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By Tatyana Dyachenko

Air Factory Wild Apple 100ml ejuice is a mouth-watering, sweet green apple taffy candy that will keep you on it until its last drop.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AIR FACTORY WILD APPLE EJUICE.

what the fuck is going on grizzlies they
fam friendly neighborhood host and vapor
Matt back to you guys with another bomb
ejuice review guys this is the newest
flavor released out of air factory line
that being true that brand new wild
apple says which is considered and not
considered it is an apple taffy this is
coming up about premium vape supply com4
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you guys comes back same level to 0 3 &
6 comes in this nice hundred mil chubby
unicorn bottle and it is an authentic
bottle it's not like any of those hard
really hard plastic ones like some
people are thinking what else should
shout out you clicked and watch this you
shout out to youtube shout out to all of
our subscribers and our long fellow time
supporters greatly appreciate you guys
gonna be having a mm of giveaway here
soon pretty sure you already saw that we
hit that number
getting everything basically organized
right now and what how we're going to do
it so just stay tuned for that we'll be
having one okay so get this drift up
here start it off with a smell after
smells honestly like some sour apple
taffy like Laffy Taffy I'm not sure if
you've ever had Laffy Taffy before a lot
of people have I mean if you don't know
a lot of you tap use I mean get the fuck
out of here if you don't know a Laffy
Taffy's but I'm just joking on that but
like I was saying I elapsed happy I mean
go to 7-eleven go to the grocery stores
you'll be able to find it they make a
bunch of like flavors one of them being
Apple this one on the other hand is
supposably or supposedly has red and
green apples mixed into it so we'll see
about that I'm using the twisted message
box Mon tonight though so you can see
got the goon 24 sitting on top batching
driptip to go with it which I really
like I'm happy I fuckin got this trick
tip of the peerless which was pretty
dope matches perfectly with this mod got
some cotton bacon version 2 sitting in
there on some alien coils sitting at a
85 watts let's just click up to 90 I had
it down at 85 earlier to save batteries
but I'm home now so I need an stressin
that's good that's really good like I
haven't had many Apple taffies besides
tapping it almost forgot that
this is different though like um just by
the bit it's very similar to taffy min
but taffy man almost has like a
distinctive like taffy flavor and I
don't even know how to explain it
um I think they make a fucking green
apple airhead maybe this tastes more
like a green apple airhead to me more
than a Laffy Taffy does really small
Symetra sour apple livestock I think
they make a green apple your head quote
me if I'm wrong quote me if I'm right
can't fully remember spend a minute
since I've had some airheads good though
straight-up spot on some Apple toffee
spot on it's a map of happy throw it in
on this is the teeny it's bit under
nicked I would say it's probably like in
a two and a half a milligram you don't
really get the throat kick there but you
can definitely feel that nice chest hit
inhale and exhale so uh you're not going
to be in my opinion not going to be
losing a NIC it'll actually preferred
under Nick so you get that nice
smoothness on the throat hit and the
flavor intensity on it on once it's in
your face because I got the airflow
close down all the way to one hole on
here ok and I used to always have my
airflow wide open but actually I've been
using sub tanks surprisingly the ITA
coil actually lasted me like a solid
like week two weeks but I'm gonna say
more like two weeks but from hitting
that for like a solid like week two
weeks like rotating and stuff and just
vaping out of tanks because I was really
fuckin lazy this past week or two I mean
I've gotten used to less airflow so I
got to cut down to one hole and the
flavour like I said on it it's more than
moderate it's not in your face
but something more than water that's
what the air holds closed all the way
off I'm going to open up their hole
because I just want to see what we're
so this with the airflow wide open now
why open the flavor definitely calms
down a lot it's more just a moderate
flavor but if I keep this airflow closed
off just to one hole makes it better I
mean I'm pretty sure you know that
fucking good man where would I consider
like that is it the best Apple vape I've
had I can't quote on that I'd have to go
back and look have a lot of different
Apple vapes I want to say definitely
probably in the top three Apple vapes
I've tried for sure um best candy but
not the best candy vape I've had but
it's fucking good I really enjoy 2295 I
think it's a great addition to the air
factory line I want to give this one a
solid thumbs-up an eight out of ten the
flavor on like I said it could be a
little bit stronger for people that have
the really wide open air flows and stuff
you know what I mean they're going to be
getting more of a moderate kind of like
calm flavor
I wish the flavor would just be a little
bit more intense but otherwise it's
still really good nice throw hit on it
like I said 2295 including 20% off for a
hundred-mile bottle that's a good
fucking deal like I said a tight end saw
thumbs up definitely recommend you to
try it if you've tried the other err
factory flavours and the line already
and you were thinking about trying this
one this one's definitely go in my
opinion it's good there's strawberry
Kiwi taffy that one was good but I would
still rate that one it like last on the
flavor like um to me the mystery is best
the blue razz is second because I do
like blue rice can use a little bit more
I do like Apple Apple would be third
strawberry Kiwi would be dead last so I
mean if you just wanted that range there
there you go definitely recommend to try
the Apple though it's really fucking
good like I said spot-on to like an
Laffy Taffy or like an apple airhead
almost very very delicious in my opinion
if you like candy babes you're not going
to be disappointed with this one
otherwise I think I'm going to wrap it
up always too much of your guys time I
know people get really irritated with
long juice reviews so make sure to LIKE
sure come subscribe you guys smash that
fucking like button subscribe if you
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killer custard and the strawberry killer
custard by baked Asia got the lemon tart
by the dinner lady we got some good
juice reviews coming so stay tuned I
think for tuned in to shout out to all
our longtime subscribers and I'm rather
subscribe Intuit's we have two thousand
subs that's fucking awesome it's been a
minute so long time coming I was like a
year and half two years so it's cool to
see that number you know I mean never
even thought we'd even get to 2,000 subs
so greatly greatly greatly greatly
appreciative of all you guys so shout
out to you cuz I'm fuckin great night
keep it
beastly Grizzly's and I'll see you guys
next time okay

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