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By Tatyana Dyachenko

This Air Factory E-Liquid 4-Pack Bundle is an outstanding bundle that combines Air Factory's Mystery, Blue Razz, and Straw Kiwi and now Wild Apple, with each bottle being 100ML for a combined total of 400ML worth of Air Factory E-Liquid. NOTE: Air Factory E-Liquid 4-Pack Bundle includes one bottle of each flavor. 4 Bottles - 400ML total. Air Factory | Mystery E-Liquid: Wonder no matter and discover what this mysterious pink taffy flavor has to offer. Give into your tastes and order it for yourself, because we're sure you won't be disappointed! Mystery E-Liquid by Air Factory comes in a 100ML Chubby Gorilla Bottle. Air Factory | Blue Razz E-Liquid: While not as mysterious as it's counterpart, Blue Razz E-Liquid is just as good on the taste test! This delicious and well crafted blue taffy candy flavor is a definite winner, and combining it with the brilliant flavors in this list only makes the trio complete. Blue Razz E-Liquid by Air Factory comes in a 100ML Chubby Gorilla Bottle. Air Factory | Straw Kiwi E-Liquid: Set your sights on yet another remarkable e-liquid flavor by Air Factory. Straw Kiwi is a unique strawberry flavor combined with the delicious taste of kiwi. It's the perfect spin on a strawberry kiwi candy that you're going to absolutely adore! Straw Kiwi E-Liquid by Air Factory comes in a 100ML Chubby Gorilla Bottle. Air Factory | Wild Apple E-Liquid: is 100ml ejuice is a mouth-watering, sweet green apple taffy candy that will keep you on it until its last drop.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of AIR FACTORY 4 PACK BUNDLE

what is going on YouTube is classy here
and I have another video for you guys
today and I'm excited for this one I've
been waiting for so long to try this
juice and I finally got my chance to do
it err factory amazing juice but would
get more into it after the intro
alright guys so like I said very excited
to try these I've been waiting Shane
yeah for these but I finally get the
chance to try the entire line and these
are from high society
these only come in 100 milliliters they
are $24.99 I believe don't want me to it
I'll put the prices in the description
below along with the site and there's
three flavors in their entire line so
what I have right here is what I'm going
to be trying first is the mystery flavor
err frankly I think they're trying to
mimic like err uh airheads I'm not going
to say that you know that's what they
were going for but it's what it reminds
me of but uh yeah this is their mystery
flavor it's like a purple box pink box
sorry it comes in 0 milligrams three and
six got it in you guessed it and I got
blue eyes right here nice little blue
box and their newest flavor strawberry
Kiwi so right now going to start off
with the mystery which is going to be a
that wattage is way too low
odd production very nice I believe these
are like a 70/30
yep 70/30 VG PG on these babies so uh
the mystery cloud production is really
good 7:30 I like 7030 but I also like 75
25 but let's get into that Nick it's
like but it's right above light like
it's there it's pumping but it's not too
bad it gives you that fix it's good it's
good you go you gonna lack this shit so
uh the flavour it's very hard to
pinpoint exactly what it is the mystery
thing they hit it on the fucking head
with that shit so I got this mystery
flavor the airheads
does it taste like that uh that the
airheads mystery kind of has like a
coconut kind of taste to it I don't get
no coconut taste this but as the
description says for this liquid says
the mystery liquid by air Factory is a
tasty candy with a delicious mixture of
berries and an assortment of sweet
fruits to keep you guessing yep so I'm
going to see what kind of fruit I get
more in this
you know it kind of tastes like a
mixture of like sweet ripe strawberries
like actual strawberries and the the
green or I guess they call white grapes
they kind of taste like a mixture of the
strawberry and the grapes together it's
a nice juicy nice juicy vape it's not
too strong it's it's definitely an all
day vape for me definitely this stuff is
really good especially this one the
mystery I don't know if the others will
talk this one sorry I didn't show it but
I'm taping on my beautiful revenant
cartel mod it is gorgeous if you guys
want me to do a review on that I
definitely will on top of my favorite
rdta which is the ayatollah combo look
at the fucking clouds on that shit the
next one that i got for you guys is the
blue red blue rasa snacks so the blue
raspberry the description is a blue rest
a liquid by air fact 8 is a tasty blue
raspberry candy with a unique balanced
blend of sweet and tart to keep it
interesting so let's get into it
yeah I'm gonna close that airflow see
the thing is I don't like my airflow all
the way open especially on the UM the
troll the troll I kind of like it
halfway close I like a little I like the
resistance of it alright so this one is
a little a little less on the throat hit
compared to the mystery one but it's
still there it's definitely good but I
think after a while when you keep vaping
and vaping it it kind of dies down a
little bit but the flavor does not meet
at all as for the flavor it does taste
like the blue raspberry airheads
but what airheads they're extremely
sweet so I like this one because it does
have the taste of it but the sweet is
the sweetness of it is a it's definitely
a low on that I'm not saying the flavor
on this e-liquid is low but it's just
it's right it's right where it should be
it's definitely really good to the point
where you can vape this all day these
are all day baits for sure
yeah I'm getting the blue raspberry and
the tap the taffy type of a taste that
you would get from a taffy candy of the
airheads so that one the blue raspberry
extremely good alright so next is the
strawberry Kiwi they cut all I forgot to
mention they only come in Grill they
come in gorillas the Negril HIV bottles
authentic beautiful bottles the only
problems I have with gorilla bottles is
when you try to open them for the first
time they're extremely difficult but
what I found out what you can do to open
them if you have like scissors or or um
wire cutters just go in between it and
cut the little little lines that are
holding them together and you'll be
perfectly fine no more struggling so
let's get into it let me up the wattage
a little bit since it's a different
build I like leaping between 80 watts to
100 watts alright so for the throw hit
there this one is the the lowest of them
all it's the most light one so I have to
put it on the the scale of light
yeah the flavor it's definitely good but
for strawberry and Kili I hate to say it
but I'm always a hundred percent honest
in these things tripping more 100
percent honest with these reviews so the
strawberry Kiwi with this one it just it
tastes exactly like any other strawberry
Kiwi flavors out there that I would have
to say if any of you ever had the fresh
vapor you look with the strawberry and
kiwi cream onion finish it's exactly
that strawberry Kiwi without the cream I
don't necessarily get any kind of like
taffy taste out of it I don't know if
that's supposed to be included with it
the flavor description is a sweet
strawberry taffy with a like a slight
touch of Kiwi delivering the ultimate
candy experience it's like a hint a very
very subtle taste of the taffy in it but
I'm mainly getting the strawberry with
the Kiwi but to me I think Kiwi is like
a dominant flavor in the extract world
or concentrate world so it's very it's
like trading on it's like walking on
eggshells with that but they hit the
nail on that it's a it's my least
favorite out of all of them so yeah it
does taste like strawberry Kiwi what a
very slight hint taste of a whip taffy
it's barely noticeable but I would have
to say my favourites are in order the
mystery the blue razz and then the
strawberry Kiwi damn that mystery flavor
is fucking amazing I think that one's
going to go really fast out of all of
these fucking flavours that I got here
so that pretty much wraps it up for this
review I hope you guys enjoyed because I
did enjoy this shit so if you want to
get some of these juices today I'm going
to leave a link in the description below
where you can buy it I hope you enjoyed
see you in the next video guys

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