Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Django 60ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Django 60ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Django 60ml E-Liquid

13 Signature CollectionThe warmth and mystery of enchanted open countryside with an enticing blend of Vanilla Milk, Caramel, & Flue Cured Tobacco Leaf. Django is a flavor for the tobacco enthusiast but one that everybody will enjoy. Part of the 13th Signature Collection.Prominent Flavours: Vanilla Milk, Caramel, Tobacco.

Vape Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Django 60ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 13th Floor Elevapors - Django 60ml E-Liquid

what's going on vape fam this is Joel
evolved Apes coming at you as usual with
some awesome ejuice reviews so any guys
ever heard of 13th Floor Elevators if
you haven't you guys are seriously
missing out let me tell you something
this is a great company with three
signature flavors really really high
quality stuff let's face it I mean we're
always looking for something brand new
on the market but there's only so many
ways you can take a flavor that
everybody else is used in jazz it up
enough that's gonna make it popular
enough you know beyond all the other
flavors out there the hundreds of brands
hundreds of thousands of flavors across
the world that is going to stand out and
last long enough to head up the
conventions you know what I'm saying
but 13th Floor Elevators has really made
that name for themselves all they have
is three unique flavors right now but
the quality of those vapes are very very
high this is one of those companies that
definitely ranks big-time with the Joe
of all vapes vaping community I really
appreciate what these guys do as a
matter of fact they're also part of the
sample box family and any part of the
sample box family is family of mine you
know I'm saying so let's get right to
this and let's kind of discuss and pick
apart bit by bit the flavor profiles the
different ratios of these flavors and I
guarantee you whatever your favorite all
day vape is there's something in one of
these vapes that you guys are really
going to dig so let's get to this
so the first flavor that we're gonna be
talking about is Django and this is the
bright yellow bottle it's hard to miss
this one three milligrams on the back as
you can see and 13th Floor Elevators
really really did go above and beyond
and coming up with some traditional
flavors and switching it up just enough
to make it very very spectacular and I
don't throw that term around lightly the
flavor profile on the Django is a
vanilla milk with sweet caramel and
Kentucky flue-cured tobacco and trust me
this is not your typical ry4 here guys
this is really really solid tasting the
one thing that I picked up immediately
was the vanilla milk and the way that
this isn't your typical ry4 is that
typically in ry4 is like a caramel a
cream and in some type of a tobacco
pretty similar to most other ry4 is out
there and just subtleties and
differences strengths you know how much
of what ingredients gonna be stronger
light or so on so forth or all the same
across the board but the vanilla milk is
really what made the biggest difference
it might not sound like it makes that
big of a difference but trust me it
really really does you know you mix up
vanilla with just a light tasting creamy
flavor like milk which you know it just
kind of has a very light refreshing
taste really ice-cold milk I love
ice-cold milk like that and with a good
solid you know just copper pan
slow-cooked caramel deep earthy sweet
buttery and really amazing with a good
quality tobacco and I mean if it's gonna
be tobacco make it a good quality one
you know the solid extract is really
what makes the difference when it comes
to a tobacco vape trust me on this I've
got some awesome tobacco vapes coming up
for review and you guys are gonna see
what I'm talking about but the flavor on
the Django is is very unique it's very
light I don't want to say refreshing
definitely because it's a little bit
deeper in flavor even though it is kind
of light and airy but it comes across as
something extremely pleasant this is
definitely an all day vape for me I've
had my original favorites as far as some
of the ry4 is when they really really
hit the market from some very
brands that we all know but the Django
is one of those companies that very much
just kind of sets a totally different
kind of a bar for you know just some of
the most traditional flavors that they
really have jazzed up in a very very
pleasant and high-quality way the cool
thing about that is is that you can keep
things incredibly simple like I said
they've only come up with three flavors
but I've also said this before when a
brand comes out and they're so excited
and brand spanking new that they come
out with something like 10 20 30 40 50
60 different flavors unless they're
really high quality and I mean they've
taken the time the energy gotten the
good extracts find really quality
steeping processes you know and so on
and so forth and have made the marketing
it's really really special and unique
you're pretty much destined to fail but
a lot of the companies that really do
take that much time and invest all of
that into just a simplicity of about
three to four to five flavors you pretty
much guarantee the majority of all of
those flavors are gonna come out
