April 13, 2018


Air Factory Mystery 100ml ejuice introduces a pink taffy flavor that is mysterious as it is delicious. Break out your magnifying glass and your Sherlock Holmes cap...it's time to decipher just how elusively good this flavor really is!



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AIR FACTORY MYSTERY EJUICE

Havey them is Rachelle and we're here
for our last video in our triple play
Thursday this time we're going to be
doing the other flavor from the air
factory line and this one is called
mystery so this is supposed to be a
mystery blend of berries is in three
milligrams of nicotine and a hundred
milligram bought unicorn chubby gorilla
bottle it has your nice warnings
ingredients and labels on the side now
this bottle took me 20 minutes to open
if you guys saw my other review these
bottles were not easy to open whatsoever
not only that once I twisted it I had to
yank the cap off and again another one
where I actually had to cut the nipple
in order to drip it so my only my only
big con about both the bottles was how
hard they were to get into and even once
I place the cap packet on it it seals
itself again it's hard to get off again
so I'm hoping that was just a production
issue and it's not how they actually
intended to have the bottles because
that right there was a pain we're going
to be vaping this again on my l1 with my
rx1 RDA on top this is a max VG if I'm
not mistaken great price point on them
so make sure you check them out I'm
gonna give this a vape and let you guys
know what I'm tasting
if you're a very Barry fan you're going
to like this this is a very candy berry
a nice it's almost like a wild berry
without that bitterness Ally Schaer has
it tastes like the wild berry lifesavers
but creamier if that makes any sense I
know what it is it's the wild berry
cream savers that's what I'm tasting let
me see what the the website describes
this as so alright it's described to be
a tasty candy with a delicious mixture
of berries and assorted sweet fruits to
keep you guessing so definitely it's
sweet a mix of berries but I taste a
creaminess on the back end that's really
really nice this one definitely gets two
thumbs up for me so I hope you guys
enjoyed this quick review if you missed
any of the videos before this make sure
you check them out other than that I'll
be having an amazing day or night
whenever you're watching this stay tuned
to the next video and until then they

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