Vape Review of Anarchist - Red E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Anarchist - Red E-Liquid

Vape Review of Anarchist - Red E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Anarchist Red is full of hard strawberry candy vape flavours, what could be better than a mix of pure, fresh strawberries and hard candy? Prominent Flavours: Strawberry, Candy

Vape Review of Anarchist - Red E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Anarchist - Red E-Liquid

hey everyone ma chère wanted to alright
first and foremost shout out the foolish
for sending me this juice presume we're
going to be talking about anarchist red
or red by anarchist um this juice comes
to zero two four and six milligram Ditka
teen strength so sixteen mill bottle
will run 1995 I'll put a link down below
but you know where it's at it's a 70/30
VG PG of the flavor description and this
juice is a watermelon hard candy and we
all know what watermelon heart can
either refer to that's Jolly Rancher I
will be vaping it on my predator 2 to 8
with my tsunami and some aliens on there
I've already dripped it up it's ready to
go i over dripped let's go ahead and do
a nose let's go ahead and do
set test watermelon watermelon candied
water mode very nice very nice
alright so we've got the candy
watermelon smell I'm vaping on the 2
milligram I usually bake 3 milligrams so
I come 0 2 4 and 6 so I want to let's go
ahead and give it a nose and throat hit
very smooth it's 2 milligram you know
it's not a bad nicotine it's good
nicotine let's go ahead and do a flavor
intensity test
I would give it about a 3.25 on the
flavor intensity so here - watermelon
hard candy this definitely could be an
all-day way for you does it match the
flavor profile yes it does it's not an
overly sweet juice again though you know
I like those juices where you know they
meet the flavor profile that don't get
overly sweet trying to achieve that some
some juices do get overly sweet one that
comes to my mind is candy King that one
gets real sweet real fast this doesn't
that you know you can definitely vape it
all day oh yeah the magic word for today
first person to comment and the comments
below the word delicious will be the
entry for my giveaway the first person
one person the words delicious now when
I go out and purchase this again
yeah I could see myself going out and
purchasing this again because it's a
nice watermelon hard candy I don't see
really any mistakes in terms of their
blend or the flavor profile or anything
like that which would prevent me for
purchasing us again it is a good juice I
do give it a thumbs up shop

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