Vape Review of Anarchist - Blue E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 12 min read

Vape Review of Anarchist - Blue E-Liquid

Vape Review of Anarchist - Blue E-Liquid

Anarchist Blue E-Liquid is packed full of refreshing Blue Razz Slurpee that is perfect to vape any time of day. Prominent flavours: Blue Raspberry Slushie

Vape Review of Anarchist - Blue E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Anarchist - Blue E-Liquid

what's up guys the VP slot back again
we've done another review on one of the
other key spots today if you can already
see my first review on Eliquis black
this is the best stuff I've tried in a
long time so I'm expecting good things
from this one the one I've got today for
you is the blue version as far as my way
it's some sort of blue raspberry slush
flavor and all of my solution favors and
sodas done to get both expecting good
things on the side of the box there does
come in zero two four and six milligram
they're not doing the 3 and the 6 is
general people tend to do with any
liquids under kissed MFG they're
manufactured in Orange County California
and if you study the sides the low-low
nothing much sure going on all your has
a wire you sort of stuff on the back
there 100% anarchy on that side other
than that the box isn't anything special
there's not much going on so I get this
open anyway me and I haven't tried it
before not even to open it the seals too
long there and everything so you get
your bowl there which is blue every but
all you get they're all in different
sort of course of some regions as a red
one and a green one a purple one a black
or white one and so on
this is the blue one they're exactly the
same sort of packaging on there as well
just plain what bottle you one thing I
will say I don't like about is that you
can see through the bulb you don't see
something no it's not that I can see I'm
pretty sure on some of the others you
can do I'm not too sure no Cassie - no
no but anyways yeah she comes from the
bucket cap it up - they're such screws
on the top we'll set the box down to one
side for now so just get it opened as
you can see there's seal star on the top
going to take this off now and try and
get into it without trying to yeah
without that happening that's what we
didn't talk about that
all that we go pail go solutely get Big
D's course holy holy what holy moly this
smell good
I presume I'm well pleased blue I'm
hoping to look about blue she can tell
what color liquid is within being in
that bottle but just roll up snow up oh
bluegrass riff for sure I would say so
really strong today we are going to use
my endless version to test this we've
got fewer flavours in a memory reviewing
today no Club in a couple of days have
also been and picked up the Y bottom
anarchist as well which I expecting the
things from this and also wear tank that
I've been given to review so we get
straight into it screw the cap on as you
normally would
that's your bottled a dripping these me
and Dan have already said before we
don't like these bottles are all sort of
pain in the ass to fill tanks with
they're all right for dripping but not
to fill tanks up with as the nozzle Rob
lots of nozzle on the end is really
really big and fat so I'm gonna be able
to get the strip's get it all primed and
some fresh batteries in the unreason
from 25 hours drying exactly got point
far bill denier exactly oh that's a
disappointment this white ah I look what
that might be like we were mentioning in
his in his previous video about it being
TPD confinement that's or thinking about
taking every full corner and out of any
yeah I agree with so that could be one
of them things house gorgeous its North
gorgeous but is a slide this apart look
with the smelly expected to be to be
able oh cool I'm the blue of the look
the color like the label on the bottle
our blue and the Box be in bloom you'd
expect them to be on a blue liquid and
the regular blue the green and be green
and a purple purple not really much they
can do with a black and the white
version but yeah they're a bit funky if
you had a black juice yeah you probably
can tell we need cheese needs are you
cotton is changing us right
would be a pain other than the taste
obviously Prime depending on we got some
batteries out and they said we always
using as using the Samsung 25 our zero
as well point for building here this is
a some crafty coils I bought from mr.
model April where I work
Lovecraft the coils cut knock them get
these stuck in here
you've not already seen my review on the
endless version to go and check it out
to cracking little mark well Big Bob to
come to the little size as well so one
thing I'd like to see on this Wilding
box is I mean it if they tended to sell
it in the UK as well like we can get it
yeah I mean it should part it does say
discontinue use and call your physician
or 9-1-1 immediately maybe put one like
your physician or nan will more than
stroke 900 whatever is in the area
whether it's worldwide it's been nice
yeah yeah it's a barcode on there as
well which I don't really tend to see a
lot bottles and it's not generally not
really a lot barcodes on the plane for
this to soak in to update long and we'll
give it a day I do either while involved
because he's nice and clear see it's
read on blue got smoke nice that's like
a bit of a love 1/8 there like a blue
raspberry lemonade yeah yeah well the
last one we had was a vanilla cupcake
good vanilla glazed cupcake with the
sprinkles so I'm hoping this even be
just as nice ready to try yeah yeah yeah
definitely set that box down it smells
really nice
Oh ooh that's a good face that's a good
face again
nice jokes again oh wow that's just as
good as that flavorful la that's good
that's good
thick out again does it feel thick as
