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By Ksenia Sobchak

Anise Star is more than licorice, it’s a flavour all of its own. Although licorice lies, subdued, as an subtle undertone throughout, the flavour is dynamic and complex. Its warm and spicy flavour with just a touch of pepper and kiss of sugar, Anise Star will wrap you in luxury. The light and subtly sweet exhale will leave you calm and relaxed. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ANISE STAR - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

Oh guys and welcome to the Scotch review
and today we're gonna have a little bit
of an e juice short own okay so just a
quick heads-up before we go any further
this video is going to contain profanity
is gonna get in Causton I am Scottish at
the end of the day I'm sorry I can't
help it well I can't help it but it's
just it's just my way of life okay
please don't hate me
also don't bully me from a lisp it's not
my fault hey so fight it out in the
premium e juice corner we have whoa Ben
Jonson's awesome source no this is creme
2.0 now snicklefritz by Ben Jonson's is
my dear leave it so I've got high hopes
of this one I'm yet to try it and it
says that it is their signature juice so
let's just have a little look here use
of this product will expose you to
nicotine and other chemicals known to
cause cancer birth defects or other
reproductive harm must be of legal age
to use consult doctor before use and
visit lot
pressure may be toxic if inhaled may
contain diacetyl diacetyl asset aiyo a
propia Nile and other chemicals which
can cause harm poison do not drag keep
within children s world call 9-1-1 of
nain nain nain for the UK ingredients
vegetables glycerin USP propylene glycol
USP natural artificial flavours nicotine
arrow USP okay so that's just a fairly
standard am a juice label warnings the
full shebang
so what we have here is fighting out of
the cheap
shake a juice corner we have cherry
flavored liquid refill by easy sake so
that easy so you can't see it easy sake
okay so this was one whole pound from
Poland one single poem definitely the
cheapest tea juice I have seen on the
market anywhere at all I don't have high
hopes for this anyway let's have a look
at the ingredients here eugenol 97 53
zeidel efile boo tyree 105 54 for
benzoyl acetate 140 11 for efile acetate
141 7/8 X and the can for Allied 104 67
long worth coming up guys P mer for oxy
set turf set a set or for non one double
or zero sex what I thought bloody hate
me for that I can I'm not a chemistry
major propylene glycol 5755 sex glycerol
56 81:5 nicotine 5411 five okay four
sighs what the fuck easy sake your
customers don't not all your customers
have majors or degrees in chemistry
they're not gonna fucking understand
that statement like what Ben Jonson's it
natural not official flavors that's fain
warning toxic avoid contacts can wash
hands thoroughly with soap water do not
ingest liquid contents toxic if
seek medical advice immediately and sure
label if you feel unwell seek medical
advice ensure this label keep locked up
and it would reach a children and pears
standard standard warning and what we
have here as a little under 18 no one
that he teens a little toxic warning
awkward with the skull and crossbones
and then what I believe to be
environmental hazard the one that's got
the the the tree wears no Leafs honor
and then a deep fish not fill me with a
lot of hope okay so the devices were
gonna be Viennese on Ben Johnson's this
is my my deal with veep setup I've got
the Arctic the horizon Arctic v8 tank
I've got quad Clapton coils in there I
am turn this on point to one almost
resistance and I'm gonna be Fitness at
Nate he was that's just my usual deal we
set up and that's the custom driptip
that's on there just ignore that and and
it's on the kaing kaing of
can get a gearbox 200 and not the best
more than the world but not by far the
worst and it's done me it's done me well
and for easy sakes pêche we are going to
be using now we're using a different
setup so before anyone say it's all it's
not the I use and different setup I I am
NOT putting this anywhere fucking neon
my clouds and coils it will absolutely
fuck and destroy them I'm not willing to
do that either way we're both both of
these both both of these modern types
VIP really really well we're going to
get the VIP we're going to get the
so this is the horizon the it's not the
horizon at all you numpty
it's the Innokin coal fire for where's
the Innoko no subji tank this is
actually just my start kit this was my
first modern first tank and it done me
really well so both the coils in these
are fresh they've both been primed with
their respective liquids and they've
already got a little bear ever fell out
they're just enough so we can have a few
pools get a little flavor going so we're
gonna start off with the nice expensive
juice some just have a little ever drink
here alright let's get into it that is
exactly what other I would have expected
