Vape Review of Absinthe E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

April 21, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Absinthe E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Vape Review of Absinthe E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Over 20 herbs and spices have been carefully blended together to recreate this luxurious aniseed-rich absinthe flavoured e-liquid. With just the right amount of bitterness to complement the heady herbal undertones, this wickedly indulgent vape captures the essence of absinthe. Details 10ml E-Liquid 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strength About Decadent Vapours Decadent Vapours are one of the UK's market leaders in the production and supply of e-liquid which are all made in Britain to the highest possible standards so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best. Their Decadent Vapours brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community.

Vape Review of Absinthe E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Absinthe E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

and if I'm doing a juice review today
focus on money that's going to normally
do the juice reviews in fact that may be
to do reviews up today but I'm not sure
about the second one yeah I've got some
muscles popping up so today that's the
tongue of decadent vapor because it's
the beginning of the month it's time for
DBS flavor of the month review and today
we're looking at this now I've already
reviewed absinthe and about a year and a
half ago but I've got a feeling it could
have changed the formula of this that's
why they sent it back out again because
normally decadent vapor already know
what flavors have already reviewed and
the catalog so they don't send it back
out but the stain of center out and then
already reviewed that so I've got a
feeling they may have changed the
formula that's slightly sought yeah
beginning of the month it's time for
decadent vehicles flavor of the month
which means ants are just nibble
Feeny's river of them so a lab shaking
those bottle forks let's give you a
quick readout of the cover letter
absinthe was the very first flavor
reproduce when decadent vapor started
eight years ago in July of 2000 well
Divi has been on the go since July at
2009 so Suja how old deck and V+ as a
company eight years eight years this
month happy anniversary or buff the
decadent vapor mm name damn so to
celebrate this milestone we thought it
very upped that it should be the flavor
of the month for this July because it's
the very first wave of decadent vapor
produced absinthe our absinthe was
created by DV founder Peter Cole who
having become increasingly frustrated by
the lack of really good flavor less ice
2009 were talking about I'm surprised
there was any flavors out by then at the
time you could only get a handful of
fruit flavors and some truly awful
tobacco and he decided to invent his own
so after laboring deliberating
tirelessly over a test given his
laboratory yes still green at the jus
stars it's still green Wow would you
look at that scheme it's an absent of
course is Li versa so after laboring
tirelessly over a test tube and has
laboratory the magic match containing
over 20 heads and spaces was perfected
true game changer Dan changed eliquid
flavors forever Pete couldn't make
enough to keep up with the demand
that was literally flying off the
shelves and so decadent vapor was born
this luxurious
aniseed and one wood flavor of course as
one with energy as an absinthe has
become renowned across the world and
although many have tried to replicate it
none of succeeding oh yeah a lot of
people have tried to make an aniseed
based off the decadent vapor one and no
one's managed to nail it yet there apart
from deck and vapor obviously as with
all our flavors of the month you can
purchase absinthe pre-mixed 10 milk
he complained bottles from the divi divi
website for half price that's July at
2.94 pen Mel and our 10 Mel concentrates
on a straight they do constant Ruiz and
that maximum juices no I mean you buy a
bottle without concentrate 10 mil
concentrates of just 2 pound 92 that's
often runs from July faster 30 fast and
yeah so it's the usual deals you get for
the decadent vapor flavor of the month
for 10 mil concentrate bottle is half
price so you can make up your own batch
or if you don't like DIY maxing and
stuff you can get the 10 ml at TPD
compliant for half price as well so
review set ups changed slightly just for
the next couple of weeks folks from
juice reviews a saga the Uni wasp nano
certain on top as a very green in your I
could let illumi a wasp nano setting on
top but a point 5 or micro coil but
instead of the MVP for from Anakin s the
new Anakin Oceania some Fitness through
putting it through its pieces over the
next week ash because I'm going to be
reviewing this next week so here's the
Anakin Oceanus the 2700 mod that's just
been released from Anakin so I've got
this running at 45 watts
point 5 ohm coil and butt off he has
definitely pause absence and he buy a
ball and hath leaver concentrate ah best
stuff is so good they have actually
changed up there's a little bit of a
difference between the last time I
reviewed absinthe which had been about a
year and a half ago now a franc and
that's absent here there's a slight
shift in the flavor
just just its the fuss this was the very
fast decadent vapor that sleeve that I
ever tried it's not the first one I
reviewed but it's the first one that
tried the next-door neighbor I mean I
started weeping
I started weeping at the end of March at
three years ago right so it would be the
end of March 2014 when I started
reviewing and the next-door neighbor
started weeping and not the knee Bobby
over the needle there here she started
vaping round about me of 2014 and she
had decadent Vitas absent that was
before I knew who decadent vapor was and
just that flavor has been changed a
little bit