well as he is you know so remember we've
the with the black others anarchists
that were first revealed without more
enable it's really really small again
really thick really smooth they don't
say the VG PG ratio to them no and know
that I'm not a boxer so oh wow wow wow
wow that is nice by far we have you mr.
song right there that's really it's
definitely blueberry raspberry blue
raspberry I don't think it's a bit a bit
solution it's not got a slush no there's
no call out of there is the picture they
sort of advertising iced coffee to the
slush summits sweet they're sort of
sugary sweet the cotton candy taste
that's on taste on the aftertaste anyway
either flavor that lingers in your mouth
after which I'm tasting cotton candy yes
eat it
it's definitely got the swash sort of
flavor to it
and but that it's like a cotton candy
candy candy aftertaste to it um be
it's like sugary sweet do you think well
sort of other guys talking to what's
covered again a lot all day bit material
I could vote this all day to be fine
it's not this little deal if you are on
a kiss
you could have a pall day even though I
did because it was that nice for me
personally I could beep it all day
Addison else
I didn't think mill of it in a day so it
was really nice
I'm big fun like thrilled flavors just a
flat because what to really thick it
smells nice
it smells absolutely wonderful to be
fair and they said there's like a like a
blow raspberry salt a flavor that's like
blowing raspberry stock label without
the colada and there's like a sugary
sweet like cotton candy sort of taste
our summer along my and say we're
expecting good things I'm I'm over happy
with this yeah extremely up in a bit
yeah I mean it the bowl just is it with
reveal for your guys it's been
absolutely bulb is I believe that on
path obviously is fresh whipped as well
so and it's going to take a while for
the proper flavors to come through on
that and the more we label guys from the
takes basically I do know that this
juice retail tonight what you found a
bottle online 25 dollars in America and
not sure if you get any other countries
but I bought this from a market stall
from a guy called David Castleford in
Pontefract market it's always not really
cheap stuff for some reason it's like
extremely extremely cheap the last
bottle i bought the black stuff cost me
12 pound and I think this
for some reason was around 13 or 14
pound a charged metal this stuff which I
still don't think I'd compare it to the
shop prices are online prices at 20
pound you dried it up like a blueberry
raspberry it's just so nice a little bit
of raspberry and then like a cup a
cotton candy on way out with a lot of
sauce flavors it's normally mentally
though but there's no there's no metal
in this is that there's there's no like
menthol is all colada there's not a
cooling effect all like what we've
already said that on the inhale it's
really thick it's really dense in the
vapor it's really sweet exhale is sweet
and well want saying it's like a for me
it's not a lasting sweetness it's a
sweetness that it's like comfortable
this way and we've got a major sweet
tooth you'll be fine even if you've got
a slight sweet-talked thing you'll be
fine with this yeah it is nice a
throwaway boy like this we did you do a
review on some of the jewels and we
found that inhale and exhale it's into
like dry your mouth out a little bit
this is absolute polar opposites this is
like mesh your mouth water does Mickey
Mouse water with a bite again but he's
bought this jewel so it's not sort of an
eyeball and I'm tasting it Ben
definitely some of that I go and find
and buy yeah would you pay twenty pounds
with a shot
I would I would to be honest sir I'm a
big believer in like you you pay for
what you get every day and if it's cheap
some tap is sometimes I'm not saying all
the time but sometimes you buy cheap
jewels and you can tell it's cheap
sometimes that you can drop on Loki and
it's cheap and it's really good but I
found that the the top end of the scale
and the price where you get to like 15
16 and 20 pounds of blotto and sometimes
a bit more that the quality of the juice
is absolutely second to none and again
and it'll probably tell you as well but
that the nicotine is so small we got a
cable tell there's anything there Topher
it cannot taste it at all thing I'd like
to mention is a lot of the American
juices are premium high-quality
stuff none of the cheap stuff the
premium Americans still solving quality
owners it always been spawn not a
problem with other than the flavor not
being too uh sort of takes that we like
yeah yeah I mean I've never never had a
problem way any and in American groups
is like Sarah
they've all been at the highest level
that you could possibly expect and it's
not that you're going to go out and buy
this a 20-pound bottle and Gromov the
absolute would disappoint the like rs.20
panel basted and in fact you're going to
be in my opinion I think these two
favors that we've we've just revealed as
well it's going to be our bottom up a
20-pounder they've gone left
that's what I'm thinking ever be because
it's going to be that sort of job
especially this one it's gonna if you're
going to beg this all day ain't going to
last you long why should two or three
it's on power this stuff is the version
we did oh definitely but is two totally
different bless your families of what we
did four flavors Bob quality of it with
a level aids cupcake and then obviously
like a blue raspberry slushy icy type of
thing and then I'm not sure this one
this one here the other key Stefan MFG
supposed to be a wide board watch this
must be a marshmallow cookie flavor so
I'm working on to trying that will get
that try probably a review on it later
I like these two or anything to go on
