Vape Review of American Desire Home Run E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of American Desire Home Run E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

Vape Review of American Desire Home Run E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

By Ekaterina Mironova

Vampire Vapes has hit one out of the park with their very own killer cereal vape juice. Starting off with an unapologetic-ally sweet cereal front note, Home Run provides a simple yet satisfying e-liquid for those who can't get enough of cereal e juices. The back note is filled with complex sweet flavor notes that add to this vape juice and provide a smooth finish. Get your bottle of Home Run by Vampire Vapes and never strike out.

American Desire Home Run E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of American Desire Home Run E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

what's up everybody filling out from
thin tips and today we're going to check
out another liquid from the American
desire rindge by umpire Phipps kind sent
by nathan won't change my opinion
whatsoever so the one we're going to
check out which is part of this use is
going to be home run so whole run you
get this kind of nice little American
style baseball kind of fits with the
theme home run baseball SL balls i said
it's got a caution on their contents
nicotine two point five milligrams of
nicotine approximately 30 milliliters it
is really hard to read the writing
because it's in blue blue on black
really hard to read but it is 65 feet
v35 pj anna has its priority at the
bastion of mass nice childproof cap on
top of there nice kind of frosted glass
balls I really do like these type of
balls nice yellow color in there so
we're gonna give the creek shit where
there we go and I sit stubborn onesie
gotta get yourself one pretty good this
is old nest they will go have a smell of
it smells really nice it does smell very
nice so I kind of like a hint of like a
creamy hint to this almost like a
custard but I don't think it is a cust
up because they do do Cudi and I don't
think it would do to Costa in the same
line on this it's hard to kind of tell
what this might be so we'll do is we're
gonna drip get it just dripped up any
help see what it's like really really
hard to get up in this stripper let's
get it soaked in freshly worked up
Japanese cotton so these are
approximately 12 pound obviously you
gotta pay postage or packaging on top
lot we'd be a 12-pound 30 more balls
part of American desire range they do
have other flavor such as cubby cubby
sorry Cuddy Liberty we checked out
grizzly this is home run in the other
one which we've got yet to check out is
shua shot so do up 25 milligrams of
nicotine so let's check it out so this
is home run so I can't work out what the
smell it smells like a custard it does
smell like a coaster
so don't point six seven home six point
three volts 60 watts we have a fit and
talk about the flavor that's what it is
hmm it's a serial what cereal is up
though it's definitely it's an American
serial definitely is American serial but
it's different it's a different take on
it hmm their productions absolutely fine
it's smooth no irritation on the floor
none of my nose whatsoever it tastes
nice but it's blended in a way where I
can't really like individual pinpoint
I've got hiccups now pinpoint the
flavors I'm almost getting a hint of
blueberry in this but it's it's more
fruit there so I'm thinking they tried
to do fruit loops try to take on the
fruit loops but instead it in the
traditional fruit loops where you get
kind of a more tangy fruit turret mixed
together with blueberry I think it's
raspberry and fruit loops cargo hooks up
my head this is done in a different
order there's different fruits in this
instead of your traditional fruit loops
so I've tried that except right now it's
got a quick drink let's change part
we're not quick drink energy drink that
could always clean now pretty much toxic
in the ball at it I always changes up
sell quick
so you can taste that kind of cereal
crunchiness turret the cereal base
turret there is a like it's a serial no
that's running for it let's have a quick
weave can trim a little bit more because
this one's got me puzzled it's kind of
annoying me so I can't figure out what
fruit that is what's in there but it
definitely is like a creamy milky notre
as well which is quite nice what leaves
this kind of nice creamy tasty mouth
it's not a bad take on it it's like a
lemon like there's a lemon sitting in
there somewhere which is thrown as off
now if you concentrate there's like a
tiny little bit of strawberry a little
bit of lemon in there there's a couple
of fruit setting in there but the
blended in a where we urge con kind of
pinpointed the kind of mush the self
together it's not a bad flavor I'm quick
reading the website and see what the
website says about this flavor but I
think it is a serial one so Marilyn
decide their home run 50 miles so home
run is inspired by American fruity
circle type breakfast treats it's a
serial killer of flavor with a smooth
finish so you do have that smooth flavor
which we've talked about I kind of like
creamy Nestor and the only kind of
American serial circle fruity cereal
which I can think off on top my head is
going to be fruit loops I know to do
fruity pebbles over there but fruit
loops is kind of warming up but this is
a different type of fruit look so this
might not be for everybody I could
definitely fit it all there it's not a
bad liver that's my personal opinion but
if you after that kind of traditional
where tests pretty much spot on the
fruit loops this is slightly different
because the fruits they've used the
views more kind of a traditional kind of
fruit beer stripped by the taste of it
it's definitely a strawberry on the
lemon sitting somewhere not but not bad
one outlaw all the links will be in the
description below go and check it out
for yourself employer cloud to let see
you later

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