Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Levitation 60ml E-Liquid

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Levitation 60ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Levitation 60ml E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Now in a huge 60ml bottle!. Levitation is an expertly mixed vape flavour consisting of blueberry muffin and milkshake. A truly creamy and fruity eliq

Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Levitation 60ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Levitation 60ml E-Liquid

hi welcome back tonight's fakes and
today we'll be looking at 13 Floor
Elevators now this one is called
levitation this is a new one for them I
bought this one from fake club 14-pound
99th it comes in a 30ml bottle the
nicotine levels zero three six and
twelve there this one is about 80
percent of Fiji so very nice pink bottle
so shall we go down and have a closer
look okay this is the close up of the
bottle 13th floor ever vapors and the
bottles called levitation sounds like a
Harry Potter film Donuts levitation
okay swiftly moving back to the bottle
13 on the front a nice pattern coming
round levitation feet and Jesus one is
13 floor head of a papers some more
warnings or no warnings on this bottle
it's in a nice pink bottle but it's what
they call on that in kind of birds it's
not your after it's cold day for Mingo
pink that's the one the Mingo I think I
hope it is anyway because I've said it
now so shall we go back to the top and
have a taste
sir Oh smells gorgeous I'm gonna tell
you what they send now because I didn't
tell you before I was gonna leave it to
one of the ends this one believer or not
is blueberry muffin milkshake don't let
the pink bottle put you off it's not a
strawberry it's a blue muffin and it
tastes smells no taste
smells gorgeous yep smells nice right
put in my mud hat sir I'm gonna fight of
it point to point 2 or 5 ohms or the 35
whoops so here we go I've been looking
forward to this
your paper yes that's that's quite nice
well I will do a go Bravo
beautiful utterly beautiful the
milkshake comes straight out and the
bloom I think is really really nice and
it's not overpowering when he said blue
buff when I was a bit wore some of her
mouth tastes blue muffins are really
strong but now this one's really nice
and you can get the milkshake at the end
we'll have another go it's so nice on
your taste but it's really really nice
it makes a nice change for me on because
I like all these different come out once
and this is sort of a nice change and
the milkshakes lovely we'll have another
the vapor is good yeah I like this one I
like it a lot so that's was a 13th Floor
Elevators and it was a little bit was he
I'm gonna miss it's a difficult one this
one it was called levitation bit like
Harry Potter levitate yeah job mister
don't it taste so good
we'll have one more go super super blue
muffin strawberry milkshake to say
swalot saison that not kind is it it's a
bottle yeah definitely a good one this
don't he worth getting it and have no
luck so this is John same goodbye to you

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