there and inspecting absolutely great
things from this jokes and be nice to
see what else what other jokesters
they've got I think they do a great
candy flavor you're not going yet
starburst and the squares yep they do a
great country version of that and they
do enough porn I think it's like an up
or power and Apple Jolly Rancher one
over and they also do like the red
licorice laces yeah well I mean it all
their dual sign I mean if you store
anything to go on then I'm expecting
great things from all that flavors to be
fair because again cannot say really a
bad word but it'll be fair but it won't
strangle the versions of the other kiss
juice please let us know in the comment
section as well
last note you've thought about them also
let us know we think about those reviews
as well check all the other ones out as
know you think comment below feel free
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involved with that what about you in a
giveaway another one again a thousand
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yeah we're going to post this on there
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so we're toys enough some feedback it's
getting better
yeah isn't settling it's just getting
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well yeah also today's Wednesday fools
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Wednesday but every Wednesday we are
doing a Q&A session on the Facebook page
as well so you can answer a few
questions will reply to them alright so
nice I'm gonna get up because that is
absolutely out of this world you get
none of these juices that we get given
for free everything we bought out of our
own pocket basically little anything set
for free so we're always buying stuff to
review for you guys
not just that I've been mod reviews and
stuff coming up soon and all of them
being given stuff - obviously review all
being simple free with not being sent
this program on the show you know a
friend of mine Steve and Bailey sent me
this and basically the peeler to do a
review on it wants it back though so we
get a review on this is the Mason dunk
tank 30 mil I'm expecting good things
evil exists so it says our job Arsenal
my equipment which in my vaping gear get
a few reviews also thanks to Dean for
sending this our way will be a real bomb
that pretty soon the next couple of days
they're definitely checking the power
and I'm excited yeah be nice to see what
sort of these like these juices taste
like through a time come out
yeah definitely I be nice to to get the
world through you're like a champion and
because I've been not a lot of people
well there's quite a lot of people in
the trip but there's always them people
that still like the tank a standard town
can still fly like a nice to see what
what sort of flavors still come out it
tastes different to us everything tastes
different through where everything your
baby through you put this in the tank
I put probably saying it's gonna taste a
lot weaker actually taste more flavor
blue da da you don't it's it's strong
it's a really strong flavor it's not
like weak as though it's like it's
absolutely just met for that but it is
thick it is a thick juice so I would
recommend you you know I'm getting a
tank looks capable to some that sort of
viscosity R Joe skip effects is thick
they don't get retain what is the other
job yeah just bow lock in it is we rip
it and that it's got to be around that
80/20 area if not a little bit higher
it's got to be at least eight twenty
because the amount of flavorless and you
must be at least 20 percent flavor in
there yeah yeah definitely not more yeah
and they amount of cloud that's coming
from it as well yeah how much should I
take a decent pot for you guys but see
what you're thinking in the suits on
they're not going to do a ripped Rivers
by the way and blow it down the side to
makes it look bigger
I'm going to blow it to us down OOP oh
gosh about that I smell so nice
take a big bowl the flavour leans on
your tongue out the back of the throat
as well yeah I mean I it settles the
after that aspect I'm still tasting it
I'm just still tasting it like on side
side of it all
real dense clouds as well and I can pick
up all you taste the pony the know I
mingle by the flavor here sorry Oh Mae
it's so nice can highly recommend this
stuff this is first time we've tried it
in the blue version definitely go and
pick what all this will give you in the
local area
I think and people to pick it from Dave
Starck he's got some this left him won't
even purchase about online yeah it's
worth 20 pound easel advise got USD
melon juice as well for premium store I
mean even if you suck that person that
you know likes their standard you know
you you've got your own Jules flavor
that you like and it's your all-day
vapor and stuff and that's what you
stick to if you fancied a treat or
something like that then this is what it
is well working out rather of taste of
it yeah maybe I won't know any of their
till Josef offer yet so all these two
have done so far both have been spot-on
check out the first one as well that's a
vanilla glaze cupcake with sprinkles was
absolutely amazed with that stuff can't
knock it at all
neither can i with this one as well it's
absolutely spot-on can't lock it can't
knock you know but anyway I think mean
don't go to get off anyway and living
videos it is how we've enjoyed blackout
serve follow us on social media check
out my Facebook page and the giveaways
well as know you think in the comments
section hit the like button subscribe as
well so yeah that's what's your take of
a and I'll be from being done today so
thanks again for watching guys and
goodbye the allow guys

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