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Air Factory Blue Razz 100ml ejuice presents the ultra rare blue raspberry in an e-juice form. Plucked straight from the hidden blue raspberry tree, this sweet candy flavor delivers the juicy goodness that your taste buds have been looking for. Enjoy this airy goodness all day with this delicious gift from the blue raspberry gods.


 Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AIR FACTORY BLUE RAZZ EJUICE

hey the famines are Sean I'm here to do
video number two of our triple a
Thursday triple review so this time
we're going to be looking at a blue razz
from air factory again you can find this
liquid at premium vape if you
use the code vwm 10 you're going to be
saving 10% off your entire order great
hundred mil unicorn bottle all your
labels barcodes and warnings are on the
back along with your ingredients now
I've been trying to actually sample
because I'm so far behind trying to
sample my uses ahead of time I will tell
you this bottle just by itself without
talking about the juice or anything was
a pain in my butt to get open that you
won't talk about childproof caps this is
Rochelle proof all the way I had to
scissor around it but then when I
actually finally did get it open I
actually had to cut the tip here which
not mad about it it doesn't hurt the
application of the product but to me
with that kind of cap it should have
already been pre on the hole already
done in there and it may have been just
a fluke at in production because it
looks like it should have had a hole in
there I don't know but I'm going to be
vaping this with my l1 with my rx RDA on
top at 55 watts on a point three build
I'm going to give it a vape and let you
guys know what I taste
definitely smooth on the inhale smooth
on the exhale you definitely taste that
blue raspberry and to me it's almost
like the blue sweet tarts that you get
in the pack but the chewy blue sweet
tarts because I think the hard candy
sweet tarts are little more sour this is
definitely a sweet and sour very nice
balance of the two not not one foot it's
not super tart and it's not super sweet
it's just a very nice mix really really
nice this could actually be for somebody
who likes candy babes this could
definitely be right up your alley
it's described as a tasty blue raspberry
candy with an E unique balance of sweet
and tart to keep you keep it interesting
so it pretty much hits a nail on the
head for me it's not overly sweet it's
not overly tart it's just a nice mix but
you have to be a fan of blue raspberry
because it is a very prominent blue
raspberry flavor so really really nice
on the bottles I believe the pricing is
a really on point too especially for a
hundred mil again check them out at
premium vape supply I hope you guys
enjoyed this review quick review if you
did please give it a thumbs up I mean it
questions or comments you have down
below and don't forget there's three
videos in the series posting today so if
you missed any of the other ones go
ahead and check them out other than that
I pier of an amazing day on it whenever
you're watching this stay tuned to the
next video and until then vape on

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