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Air Factory Eliquid introduces delicious taffy inspired candy flavors that ease your sweet tooth. Mystery is sometimes referred to as the 9th wonder of the world! A tasty candy base with an assorted mix of delicious berries and sweet fruits, this is one blend that will keep your taste buds guessing! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Air Factory Mystery BEASTLY BECAUSE Air Factory offers you a full 100mL’s of tasty eliquid in a convenient gorilla bottle with an affordable price tag! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AIRFACTORY MYSTERY

hey what's going on YouTube thank you
everybody for tuning in again so all
about the vapor my name is Jay Lee and
guys today I'm bringing you another
review on an e liquid this is going to
be on the mystery by air factory liquid
so um this is supposed to resemble as
you can probably tell already in air
head it's the mystery flavored air had
the white areas so I was in my local
vapor shop Papi's vapor lounge at you
guys hear me speak about frequently not
a week ago I picked up this juice I
don't know speaking video nur I went in
there I purchased the crunchy squares by
Kiva 100 which I did the review last on
and I also grabbed out this bottle so I
want to thank Bob the owner Papi's vapor
lounge big thank you for supplying me
with this bottle to do a review for you
guys so I did purchase krispie squares
but the crunchy squares I'm sorry but
this one on he actually gave to me just
as a pretty much as a thank you for all
the business I do with them and just
because they're a great company and um I
want to get this review done guys know
they've been on here for about five days
now so I got an idea of all the
different flavors that are coming out of
this e-liquid I've been they've been
into my RDA I even have a fill in the
tank so well they bit out of the RDA
I'll let you know what I'm getting
flavor-wise from the RDA and it will
also vape it out of the tank so for all
you tank lovers out there I can let you
know if I'm getting that seeing great
flavor out of the tank as I'm getting
from the RDA but anyway guys this is
from a err factory it's a six milligram
comes in a zero three or six milligram
they contain 100 mils so at my local
shop here in New Jersey and again if you
guys are ever in the area please stop in
its Papi's may pronounce you of Marlton
New Jersey and they have another store
that they just opened in AH Washington
Township but in my local shop it's going
for 28 bucks for a hundred mils right
now which to me is an excellent price
you can find it also on premium vape
supply if you guys are in the area
that's the cheapest I found that it's
gone for 2495 and then of course you
want to have to pay for shipping but on
they do have that so right now the blue
razz flavor and then they have the
mystery flavor now I haven't done a
couple different blue razz review so I
wanted to kind of switch it up and do
something a little different for you
guys so I love candy type of flavored
e-liquid and I love fruit flavored
e-liquid so I'm really excited about
this one um like I said I've been
thinking on it for about five days now
so again you got
want to pick up a bottle or you want to
check it out premium vase applies where
I found it the cheapest they even have a
strawberry Kiwi one that's supposed to
be coming out soon so I'm sure that
won't be pretty good too but uh without
further ado guys we'll get down into
this review I'll take a vape on out let
you know the flavors and I'm picking up
from it and we'll take it from there so
here's the box comes in it comes in 100
ml box comes in 100 mil bottle and they
put it inside this box here just got the
mystery air head looking guy on the top
there and on the back just gives you all
the facts and tells you a tear factory
liquid so I guess that's where you can
find them on Instagram so we'll go ahead
well over the box show you guys the
bottle it's going to be 100 milligrams
lb gorilla bottle here we go same
concept as the box alright then I'm
going to state that I'm going to say
that this one is more than likely a
70/30 we're not a hundred percent sure
on that but by the looks of it looks
like it's about 70/30 blend so let's go
ahead guys well vape on it not giving my
thoughts before we do that almost forgot
let's go ahead and smell it like you
know what I'm getting off the smell so
you definitely get on candy definitely
smells we get like a sweet candy I can't
really pinpoint if I smell the mystery
like airheaded like the way the airhead
smells but you definitely get the get
the candy the candy smell from it it's a
nice sweet candy smell so it is pretty
sweet so if you guys are not into sweety
liquids don't know if you're going to
enjoyed this one I'll tell you the truth
but it has a really good smell to it I
enjoy it I love sweety liquid I love
candy flavor as long as they're not
overpoweringly sweet but I will figure
