Vape Review of Aero by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Aero by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Aero by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

Aero by ANML e liquid brings the taste of your favorite carnival treat directly to your tank or dripper. A perfectly deep fried funnel cake is topped with a warm and gooey strawberry marmalade and finished off with a sprinkling of sweet powdered sugar. This vape juice delivers a spot on recreation of a timeless classic to deliver a sweet, savory and fruity experience. The inhale hits your tastebuds with a beautiful strawberry jam while the exhale provides a nostalgic funnel cake with powdered sugar notes that dance at the tip of your tongue. This is your next all day vape, buy your 60mL bottle of Aero by ANML Unleashed today!

Vape Review of Aero by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Aero by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

alright welcome back to spit ninja
provision today we're doing an interview
on a company that we've done before
this is their new flavor called arrow
and basically this is animal unleashed
you can add them up with wer it
they're on Facebook Instagram YouTube
Twitter and Google+ now the video feed
is on these are 70 bg-30 PG coming
nicotine scent of zero three and a six
and ball size of 60 mil and we've got
this in a zero and now basically this
profile on this one is a funnel cake
topped with strawberry marmalade and
sprinkled with a powdered sugar now
basically what we're going to do is
we're going to show you the packaging
the logos the bottle all that sort of
goodness like that and we're going to be
going back with the flavor profile
review and chicken it does what it says
on the tin flavor-wise and also we're
going to be checking out a cloud don't
go nowhere and catch us back in a minute
right welcome back to spitting it
reviews a lot was said on the desktop
we're doing this company which we've
done some from before was just called
animal unleashed and they're not by
Philip Robb go by you know the company
himself he did the original rise but
this is the unleash rides restaurateur
and a logo and obviously the box and
this is one of them no flavors out and
this is called arrow and it was good
copper cities by animal unleashed and in
more information on this judge check out bottle sides of 60
mil and a flavor profile and this one is
it's a funnel cake topped with
strawberry marmalade and sprinkled with
powdered sugar hello Santa I'll let you
start your Australia when it's breakfast
time go for it and smell in a bottle I
mean I have to say it smells like a
cakey strawberry going on it really does
smell nice
you carry on talking guys open up on our
faucet over under protest if it is cakey
there's a scorpion there and it's
slightly different because it's a
strawberry marmalade yeah yeah it's Jarl
destroyer obvious
any noise and any getting you your part
your sprinkles of powdered sugar what it
says on the tin is what it does sugar
lip of about mmm oye I recognized on it
it is nice all in the question being is
could you bake that all day perlier hell
yeah Analia go get a then / a go sorry
it's going to fill I mean I've never
explored with marmalade right even but
it's nice wherever he's got a lovely
cake to a good wholesome cocoa sugary
cake and I'm sure that's to do with the
sprinkling of the sugar dust that's on
the end the powdered sugar but together
combined you are getting a lovely sweet
strawberry cake yes yes and I like as I
said we had strawberry marmalade makes
extra will be slightly different than
just through a break and it ain't overly
done I mean that's a 50/50 I we like it
right then a middle sugar for me it's
not underdone it's not overly done it's
just perfect I like it
but with that most of the powdered sugar
on the end it's giving it that nice sort
of despi feel a really fresh wholesome
strawberry from the marmalade and then
that crankiness right for us you know
it's very lovely I'll go solo we know
we've done coffee with bundt cakes we've
done a new uniform animal unleased and
not got to say this is up there as one
of the soldiers and why not English I'm
honest yeah is nice it is a really nice
one yeah it's teddy bear right should be
called hero because is one a moment when
I first see air our full chocolate yeah
that's what yeah so a wild chocolate
Ramazan yeah yeah you read the
description and then you realize it's
nothing to do each other
no and it really is a nice you know I
mean like I said I've not added a
strawberry marmalade but I'm you know
really impressed with that bike I think
you know that it was only get it does
with the sizzle it's in it
lucky for BK can--if gives it all yes
you know even that down to that little
padding on the top you know yeah yeah
it's neurons up for me yeah it funds up
for me as well
they're all round funds like it so yeah
really good requests for this one but
yeah big big love goes out to trip club
I mean you know the objective an array
of stuff but they didn't ice agree with
you this is probably one of my favorites
in the Unleashed range I mean there's a
couple that I do like this one stores
nipped in the bud the universe got a
while exists he saw vibe to it going on
only lines it what grizzly yeah yeah a
lot that month at this one top sir
yelling sorry nice and it right yet
don't forget subscribe to us I'll get
tell away friends better set it up on
Twitter Instagram Facebook as well as
YouTube it has been arrowed and new
flavor under the wing of animal unleash
which is again under the wing of digit
Club and you can add them up with the
world you can find out more information
over at our angle
or cross and I mean I love it I mean
even they're smelling in the air
swimming that luscious strawberry going
on and then you know I want to know if
strawberry marmalade honor you're gonna
get some next on sweetly defer views

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