Vape Review of 40ml Liquid Bundle - Fruity

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of 40ml Liquid Bundle - Fruity

Vape Review of 40ml Liquid Bundle - Fruity

This is a bundle which includes 4 of the Fruit flavours within our UK Ecig Store range of E-Liquids.

Vape Review of 40ml Liquid Bundle - FruityJust in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 40ml Liquid Bundle - Fruity

I'm just popping back in for this second
video to let you guys know about a deal
example box has going now many of you
may be familiar with slush eliquid right
they've been around for a little bit and
they got some pretty tasty fruit flavors
which is right up my alley
if not directly in it and I'm telling
you about a deal that got going right
now people what we got here is 460 mils
of slush four different flavors 240 mils
total for 35 bucks and I think the deal
is running for like a week stick like
two weeks I think two weeks of the deals
going so yeah I got a link in the
description if you want to get in on the
deal if not that's fine I don't give a
shit but I thought I would tell you real
quick anyway this isn't really a review
is just me telling you about this deal
on e liquid the flavors included in this
bundle is Barry you got slush classic
Barry you got slush classic lemon-lime
you got slush classic cherry and slush
classic straw melon which I happen to be
vaping on right now all of these liquids
are Max B G in case you were curious I
gotta say my favorite is probably strong
melon and my least favorite is probably
cherry yes but I don't really like
cherries though I do like I'm in some
flavors but yeah those those are my top
cakes in case you're curious and ya know
that that's that's pretty much it right
there people that's the stuff links in
in description if you want to get in on
the deal be a people that's it just the
D little juice that's it you guys have a
great weekend y'all stay sexy out there
I am out

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