that not a moment once I review it and
take a couple days office so let's go
ahead guys I got it sitting on my
sub-zero shorty mod on the goon RDA
let's go ahead and vape so the vapor
reduction obviously is excellent go
ahead and have a couple more
so like I said I had been vaping on this
for a little while now so I can tell you
it's definitely a sweetie liquid the
smell it definitely is replicating the
flavor um I definitely taste the the
mystery airhead when I'm acting on it
couldn't really tell from the smell but
from the vape you can definitely taste
that that white mystery airhead so it
definitely has that candy flavor to it
it's strong it's definitely a really
sweet a liquid so like I said if you're
not into those really sweet juices
you're probably not going to really be a
big fan of this one I enjoy it I think
it's excellent
I do like sweet flavors it's for me to
me it's not overpoweringly sweet it's it
is a little on the sweet end don't get
me wrong I do have to switch it up
throughout the day it's not something
that I can go all day on it's definitely
something I get a little a little tired
of after a while because it gets up to
be a little too sweet but I do love it I
definitely have been picking it up all
throughout the day and vaping on it it's
an excellent base so if you're into the
sweet flavors then you're absolutely
more than likely going to like this one
especially if you like the candy sweet
flavor so I'm pretty much when I'm
getting noni in how is a nice tart white
mystery airhead flavoring on the exhale
I'm getting the same thing I'm not
picking up on too many other flavors on
the exhale and being that I have been
vaping on this for a couple days now
I've already figured out exactly what
flavor notes I'm getting from this so
let me go ahead and do another one but
it's a really nice flavor um I have it
in the six it does have a pretty pretty
strong throat hit I will play that so
those you out there who enjoy sex you
might want to take it down to a three
I'm okay with it but it's definitely
kicks you in the back of my throat a
little bit which I enjoy so just to give
you a little heads up if you do bait to
six but you like something a little
smoother on the throat this one's going
to be a little little harsher than
others but it's excellence a great
I have tried the blue razz flavor so
I've got the trucks in the background
guys I'm not gonna do about that school
bus kids are getting out of school so um
I have tried the blue razz flavor from
the air factory and that's another
excellent one I haven't a chance to pick
that one up yet like I said I wanted to
do a review on something a little
and blu-rays flavors because I have done
a feat quite a few of them so I figured
I would pick this one up guys have
figured a lot of you guys will probably
be interested in a flavor like this so
if you like airheads just this is right
up your alley of airheads they're one of
your favorite candies or you really
enjoy them you'll definitely like this
it's really good and like I said it's
only 24 bucks to $28 for a hundred mils
you can't beat that I mean it's an
excellent price for a good premium
e-liquid now I will come on in about a
week or so I'll put the review up on the
bluegrass flavor I will purchase that
one over the weekend and I'll let you
guys know my thoughts on that one but as
of right now in the RDA the mystery air
Factory liquid is pretty damn good could
it be a little less harsh on the throat
possibly but I do enjoy that and could
it be a loop tongue down a little bit on
the sweetness yeah but I also am ok with
that as well I just can't do it straight
all day long I do at the end of
switching it up after a couple hours so
what we'll do now guys will put the
sub-zero down we'll switch over here to
the regulator box mod I got the big baby
be sitting in here I already have a
field in there we'll double big one and
I'll let you know if I'm getting the
same good flavor out of the tank as I
was getting from the RDA and I had this
at 70 watts um again this is another a
liquid that to be perfectly honest what
you even know my preference is RDAs and
we're building and doing a do my own
build I can tell you for for this
particular flavor anyway I think I enjoy
more out of the tank it's a little calm
down the throat hit and it's a little
little a little bit more less of of a
sweet flavor on the inhale any exhale so
that sweetness to it is a little less
tart and I just really I think I enjoy
it more from the tank let me do a couple
we can find as you can see the vapor
production is perfect I'm going to
definitely say it's a 70/30 blend today
I'm really enjoying the flavor that I'm
getting out of this big baby beast I
really think that uh that I enjoy this
flavor more out of the tank I could
definitely go longer vaping on this out
of my tank than I could out of my RDA
before I had to switch it up so I still
think it could be an all day vape for me