spectacular and they last a long time
not only do they do they persevere but
they push on and they don't have to do a
whole hell of a lot past that point
because the flavors are so high quality
that is 13th Floor Elevators and trust
me a company like sample box is not
gonna carry their Juice line if it isn't
really high quality stuff you know what
I'm saying so if you like a traditional
ry4 you're definitely gonna like the
Django but be prepared to try something
totally outside of the box of a
traditional ry4 the vanilla milk really
sweetens this stuff to a lighter airier
flavor really really beautiful texture
it comes in a 70/30 so it's gonna be a
drippers dream the 30% on this end is
really going to be a high-quality flavor
carrier a lot of PGs can sometimes give
you a little bit of a throat hit this
stuff has zero throat hit now maybe if
you increased it past three milligrams
per milliliter which is what I do
personally you might have a little bit
more of kind of that you know that harsh
throat hit in the back words I know a
lot of you guys love but I can't go
beyond that just because I don't like to
and I think it suffers some of the
flavors sometimes they really really
have come out with an incredibly
high-quality tobacco vape and you know
where the tobacco itself was medium
bold but still light enough that it
doesn't dominate the entire flavor
profile an aspect of what it is they're
trying to come across with this one so
the Django by 13th Floor Elevators
definitely one of the better ry4 esque
flavors that I have ever tried really
high quality caramel taste to it
definitely think this is going to hit up
a very wide spectrum of vapors as far as
the desserts the tobacco lovers and
maybe even some of kind of the morning
breakfast lovers too that has a little
bit of a hint going in there with just
kind of that light creamy refreshing
taste with the vanilla milk so
definitely my favorite out of the three
which is really hard to say because the
three of these are really amazing the
next flavor up is levitation in the deep
red bottle and three milligrams once
again but this one is an 80/20 which is
pretty intense I only suggest you'd rip
this one I have subohm doll of these
I've dripped all of these and the one
thing that I will say is usually pretty
consistent is the higher the VG count
the better it tastes when it's dripped
and some of them I've tasted with high
VG believe it or not several more drip
and it tastes like crap but once again
this comes down to a quality aspect how
much passion how much interest is a
brand even have in their flavors you
know what I'm saying it's really up to
you to decide but eventually a company
is either going to not last or
completely rebrand most of the time they
end up doing something like that you
kind of pray and hope that they're
making a good decision and come up with
either less and put something more into
you know just a better flavor or you
guys kind of try and think outside the
box a little bit but you don't have to
worry about that with 13 Floor Elevators
they've really come out with quality
stuff the levitation is a blueberry
muffin milkshake so you don't really
have to think too hard on this one chop
up a sweet blueberry muffin very light
very Airy very buttery mix it with some
amazing delicious creamy vanilla ice
cream and call it good you know what I'm
saying I mean this was some of the best
stuff that I have ever baked the cool
thing about this is is that it was so
light and creamy in the sweet cream and
vanilla and it almost tasted cold kind
of like you're drinking a milkshake like
you're literally drinking on a milkshake
and I think that was just the mixture in
the combination of Flay
extracts that they used to kind of come
across with something that was so
vanilla so light and so airing and so
creamy and delicious the vanilla and the
cream definitely hit me on the intake
which is a little bit different because
typically blueberry has just a little
bit of a dominating consistency to it in
its flavor just a little but the vanilla
and the blueberries really came through
on the exhale and everything the cream
would just held all of it together in
just this light fluffy cool creamy
vanilla amazingness you really really
are going to enjoy this one you guys are
absolutely gonna love this flavor so if
you like anything creamy if you like a
lot of the fruity vapes those dessert
lovers and if you're a breakfast lover
definitely hit up some levitation guys
you guys are gonna love this you're not
gonna go wrong with it trust me on that
one and the last but not least is the
Bermuda in the light sweet little blue
baby blue bottle right here now the
Bermuda was on out of sight flavor
really was something kind of unique this
one is a 60/40 blend so you can pretty
much sub-ohm or drip this one to your
heart's desire and it is a mixture of
mixed berries lying atop a bed of Granny
Smith sliced apples with some really
cool bubbly refreshing champagne now I
don't particularly care for some of the
e-liquid you you know there's a lot of
liquor on the market and mixed drinks -
I just want drink as is now you put it
in a vape I can't guarantee you that I'm
gonna get any better of a response from
that than I would by drinking it but I
love champagne and champagne kind of
tends to be one of those liqueurs that
you know appeases to all people across
