Vape Review of ANML - Carnage E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of ANML - Carnage E-Liquid

Vape Review of ANML - Carnage E-Liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

Carnage by ANML is an e-liquid that contains Strawberry red vine flavorings. This e-liquid is available in a variety of nicotine strengths.

Vape Review of ANML - Carnage E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANML - Carnage E-Liquid

hello if it being friends rooby-roo here  yeah what's up guys  I'm so excited about this video ah  because um we are gonna be talking about  carnage today by animal or animal um  this is an amazing eliquid it was  recently released at ECC it has jumped  my eliquid  review queue by a lot um I had I just  had to tell you about it I just did um  I'm sure some of you have been hearing  about this delicious eliquid it's  carnage my animal this is made by philip  rock and it is exclusively distributed  through the dirt club sothanks strip  club for sending this liquid my way for  review  it was incredibly popular ECC and now  there's like a ton of buzz about it all  over the internet and um and for a good  reason so we're gonna talk we're gonna  talk about this fantastic flavor I need  to be I need a baby so I'm gonna give  you guys like a couple of pricing things  and a few specs and then I'll talk about  flavor then we're gonna do like one of  the coolest fake pairings so once again  thanks the trip club sending this my way  for review um you can find me this  liquid at the drip Club calm for a 30ml  bottle that looks like this I'm almost  out I have a few mils left luckily I'm  getting more in the mail so yeah this is  the bottle glass childproof squeeze the  dropper tops they only come in 30 ml  bottles um and there's this like crazy  snake Cobra or something  um so you can get one 30ml bottle for  2195 yes you can get to 30 ml bottles  for 3995 or 3-4 5495 so like you can buy  them in bulk and save money which is  fantastic I think that um you know  essentially $22 for a 30ml is like right  on par with like yours  standard premium lines it's not like  this ultra crazy high price Philip  Braque grand reserve is only $25 and I  thought that was a great price as well  but it's not this like goofy 3750 for a  30ml bottle it's nothing like that  22 bucks I think that's a great price  and if you buy more which you should you  should just buy more don't buy just one  bottle you will be sad when it's gone  I think it's cool if they offer like  both pricing and then you can get these  in 0 3 6 and 12 milligrams and it's an  estimated 60 feet or yeah 60 VG 40 PG  blend silica rock doesn't like it's  usually like say is huger ratio but it's  we're guessing it's around 60 VG for DPG  and now I never ever do this but I  figured I have the information so I  might as well give it to you since it's  exclusively through the drip Club when  it's really kind of hard to get right  now I'm if you're a vendor like a  wholesaler you're a vendor you own a  shop you can contact info animal vapor  is calm if you're any student interested  in wholesale so okay uh should we talk  about flavor I think though this is  gonna be one of those videos where I  just gushed about one liquid crap sorry  guys it's for you  so freaking good I'm vaping carnage  today in my tugboat v2 review coming out  at some point in the future boat v2 oh  yeah and then it's on my copper vanilla  mod from smoke networks oh yeah  so this eliquid is here's drip clubs  description brace yourself for a vaping  experience that is truly out of this  world  animals release carnage our limited  release carnage will unleash the animal  and you as your taste buds go wild after  vaping on the kind flavor expertly  handcrafted by a world-renowned  mixologist Philip Braque yes it tastes  exactly like strawberry red vines that  you know and love a drip cup approved  all day vape that's easy on both your  taste buds and your wallet  go grab yours today wow supplies last  nice so limited edition  no make it forever strawberry red vines  I'm just gonna sit here and debate beep  with me friends this liquid tastes  exactly like this this is a strawberry  red line this came in my package from  drip Club I'm gonna eat it uh I'm I was  sitting out for like a week but mmm I  love ya red wine strawberry candy  strawberry let me get that like tinge  that like I don't know that red the vine  I can't describe it other than  strawberry red vines it's the candy  strawberry it doesn't taste like  twizzler it doesn't taste like any other  candy flavor like strawberry candy  tastes red bye yep it's definitely not  too sweet though it's light enough for  an all-day baby it's been Y all they've  hit for like a week since I go between  this and TKO from clutch papers but um  this is so good this is not a commercial  it's so good and I just have to tell you  not everyone will like this flavor  though okay uh my husband doesn't like  it my sister-in-law doesn't like it she  only likes bakery babes so it's  definitely like if you're a fruit or a  candy vapor anything anything like that  you like that sort of that's your  wheelhouse for vaping flavors definitely  give this one a try I think it'll went a  lot of people over I think it's amazing  and I'm so glad that I have more in the  mail because I was like goodness heavy  like a little panic attack earlier this  week I'm almost out so you guys know how  that's like you know you know what that  feels like  so um it's so good and rather than me  just continue to gush and talk about it  I think we're gonna have a  Paragon what are we paying today this  has found my favorite pairing I've ever  done  I signed from the one that I did for a  night all bags with like the popsicle  this is a dr. pepper  with vodka and I'm gonna drink it  through a red wine you guys ever do that  when your kids uh-huh  maybe not the vodka part but like  drinking a soda through Red Vine red  wine straws oh yeah uh-huh so this is  pure nostalgia I went to the movie  theater with my dad when I was a kid we  did you get like 7up and popcorn dr.  pepper and red vines and watch movies  just I just want I want more of this  it's so good  so this drink is definitely all about  nostalgia this vape for me is very  nostalgic it's also very delicious this  isn't like a fancy vape pairing by any  means this is just fun okay babe  hearings can just be fun sometimes  yep  oh my gosh the dr. pepper goes so well  with Red Vines mm-hmm carnage is amazing  just you just take my word for it you  guys okay  give it a try if you want to again you  can get it through drip Club calm  it's a highly recommended by me I think  it's fantastic  so thank you for watching this  incredibly long gush about one single  eliquid you guys Rock I love you so much  a warm welcome to all of my new  subscribers as well hi guys welcome to  my channel sometimes we have lots of fun  well hopefully we have fun all the time  I don't know you can follow me on  Instagram and Twitter at Riviera vapes  you can also find me on Facebook and if  you haven't already please join Casa org  follow their calls to action and fight  for your vaping rights vape them if you  got them guys Cheers

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