out of a tank probably not I would still
probably want to switch over to
something else but do I think it's an
excellent flavor and do I absolutely
recommend it 100% I don't think you can
go wrong with this one especially if
you're a candy lover and you love
airheads this is going to be definitely
right up your alley mount if you're not
into the candy flavors you're not in the
airheads at all you have no interest
honestly it's probably not gonna be a
juice for you and again I'm not going to
tell you something that I think you're
going to want to hear if I think this is
going to appeal to you I will tell you
if I think it's not I'm going to tell
you and another thing guys um I had a I
had a comment earlier today on Facebook
somebody uh pretty much like almost
demanding to send them free juice let me
make something clear okay I don't um and
I'll make this quick and you guys don't
want to you're not watching this review
to hear me talk about this but I do get
a few things sent to me for review and I
greatly appreciate it as my value vase
is one of them companies and I have a
lot of love and respect for SP value
bakes and in the meantime I try to you
know do as much advertising as I can for
them and let them let people know what I
think in a flavors that they're carrying
and they carry some awesome excellent
flavors so big thank you to ask
evaluates Amy Cory Gary Lexie oh you
guys over there thank you thank you
thank you very much for everything you
guys do but I still do purchase from ask
for value bake so I don't want everybody
thinking that everything's just being
sent to me now there is a couple things
that are sent me but I still purchase a
liquid and review it for you guys so
when I go into Poppy's Fame from lounge
the owner Bob another great guy I want
to give him a big shout out again he has
given me a few things here and there but
he also knows that I'm a good customer
and I'm going to continue to purchase
things from there I'm not expecting
anything and even if I wasn't getting
eliquid sent to me I would still be
doing as reviews for you guys because I
enjoy doing it and I enjoy vaping and I
enjoy trying different flavors so I
don't mind buying a juice it is it great
when somebody sends you something
absolutely but I'm still purchasing a
liquid so I don't want people thinking
that I'm running like an online store
company and then I just have stuff to
just give away throw out there I don't
but I am gonna do it give away I thought
that's where I try to give back a little
bit so I put the giveaways out there
like I did the first one which if you're
watching that was sent out it was took
me a little longer than I expected I do
apologize but that was sent out so keep
an eye out for that I think I did send
you an email but I also had to give away
coming up once we hit a hundred
subscribers we're at ninety one right
now so please comment like subscribe
without a doubt if you can so we can get
to this giveaway it's going to be on a
piece of hardware and some juice and I'm
personally going to throw in there as
well so that's what I try to do to get
back I try to make it fun try to do a
couple giveaways and your chances are
really high I don't have that many
subscribers so your chances of winning
the giveaway especially if you
participate in it you have a good chance
I just want to put that out there guys
I'm not getting at everything for free
I'm not just sitting home in bait mouths
arriving now I work a full-time job I
still buy you like with I still purchase
vapor products and some things are sent
to me for review which I greatly
appreciate but I just wanted to make
that clear so let's get back to the
review guys again I definitely like this
more out of a tank in my opinion I will
absolutely be picking up the blue wrath
slaver to see if I like that one a
little more than the mystery but I
definitely think it's a good flavor so
we'll do a couple more we'll wrap this
up stay tuned for the next one guys I'm
going to be doing a review on two pieces
of hardware I got the serpent rdta
coming up and the eCos sink pet by I
Joey so they've been on those for about
almost two weeks now I just wanted to
make sure I took them for a long test
drive before I put the review out there
so they'll be coming at you soon too so
we'll do a couple more we'll wrap this
up you guys have a great day
it's a really good flavor and if you
guys get a chance make sure not only if
you're in the area to stop over to
Poppy's vapor lounge but also if you
want some great affordable a liquids
Aspen Valley they stay tech they
currently do not carry this flavor they
may in future but they have a ton of
Awesome e-liquid so make sure you guys
check them out subscribe to the
subscribe to the Dahle steel and you can
find a eliquid that are already great
priced for even cheaper than what they
go for on the online site so we'll do
one more will wrap it up you guys take
care of a pond

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