tint it as a subtle difference going on
but I smell a damn good for mobile so
what they've done is from what I can
remember anyway from the original review
that shifted there's a slight shift in
the order of the flavors because I
remember the old absinthe used to be
licorice and aniseed matching level at
the front then you had just an odd
combination of other flavors which you
get an absinthe with a hint of that one
would go in through one word for the
people that have never tried one word
one word is what gives absinthe it's odd
flavor very odd flavor and there's a
hint of it going on with the spectacular
just that's why it basically tastes like
absence but it's not a case of just
getting a one with flavoring and adding
a couple of drops under the max does
other stuff and things going on in this
ball which essentially makes it taste
like an absent and it's not a street
it's a fountain of
and for the people that don't know what
that means you get you a little shot
absinthe glass paniolo or glass with a
little bit of absinthe which is
basically this color right can a light
green some of the absence of clear some
of the Mediterranean absence of clear
bits and some of them are light green
can join them then you get the absinthe
fountain which as a toll on eat and most
cases glass canister right so it's a
metal stand with a big water tank with a
swatter setting in the tank and there as
usually for the four phones in us
you get four spokes coming off with a
little tap at the end and what the idea
is you get your absent shot glass you
have a streamed spoon there's a
particular name product that I can't
fucking grip it's been ages since I've
actually went through the whole absinthe
process right because there's no pubs
around your sale in the stock anymore
but it's like a spoon basically with
slots cut through it you pop a sugar
cube in top or but preferably refined
sugar like good sugar not the stuff you
get from supermarkets is basically a
sugar cube it any way that you pop on
top of the spoon you turn the spigot and
the cold water drips through it doesn't
pour through at dress through the sugar
cube the sugar cube becomes saturated in
water and the sugary water drops through
the spoon empty an absinthe and you just
let it sit there for however long you
like and eventually the green apps and
turns into a kind of cream color iced
water so the absinthe is nice and cold
the sugar tea water sweetened up the
whole max and then you drink it and
that's what that's taste like it tastes
like a fountain absinthe very sweet but
going on to the arms start them as
absent no there used to be a popular
gonna harbor say that actually had the
fuel absinthe out and set up but they
don't have it anymore was gutted when
they stopped doing it
but that's what that's taste like it
tastes like a fountain
absinthe you get the raw flavor of the
absinthe aniseed licorice that odd one
would really widget you don't you
another piece to anywhere else apart
from absinthe right but it's that odd
kind of medicinal one wood flavor going
on in the background with other stuff
and things of the crammed into that ball
with a very sweet back north it's
essentially I founded absent that's what
it feels like the one thing I think that
bed do is that slightly increased the
aniseed flavor in us because I don't
remember the old absent being thus and
your faith with the aniseed flavor
because the last time I try this I'm
sure I'd remember bus juice as being
level oops just dropped at all I'm sure
I remember those just as being level
with the licorice and anise seed that
know the aniseed is definitely at the
front and it's backed up with the
licorice it's not enter mangled in any
bit all one would have thing going on in
the background this is a gorgeous juice
Forks God just juice a meathead on a
decadent vehicles and by a 10 ml bottle
of concentrate sucking much more why
it's so good I love this juice I've
always loved the best juice this is what
the second or third time of review that
then each time it's been altered
slightly to rebalance the flavor aspects
all three variants or two variants at
least of the absence that I've tried
they all have the same flavoring but the
orders been different and the order
shifted slightly again and for all you
absent fans out there whether you've
tried Mediterranean absinthe American
absent of traditional fountain absinthe
you may want to get your hands on this
but again this is not
we need to be to everyone's taste fu
heat aniseed or licorice fix you're not
going to like this
trust me you're not going to like this
because the flavoring is so strong
actually coats the tongue and I haven't
had a vape on this for about two minutes
now and I'm still tasting it literally
caught your tongue with an anise seed
and absent flavor and that wrangles it
just keeps going that's so strong the
flavor as earnest and that's why I like
because I love strong for you boss but
here we go
that's decadent vehicle's flavor of the
month in its absent one of my all-time
favorites in lumbers just absolutely
love those juice anyway that is that for
me folks don't forget all the way
through this month 10 ml bottle RP makes
for 2 pound 90 and most importantly for
the DIY as out there 10 ml bottle of the
flavor constant treat for two-tone 90 as
well so you can pile the music and mix
up a big batch of this stuff like thanks
to Simon and the folks over at decadent
vapor for sending over last month's
flavor of the month the link to decadent
vapors going to be down there as always
folks thanks for watching and if you're
watching us over at YouTube and you like
what you've seen get a thumbs up down
there below the video if you're watching
this over the vent door mu give it an
upvote down there below the video and
don't forget to follow me and subscribe
to me no matter what venue platform
you're watching on as always folks
thanks for watching and yeah have a good

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