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7 Daze Pink Sticks 60ml ejuice delivers the sweet and sugary cookie flavor right from the legendary bakery pixies. Vanilla cookies covered in strawberry cream and topped with sprinkles, this delectable dessert will have you inhaling cookies for the entire week. Vape happy, my friends.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 7 DAZE PINK STICKS EJUICE

fuck is going on bait fam and CB squad
hope you guys are having a nice fucking
soaking moist night it's too friendly
neighborhood hosts and vapors back again
with a good AG's review tonight so uh
that's right we got Pat we got
motherfucking pink sticks this is by
seven days that's what the fuckin bottle
looks like and I'm going this review
right now wouldn't be possible if it
wasn't for the vapor link
will be down below in the description if
you just shout out and thank you that
then for making this review possible I'm
gonna go ahead and read a description on
the juice so pink sticks eliquid by
seven days is a delicious flavor of ripe
strawberries blended into each sweet
pink cream that covers a tasty but
cookie biscuit and I cracked this bitch
yesterday like yesterday night when
every weight dude I have and stop
beeping it gone through thirty miles of
it already it's really good and don't
let the review though let's get on with
this reviewed in but let's start with
the smell because it says cookie biscuit
but I beg to differ so here we go
it smells straight-up like some wafer
cookies like some like vanilla wafer
cookies or even a strawberry Whitacre
whatever the fuck you want to say I'm
gonna say more food than all the way for
cooking like some strawberry milk that's
I smell like a strawberry like milk and
then like I've been Nilla wafer cookie
yeah just feels good no it smells great
smells nice no it smells great
it's fallen it's really bomb dude I'd
love to see I love strawberry beeps
strawberry cream babes especially and
then when they had a fucking twist to
him is always delicious whether it's
like strawberry cream caramel like this
or strawberry cream cookie like there's
a few different ones that are good like
no joke like the fucking fuck Jerry's
monsters it's like a strawberry ice
cream cookies sandwich you know that's
like a strawberry cream cookie or you
got like monster puff monster by monster
or moms from Fight Club monster my bad
it's a strawberry cream caramel you know
so I really like just type to juice with
a little twist so uh gonna be vaping
this well I already know it's good I'll
just let pack it a couple beeps I
already know what this motherfucker
tastes like fuck the batteries are like
super low you need to change them all
right now then it's all good though like
where it really tastes like to me it's
like almost like what it smells like it
really tastes kind of like a strawberry
cream or like a strawberry milk and then
you get like a vanilla wafer cookie in
there it's really good it's not really a
strong robust flavor overpowering it's
like it's like a good my god it's a nice
flavor nice flavor
I wish it could it be like just a teeny
bit more in-your-face you know any mean
mmm because it's got good amount of
sweetener not too much i beep 30 mils
the calls gonna need to be burned off of
course but they're not terrible like
I've seen Jesus where they really kick
out your fucking clothes I mean it is
pretty caked up a little bit but it's
not crazy like I've seen certain juicers
milky like taste it yeah like a
strawberry milk with like a vanilla
wafer cookie taste fired and he does
taste really good you gotta try both
my bad dude super smooth fucking yeah
it's really so fucked in yeah it's
probably like it's definitely under Nick
but I don't mind that I've honestly come
to realize when it comes to juices that
are probably like two-and-a-half
milligrams that companies Nick them to
make them like a little smoother I
really like that and stuff cuz that's
how I've been doing my DIYs lately and
stuff it's just like a two and half
milligrams didn't contain to give it
like you know you still you still get
your nicotine that you need it just
makes it smooth enough like it calms
down the throat hit that you can
basically chain babe it if you really
wanted to and it's Paul fuck you I
definitely give this shit fucking thumbs
up dude this Gemma gets a thumbs up I
give it a solid eight out of like 10 for
sure it's a really good babe paper
supply we'll have it soon so uh we
probably post this actual review so when
you're seeing it should already be on
their site so but uh it's fine that shit
on cases you think he gets all rootin
Weekly oh yeah I think it it gets all
week big rating I've been vaping it all
day like I'll kill this bottle I'm gonna
buy another bottle from them and stuff
because I hope at like 30 mils so but I
really want to like fucking kill it
so shit's good so I owe 30 mils as soon
as as soon as they got that shit on
their site make sure you click that link
down below buy yourself a bottle that
they'll have it by the time we plug this
and so let us know let us know how you
how you enjoy your pink sticks pink
sticks yeah and make sure to use
northern Cali 15 and check out all that
info below do you want to say anything
wrap it up thank you guys for your
watching this a juice review make sure
you like the video if you found it
useful subscribe not already and stay
tuned for more do

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