said take it for what it's worth
gonna give this a two thumbs up on the
fury by Philip Braque animal line it's a
trifecta now guys another wonderful
addition to the family here that's all I
got for you guys subscribe comment like
share you can reach me at my email mega
head Emmie gah EAD at Comcast net check
out the convicted babes Facebook group
all capital letters if you dare we're
having a bowl in there I'm just joking
but uh the clothing line will be out in
a couple weeks we have an all-new design
so keep your eye out for that I'll do a
video and a post on you on the Facebook
group convicted vapes ejuice is
available the tid juice is available at
WWDC vibes comm check that out people
are absolutely loving it
premium labs killed it with the
convicted babes juice yes it is our
profile but he is manufacturing it in a
laboratory environment I wouldn't have
it any other way
that's really all I got for you guys to
thumbs up on this fury by animal Phillip
Brock you're the man dude thank you for
sending that to me by the way I
appreciate it
that's all I got Keep Calm vape on and
take it fucking deep please to the
bottom shoulder deep then work your way
to the tailbone starts low heavy metal

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