Vape Review of 13th Floor 3 x 10ml Juice Pack

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of 13th Floor 3 x 10ml Juice Pack

Vape Review of 13th Floor 3 x 10ml Juice Pack

This Juice pack contains 3 x 10ml bottles of liquids from the 13th Floor Elevapors range; Bermuda, Django and Levitation. Available in 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of 13th Floor 3 x 10ml Juice Pack

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 13th Floor 3 x 10ml Juice Pack

what is going on guys the honest long
reviews back at you today with some more
juice reviews today we got some by 13th
floor these are the bottles right here
we've got a yellow one we got a red one
we get a little teal looking bottle
right there 13th floor you like I said
got the 13 right there and you prop 65
warning on the back
hashtag elevate yourself elevate not
elevate elevate yourself a different
trip for those who drip 13th floor le
13th Floor Elevators calm goddang if you
go to that website you're not gonna be
able to buy on that website they do have
shirts and things like that some apparel
they also have some pretty cool
photography on there as well I found
this stuff on vapor beast calm for 1995
for a 30ml bottle comes in 0 3 6 or 12
milligrams of Nick and there's 3 flavors
and I've got all three of those flavors
here of course what we're going to do is
gonna be Jango and these are 70 VG 30 PG
and you can sit out there Jango and this
one's going to be vanilla milk and
caramel with a hint of actual Kentucky
flue-cured tobacco leaf on the exhale a
caramel vapor Chino so everything sounds
wonderful except tobacco I'm not a big
tobacco vapor I know something you guys
are out there I found very few that I
actually enjoy this one might be ok
though like I said it's got the vanilla
and caramel in there so we'll see we
will give it a shot and see if we like
it or not ok so we get that I'll wake up
on the twisted missus version 2 along
the sirak X I make sure pretty excited I
just picked up a hexam version 3 beta
last night sitting there on the air
and yeah lucky because I sold out in
about two minutes so lucky to snag one
of those I'll have a first impressions
video coming up on those I think they're
shipping out on or around next Friday so
soon after that I'll be the first
impressions review of the excellent e3
so should be good but that's almost
built that back to the deal we've got
today though 13 flow vapors this is
Jango vanilla caramel milk Kentucky food
kentucky fluid cured tobacco here we go
thank you pretty nice mmm definitely get
some vanilla and caramel man I don't
really give a lot of tobacco women I'm
actually pretty happy about it because
like I said I don't like tobacco that is
a nice mellow flavor and I think if you
know somebody that likes to smoke I
think that these are kind of the best
best flavors to get them on something
with a tobacco in it like I said this
was not that strong but it's almost like
a I mean it is kind of like a caramel
Frappuccino or mocha guy or whatever
they call them anyway it's similar to
not real fruity anything like that it's
just Cara on vanilla you know I think
personally whenever I first started
vaping that was what I went to is more
flavors like this I've kind of gotten
out of now I got more defer to kind of
stuff and blow blow blow just expanding
my horizons and tasting everything so
next what we're gonna do is gonna be the
levitation and for some reason okay so
Janko was a 70 bg-30 PG levitation is an
ATV g20 PG and then the last one that is
going to be a 60 VG 40 PG so that's odd
you don't really see a lot of companies
mixing up the blend that they've got in
there that's different but we'll see
here this one's like I said an ATV g20
PG this is levitation and this one is
the one that I'm most excited about
it is a uplifting blueberry muffin
milkshake and it's got a cord I guess
from somebody else that might reviewed
it or tasted it or something that says
it's like if I it's like of a milkshake
ate a blueberry muffin
then I've ate that so sounds delicious
it smells freakin delicious ice melted
earlier haven't baked any but we're
gonna go to it now get this one on the
top my version too and it smells just
like a bluebird often so hopefully it
tastes like one here we go
fucking fantastic that is really really
good juice the blue brain there's not
like a canned eat a blueberry at all it
is a freshly baked blueberry muffin to
the tea and you do get like a little bit
of a vanilla in there as well I don't
really get the shake part of it but you
definitely get vanilla and like a
freshly baked blueberry muffin it is the
licious I don't know why come on Tom
this is me but it is that one I'm going
to save for the weekend I've got some
big stuff coming up this weekend I'm
gonna do so actually going to graduation
to go to out of town and I'm gonna save
that and use it for the trip on the
drive to the graduation so we're going
to now switch over to Bonita I'm going
to re wick the dock mob-run - I'll be
right back all right guys that we're
back again I just rewritten up that mod
version - we're gonna go on to the last
one which is gonna be Bermuda I don't
know if I share saw this earlier but I
think I'm in on the Django this is the
bottle of the yellow bottle right here
Django that's gonna be the vanilla milk
caramel and tobacco this one right here
is one of my favorite juices now this is
a limitation that's going to be a
blueberry muffin with vanilla and the
last one we've got here is gonna be
Bermuda and that's this when I hear this
tale looking bottle this one's gonna be
mixed berries on a bed of granny smith
apples with champagne drizzle sounds
interesting and is a 60 VG 40 PG so this
one's definitely be suited more to me
towards a tank we're gonna put it on the
dripper and give it a go and we're gonna
do that right now here we go
pretty good um you definitely hit like a
almost like a bubbly champagne in there
like they're talking about
it's kind of weird it's it's different
and it might be because it's a 40 PG
juice and 60 VG so it's gonna be a
little bit strong but throat hit and
that's kind of what I get from it
versus the other ones but it's almost
like a champagne bubbly sensation kind
of touching the back of your throat I do
definitely get the granny smith apples
in there and I do get the mixed berries
on this when I get all three flavors I
can't tell you what the mixed berries
are but if I had to guess I would say
it's like a strawberry raspberry top
flavor with champagne that's kind of
what I'm getting from it now like I said
60 B G 40 PG though that's not gonna be
for me you know going forward but I yeah
that's it we're done
there's three flavors and we're out so
like I said vapor beast calm and I'll
link that down below I'm gonna link 13th
floor vapors 13th Floor Elevators down
below like I said these are their
bottles shout out to 13th for vapors
force any of these now a full review and
all if you can see this or not in the
video but they actually sent me that
shirt right there on the corner so shout
out to you guys for send me that as well
sorry it took so long we're gonna ton of
shit in and she's taking a long time to
review but 13th Floor Elevators
shout out to you guys for sending me
these my way I am now home

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