April 24, 2018

Vape Review of A CUT ABOVE BY JUICE BOX - TOASTED BOURBON - E-Juice Wholesale

This flavor is an amazing creation sure to knock your socks off. A special blend of Sweet Bourbon with a touch of tobacco. The flavor is extremely unique. 80% VG

Vape Review of A CUT ABOVE BY JUICE BOX - TOASTED BOURBON - E-Juice Wholesale



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of A CUT ABOVE BY JUICE BOX - TOASTED BOURBON - E-Juice Wholesale

what's up what's going on guys I am your
host liquid King your mother's favorite
vapor and welcome to another installment
of the liquid teen Chronicles today I'm
excited to review another one of the
juices from the kados Revenge line the
Connells Revenge line has now seven
juices sophisticated ocean peach high
life nonny's kiss and vendetta okay the
star of today's show is one of my
absolute favorite juices bourbon custard
okay bourbon custard comes in at ninety
ten PG VG available in zero three six
and twelve milligram okay available in
30 ml bottles for $19.99 and 120
milliliter bottles for $65 incredible
price point for this quality of juice
the reason I like kados revenge is Jojo
does not place sucralose sweeteners any
of that stuff in his juice it says
natural and bare-bones as possible and
has its concentrates in it but it's
absolutely delicious and the thing that
I like about bourbon custard is it's
okay there's so many custards out there
that just don't hit the mark so this is
one of my two favorite custards okay and
out of respect for each other I'm not
going to mention them but this is one of
my favorite custards bourbon custard is
absolutely fantastic
the flavor profile obviously is bourbon
vanilla custard almond and coconut okay
and it's a Kentucky bourbon and what's
special about this juice is once it is
actually mixed it sits inside of a
barrel for two to three weeks okay
it's 90/10 PG VG and so it's nice and
and I love it I absolutely love it okay
first thing we always do in this channel
is you want to focus on the accuracy of
profile does the juice taste and vape
like a bourbon vanilla custard almond
coconut thing so let's give it a little
sniff mmm
right off the bat you get the vanilla
custard and that coconut that delicious
coconut I get a light tinge of almond
and and some of the Bourbon I do I smell
it all it is all in there drip test what
I do drip a little bit on my finger okay
and I'm taste it mmm
but now the almond and coconut is what I
taste when it actually taste the juice
it's pretty accurate it's pretty
accurate and as always I get very very
excited when I vape anything from the
kados Revenge line because I know I'm in
for a treat
and if you guys have lived under a rock
for the last couple years this is the
juice that you need to have in your
rotation okay you just you just need to
okay I've got it loaded up in the RX 200
dressed up as a DNA I'm going to be
vaping it at 80 watts okay and I've got
a nice little build up here coils are
already nice and soaking wet I've got 26
gauge dual Clapton's rockin some fresh
cotton okay and we are going to check
out the vapor production in this juice
mmm-hmm five stars
well seriously that is incredible vapor
production which it should be it's a
ninety ten buck that's incredible
incredible Ava production the whole room
was filled up with thick milky as clouds
brah dude guy bro
they prefer a ver okay Jojo nails it
every time if you guys know jocano you
know that he puts his heart and soul
into all those juices definitely tasting
strong strong vanilla notes coconut
toasted almond I mean I love it I love
it I can sit here to vape this all day
it's just it just tasty how can somebody
not love this I don't know but yeah
vapor flavor I'd give it a nine and a
half okay nothing gets a 10 right it's
getting yeah I give it I give it a solid
nine and a half it's really really tasty
it's definitely accurate and true to the
profile that it describes nothing to be
leery about you can buy this with full
confidence you can buy this with full
confidence and be happy that you're
gonna get a quality product every single
time this juice specifically okay is a
90/10 I don't think that every one of
the juices from the lines is ninety ten
but this juice in particular is a 90/10
it does come in zero three six and
twelve milligram nicotine don't know if
I mentioned that yet and where to
purchase this juice you can get this
juice right here okay at Brad's vapor
calm okay
Brad's a good buddy of mine reasonable
prices fast shipping free shipping and
right now we're running a little promo
okay liquid kc-10 at the coupon section
during your checkout I get you 10% off a
purchase order okay you can store
yourself for juices for $68 Brad has a
120 mil deal that basically allows you
you can purchase two of these and two
other juices from the Kanto line or four
different ones for 68 bucks you don't
have to commit to a 120 mm of one flavor
which is really cool so you can do three
of these at 90 90 90 milliliters and
then get yourself a thirty of something
else so it's really really fun
you can snag yourself some of that juice
on the website show jocano some love
okay see if you can get yourself on the
Facebook page drop them a line as always
I want you guys to comment in the
comment just in the comment section if
you do in fact buy this juice that I've
never tried it before
and because of this video you've got out
and purchased it I want to know what you
think okay I want
absolutely no what you think because I
feel that this juice is up there with
any of the other customs that are out
there okay it's thick
it blows milky clouds it's a fantastic
juice it smells good it tastes good okay
Joe's Instagram is CE o TT o s re ve ng
e on Instagram like I'm on Instagram
hit him up on Facebook as always okay I
am the liquid King you've watched
another installment of the liquid King
Chronicles thank you guys so much for
tuning in today to watch a review I love
you guys so much I appreciate you guys
thank you to all the subscribers to all
the new subscribers I upload at least
one to two videos per day okay so thank
you so much for watching and till next
time I'll see you guys tomorrow bye

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