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Air Factory Eliquid introduces delicious taffy inspired candy flavors that ease your sweet tooth. Strawberry Kiwi is powerful flavor that combines the sweetness or strawberries with tangy kiwi and adds a tasty taffy candy base. The result is taffy perfection! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi BEASTLY BECAUSE Air Factory offers you a full 100mL’s of tasty eliquid in a convenient gorilla bottle with an affordable price tag. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AIRFACTORY STRAWBERRY KIWI

the fuck is going on bait fam and TV
squad hopefully you guys having a nice
fucking moist night as always your to
friendly neighborhood hosts and vapors
mountain path back to you guys with
another fire Aegis review for all you
look we could find is that requestors
out there oh it's my pocket I knew that
for all your requests was out there Oh
got the newest addition see if I get
that on there perfectly to the air
factory line does air factory
kiwi-strawberry is basically the flavor
description lines a strawberry QE taffy
with pence we're sorry strawberry Kiwi
density that's basically the flavor
notes that are in it and that's
basically the flavor profile of it
I'm not even sure if they make it
strawberries Kiwi airhead technically
I'm off into three room but uh this runs
for $24.99 pretty sure off with premium
bait supply calm we're got it from and
discount codes northern are sorry n Cali
twenty it check out to say 20% if I
overall rating on it's good which it
will be so easy trust me
we have reviewed the two flavors for if
you haven't seen it the mystery which
was fuckin fire and the blue raspberry
which was really good it's all that shit
pretty too much I hit those grow bones
where's my choose fucking this smells
bomb dude look at that shame what a way
mild like some blue like Erin include
talking about the fuckin Kiwi fuckin
strawberry yeah P do it smelled like
strawberry Kiwi cafeteria trip the one
thing is it almost will know that smell
I can't say but it's almost uh talked
about the flavor ones favorite right now
but just say since I mentioned almost
reminding me of the mystery flavor but
with some Kiwi added to it really good
little mystery with your fav like out of
all bookshelf bar and you can't say
fuckin I haven't even gotten
it's open mind and on there we go so I
give her a fire got it 100 watts point
198 builds probably point to build fuse
stainless steel Clapton's I've sitting
on here few opt-ins uh really gone at a
twenty six gauge core I'm pretty sure
the 32 gauge outside using the goon 24
and the smock alien the some cotton
bacon bits that we've out with the Jam
monster from something really special to
me cotton son I'm Scott Duty vaping
nicely strip a little more on there just
be safe that's definitely gonna be a
bomb but I'm candy flavor and I you guys
want to buy it
Cynthia's clappings or anything like
that I'll make sure to leave our email
down below you go and shoot us email
thought on how you can get the fuse
classrooms we normally shoot you an
invoice via email
that's a PayPal invoice and you can take
credit card whatever you want with your
PayPal anything so just want to end up a
little bit through 105 105 that came out
in this song and like on the inhale I
really notice with this shoes is you
really get the TV mmm
and then on the exhale is kind of like
when you get like more of a strawberry
and then just like taffy at the end it's
weird so you really taste that taffy at
the end yeah the taffy really sticks out
at the end yeah you really do linkie
really taste like like that Kiwi mixed
in there hangups Lakeland I think that's
true so I just definitely Longview I
want him like a fucking pig candy v i
fucking take up the bottle that shit
probably I did um what it sounds I'm
telling several times I bought another
bottle of Salam's I got that shit
the way I love sour ones - it's good
though how did not affair huh you don't
think like they're both good in their
own way they're both getting our own way
I want to say they're both good I think
it all depends on what I was feeling at
that moment the mysteries to really get
as well the mystery heir had that one's
definitely I killed the fucking hundred
all that fast yeah fuck didn't like
Kathy is your thing and fucking fucking
here your sacrifice and I do a great job
oh yeah I take spot-on to an airhead you
spot-on doing their head it's great
because it's different than tacking in
oh yeah we different good stuff actually
I'm I like this better
happy man the attacking them which get
it first I'm going happened they kind of
fell off I bought some of that in the
flavor let's just all like yeah I gave
you a bottle of the the fucking modes of
the trooper blue yeah they just losing
the seems like what I remembered it is
why the fuck is I should always happen
to this fucking door pops off sometimes
it should tell annoying when is that's
from when it fell might have been so
yeah it's delicious I'm going to keep
vaping on to tell you like the flavor on
it I give it like a solid eight it's
really good it's you really get the Kiwi
on the inhale more the strawberry and
then the taffy at the very end how is it
compared to the mystery probably both
just is good I want to put them at the
top the blue raspberries last for me
it's still really good but I'm more of a
fan of that fucking mystery and this
strawberry teeny taffy I sure love it
oh definitely other all of them where
everyone real all of them being good
fucking I mean like I think they're all
just so scary I probably agree with that
like what you said the blue was a blue
yeah the blue raspberry like probably be
and last but these two here just like
secondhand attic did it fucking both
good so I said like it feels like like
living Mitchell like myself with a
fucking Jam monster same deal spawn yeah
so I agree
with a giant monster but overall I want
to give this juice like a solid fuck
goods probably like a solid eat paying
five like again yeah I was saying the
same innate but I wanna say like an
eight point five that's really good I
consider nan all week vape hands-down
like I could beat that shit all week
definitely kill the whole bottle quick
um fucking probably buy another one and
I got I got got I can tell if I can I'd
be fucking happy with that I'm on it
fucking vape session no problem in that
name is $24.99 and you can save 20% off
so but anyways then we'll wrap it up
make sure you hit that like button if
you found the video useful subscribe not
already for more reviews and we'll see
you in the next one peace

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