Vape Review of Aftermath E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Aftermath E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

Vape Review of Aftermath E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

Upon the first draw of Aftermath E-liquid your taste buds will sense a complex sugary surprise loaded with hidden sweet elements found in very few vape juices. An inhale of glazed donuts collides with a juicy serving of ripe blueberries. The flavor body inserts a cool serving of vanilla ice cream. A final lush exhale of crunch berries fuse to create the ultimate dessert vape juice! Be sure to buy your 60ML bottle of Aftermath E-Liquid by Flawless now!

Vape Review of Aftermath E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Aftermath E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

hello and welcome to a vape so today I
brought know that you could review for
you it is an American company is
flawless the flavor is hot mess and this
is 2 milligram so in terms of bottle
it's got a twist top pretty nice it also
came with a sealable lid they could drop
off so you did she have swapped the
bottle tops I forgot to bring that to
buy it's literally just a kind of
top-level seated and also had a seal on
the top just to make sure that it had
not been opened the bottle self is
completely white and the label is the
company name followed by the american
flag roof and f where the stars would be
one hundred percent american-made says
the flavor so hot mess the nicotine
level you know the stern warnings
ingredients and it says interestingly is
created by lung candy and it's brought
to you by flawless so flawless is a
company that is selling it but Lunken is
the one that made the flavor so i bought
my bottle from grey haze in the UK is a
6 ml bottle and it cost why had to
remove the price come on where are you
prize come on come on oh it's out of
stock says no price math check another
website flores I think it was 20 pounds
for 60 0 or maybe I was 25
trying to find an American or UK company
so if I'm vivid vapes it is 2350 I paid
even 20 pounds of 25 pounds I can't
remember to be completely honest it was
probably 25 pounds so hot mess described
us fresh there's a fresh bakes to draw
Rio with vanilla bean ice cream 60ml a
TV g20 PG and that's it really so a
flame description cheerios and vanilla
bean ice cream when I heard about the
flavor was not to curate and went to try
out and I thought was pretty nice Troy
use is an American thing so I'm not
afraid for many of the actual taste of
cheerios and yep so off the bat I have a
suggestion to make although the bottle
was incredibly nice 60 mil and scholars
twist off so it's easy to drip from
fuller tank why are you can play the
bottle is the fact that is completely
white which means that there's no clear
strip so you can tell Matty liquid you
have to see how much equally Alpheus
simply have to open a ball to a rocking
side which isn't a very accurate
measurement and that's the only
complaint half of the bottle but a nice
pretty goods oh I don't think there is
no childproof cap but I don't have any
kids so I don't have anything to worry
about in that sense it's just something
to note Connor of the e-liquid I won't
be able to show you but I can tell you
it is a not a dog and not a light yellow
it's kind of similar to this color yep
so smell it smells very strongly and
very nicely
now the smaller get off it is just
chores I say that like it's a bad thing
it just smells like cherries in all
honesty or how it imagine sure is
actually taste a small light because
I've never smoked them I don't smell
anything they're bean ice cream but
so i'm vaping it on a series box mont
not point for employers Clapton coils
drew coils
our flavors very strong you get instant
here at Oreos on the inhale followed by
a very subtle and mellow vanilla flavor
the vanilla bean ice cream comes out a
lot more on the exhale inhale was a lot
more Oreos the favor itself is very
strong is very apparent and it's that
strong that I'd say it's almost a
turn-off for some people in all in my
eyes is perfectly fine I would say that
it would be too sweet for some people
but I enjoy it in all honesty what
happened with me is I bought this I
think the first say 40 mil and I was in
love with it the last 20 min which is
something was approximately I've got
left which is I can't see because the
bottle design I kind of got bored of it
and I'm someone who's very pickin
e-liquid I don't tend to buy bigger
bottles and 30 ml simply because I get
bored of it with that quickly I mean
most of me I got bored after the first
40 mm I thought the flavor wasn't even
near as exciting as good as originally
and I kind of put it down and just left
it ready original i bought i loved it it
was something so different some would
never experienced before and I thought
it was well worth the money I'm I still
do you think it's one of the money it's
just I don't enjoy it as much which is a
slight shame but it happens with me so
I imagine this was what choose would
taste like with vanilla bean ice cream
so for the price i believe it was 25
powers that's 12 point 12 pounds 50 40
30 ml it's not much more expensive than
UK made integrates and in fact it's the
same price as some UK media liquids and
in fact it's actually cheaper and some
UK made in agreeance so if the price I
think it's totally fine Pacific
wrong--but the flavor description out of
10 how close is it bearing in mind I
haven't tried for years before and
vanilla right we'll have been ice cream
is something I have my probably say is a
9 out of 10 it's very close to the
flavor description I wouldn't be upset
if it could be a more clothes simply
because I'm and try Torrio's available
in ice cream is kind of subtle so from
what I can taste I'd say I'm gonna have
to vape it again just to make sure
it's slightly less sweet for vanilla ice
cream that I'd expect but it's still
very nice out of 10 for flavor probably
given eight it's very good however i did
get bored of it and it's not some
goodbye again to me because I wouldn't
enjoy it again and again is good for 60
ml and I happily wouldn't I happy
wouldn't I by would buy again it's a
good flavor but I prefer other flavors
and honestly I do quite like my fruit
flavors and although I do sometimes like
stripe desserts it's definitely on my
favorite dessert flavor if the reason
it's probably a eight out of ten full of
flavor pretty good but hmm i think
something free to be more interesting
from them for the flavors from how
strong is it it's easily a nine out of
ten the free flavorful and the thing is
definitely there an apparent and you
know what you're tasting in the flavor
flawless has i believe something like
full flavors know when i can find
come on yes please go away stupid
adverts yeah there's four flavors
aftermath what does that saying please
move I can't even see there you go what
is the same stupid adverts game of a hot
mess and then you always thought we
ain't done yep so smells pretty good it
tastes pretty good I didn't experience
any customer service exalted from the UK
and from Graves although grades is great
and customer service steeping made
little to no effect on a flavor and I
put that down too because it was already
steeped closest description was pretty
good and it was a pretty tasty flavor
however I would not buy again but i
would recommend it it's something that
I'd say you pick up and try you may
enjoy it more than me may enjoy it less
than me but you won't know until you're
at least try and give it go overall I
think it's a pretty good flavor and
happy try a different you confirm
flawless would be nice to see more fruit
flavors from them simply because I think
this is pretty good as a dessert
believer but I think they could do
something quite tasty in a fruit flavor
that's pretty much it so thanks for
watching bye

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