from Ben Jonson's smooth not a big punch
to the floor real nice smooth flavor
damn that is creamy very much like an
audio and I believe this flavor used to
be called H citty all so it looks like I
said or eel my Oreo but due to copyright
claims they had to change it to cream so
force fantastic
very nice juice Nason's to move great
flavor definitely an easy all DV and
that is that is really nice I I usually
prefer my kind of candy sweet fruity
flavor vapes but that's my first foray
into cream flavors and that is actually
really bloody nice so thumbs up for Ben
Johnson's good job no I'm I am dreading
this okay I am absolutely dreading this
I don't want to do this I'm gonna be
vetting this at 30 watts and it's got a
point for 8 ohms resistance right it
definitely works so I'm genuinely scared
if I die because of this I want this
video to be put out as a public service
announcement hey here we go
Oh God
oh wow Oh let's just slow down for a
Oh what my god right for starters this
is supposed to be cherry flavor see big
words cherry and then a picture of a
cherry just for extra clarification in
case you didn't what fucking Jenny looks
like that doesn't taste like fucking
cherries it tastes like shit okay it
tastes like fucking horrible chemicals
it's absolutely disgusting there's no
words to describe it I'm gonna have to
take another two pools of this just and
for fairness I took city pools of the
bed Johnson's I think it's three pools
or less
I fought for a split second there I was
deed I thought I was gonna die
Wow okay I thought it's gonna fucking
die they're great
easy sake if you are watching this this
this juice here is a fucking claim
against humanity it pisses me off when
companies take advantage of an industry
that's popular okay so at the moment
electronic cigarettes and vaping the
community as a whole is really popular
and it's growing and expanding every day
companies like this they don't give a
what they are selling their customers
rate they'll just chuck any old shit in
a bottle and then label whatever the
fuck they want to and then just sell it
they don't give a fuck all they care
about is making money off of the
community off of the industry and it's a
fucking shame because if companies keep
doing this people are just gonna people
that the consumers are gonna lose trust
okay and when consumer trust is lost
sales come right down and vaping as you
know it will just become non-existent we
saw it in the nineteen eighties we saw
it with video games and the fact that
video games were almost entirely killed
off because of consumer trust because
everyone's just putting out share and it
won't happen anymore this is the most
disgusting stuff I've ever fucking vid
honestly I would rather veep caustic
acid then fucking inhale another bit of
that the coil that's in this tank I'm
just bending it I'm not even gonna try
and salvage it I'm just chucking it away
I want all evidence of this liquid gone
oh I don't want to ever see this shit
ever I don't ever want to see that
fucking shape ever again this has just
turned from an eg sure dome into our
public service investment Steve well
fucking clear of
Eastlake easy sakes ejuice okay
it's disgusting end of that couldn't
have been healthy I feel like vaping
that has just taken ten years of my life
I probably would have been healthier
actually just sitting and smoking an
entire fuckin cigar oh I feel I'm
physically gonna be sick with a taste
that's left in my mouth oh I've nearly
brought things there let's get you fixed
up right so guys right is it worth it to
spend the extra for the bet reduce in
this case fucking hands down
I spend them a bit extra get somewhat
decent that's not to say that all
premium users are better than cheap ones
there's a little independent shop in
Glasgow called the vaping caterpillar
and his juices are really fucking good
this is Green messed it's half the price
of this but tastes just as good so your
premium e-juices I would recommend that
give them a go because it's gotta cost a
bit extra but you're going to have a
better vaping experience and if you have
a better experience you're more likely
to to you know enjoy it as a whole to
continue it for the long term
to quit smoke and get yourself off the
ciggies but please stay fucking well
clear of easy sex a juice please
I I can't even I can't even chuck it
away I can't put it in the bed I would
just throw out in the window but I'm
scared that would wipe out half the
fucking squash whaled leaf look guys
thanks for watching I need to go and
calm down I'm gonna write them a big
long fucking email and if you've enjoyed
this video hit like button leave a
comment I've only got a small youtube
channel so I'm able to reply to every
comment again if you want to help me out
even more hit the subscribe button I'd
be much appreciated thanks for tuning
then really appreciate you watching this
video guys Cheers

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