the board it's a very light very Airy
very bubbly and has a bit of a fruity
taste and consistency to it anyways now
you put in some really fresh tasting
berries that are very very sweet very
pleasing to the palate
you know I imagine drinking an ice-cold
glass of champagne would like some fresh
raspberries floating on the top a couple
of fresh blueberries maybe some sliced
strawberries in there really really
sweet really refreshing just amazing
flavor to it it was happy I can't think
of a better explanation or a better
better term to use other than happy it
just made me happy it was a very happy
babe there's very
light and very airy and this was
definitely an all day any time all the
time faith something that is not overly
heavy something that is definitely going
to give you a really solid light and
bubbly and airy and refreshing taste you
you you become thirsty when you start
drinking this I don't mean in a bad way
you you you want to go out and get
yourself some champagne and start
drinking this just to complement it
maybe we ought to start doing some
comparisons you know what I'm saying on
some of the next vapes here but this one
was definitely a brand new one for me it
was a different kind of concoction I
really absolutely loved it nothing less
to expect from 13th Floor Elevators
really really good stuff I like the fact
that they've put different ratios on all
of these I mean you can do that pretty
much with any kind of flavor that you
want you can switch up the ratios you
can do whatever the heck you want with
that kind of stuff but what I like the
most is when a brand comes out and they
switch up the ratios basically
specifically for the flavors not
necessarily just to you know switch it
up and be unique you know they can leave
everything the same ratio they can do
you know everything half and half or
50/50 or whatever but certain flavors
really do benefit by different amounts
of VG to PG especially how you're going
to be vaping it and when a company comes
through with a really high quality vape
and says you guys really should drip
this drip it for crying out loud listen
to the guys these are the guys that
actually spent money and time and
passion and effort and steeping and and
I mean you have no idea how long it
takes to come up with a quality ejuice
there is a time that goes into the
process not to mention everything else
is left in the marketing and getting it
out to the consumer so they can get you
guys's opinion but hopefully this video
will help you kind of pick and choose
and be able to come up with the right
mindset to be able to try something a
little bit unique a little bit outside
the box but again something very
comfortable very familiar got some great
vapes here that are deep decadent but
from the majority of the time they are
very very light tasting incredibly
refreshing and I know that you guys are
gonna love 13th floor so here's my
suggestion go on to 13th Floor Elevators
and that's one three thirteen not the
on Instagram and definitely give these
guys a follow I even turn on the
notifications on this company check
these guys out look at all the best
pictures that they have and then follow
the link on to their website which is 13
Floor Elevators
dot-com once again with a 1/3 not the
word and there you'll be able to check
out all the different flavors a little
bit more of a specific and detailed
flavor profile on their actual website
and you'll be able to get a little bit
of a better idea as to what these guys
are all about so I want to say to 13th
Floor Elevators thank you very much for
sticking it through with me and Joe
Valle vapes
for supporting what it is that I do and
to all my subscribers and followers on
Instagram I want to thank you guys for
your support I really hope this gave you
a little bit of something different just
to look into amongst all the other aegis
brands and ejuice flavors out on the
market that exist worldwide and I'm
gonna try my best to bring them all to
you know what I'm saying I'm not dead
yet so guys if you dug this review and
you want to see more awesome ejuice more
mods more RDAs drippers you know
accessories up the wazoo stay tuned
because I've got so much coming up in
the very very near future more mod
reviews coming up I've got some special
discounts that are available only for
you YouTube subscribers you know what
I'm saying check out my instagram page
at joe of all vapes underscore to the
letter - i've got some awesome giveaways
going on for the month of may 2016 at
least 3 but you know what i may wake up
the next morning with a wild hair and
want to do 5 you know who knows I am in
a giving mood lately life is good and
there's too many good vibes out there
just to keep them all to myself you know
what I'm saying so definitely follow me
on Instagram spread the words to all of
your vape fam I really really appreciate
your guys's support and stay tuned for
more good stuff you know what I'm saying
so one last thing I want to leave you
guys with is love yourselves love each
other keep the support and advocacy
alive for what we do
join Casa if you get the opportunity go
in the description of this video below
and you'll be able to find the link to
join Casa and become an advocate for
yourself sign those petitions and the
one last thing I want to leave you with
is you guys keep it class

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