Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid (120ML)

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid (120ML)

Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid (120ML)

120 Cream Pop is a timeless classic wrapped into a delicious vape juice. Formulated by Mad Hatter, this e-liquid elevates a traditional Creamsicle pop to a tasty all day vape you have to try! Orange surrounds the front note providing a flavorful burst upon the first draw. A smooth cream creeps around the body of this vape juice loading your tongue with a pleasurable and nostalgic note. As the vape juice fades, a bold vanilla ice cream invades the back note leaving a lasting and undeniably delicious flavor note. Try your bottle of 120 Ice Cream Pop E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid (120ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid (120ML)

welcome back vape fam this is Eric here
the real-deal vape reviews today I'm
gonna be reviewing 120 cream pop by Mad
Hatter pick this up on a good deal it
was like 20 around 20 bucks shipped and
I was like man I gotta at least try it
there's not too many reviews out there
so I figured I'd give it a try see what
I think of it I have not tried any Mad
Hatter eliquid I've heard mixed reviews
so I heard some good some bad
just just haven't wanted to waste my
money if I don't like it but like I said
good deal on this I picked it up I was
like what the fuck if I don't like it
the price is right the site that I
picked this up from was 101 vape they no
longer have it in stock the cheapest I
could find it was element vape I believe
it was 37 95 plus shipping typically
this is between 40 and 50 bucks so like
I said 20 bucks the price is right but
this is how it comes it comes in this
box orange you glad you bought a 1:20
cream pop 1:20 cream pop calm 21 plus
adults only has your warnings and it's
the same all around there now this comes
in 120 ml unicorn bottle that was the
main reason I wanted to get one of these
bottles they are gorillas or chubby
gorillas I think they're called haven't
seen them for sale I know they make the
120s they make like a 200 they have them
on their site but I just haven't seen
them for sale yet but this is the bottle
120 unicorn bottle and it says why did
the orange stop rolling down the hill
because it ran out of juice
alright in this box you get a 30ml
gorilla bottle 120 cream pop there and
you also get a sticker
but we're gonna go ahead and review this
juicy what I think of it the description
was just the orange creamsicle it was
like the orange and vanilla yogurt
yogurt vanilla ice cream something like
that I don't know you want to read the
description go read the description got
this today was supposed to come tomorrow
surprisingly I got it a day earlier
which don't typically happen with USPS
normally I have to wait like four extra
days let's give it a taste test though
didn't really get too much taste like an
orange creamsicle don't really smell too
much off of it
but let's give it a vape I have this at
80 Watts on a point one nine on my
gearbest coils that I reviewed let's get
clouds bitch this is really running it's
a 70/30 VG PG it comes in zero three and
six milligrams nicotine oh no just don't
quite seem like a 70/30 to me I shook up
some other 70/30 si have they just seem
a little bit thicker but I have this on
my limitless rdta plus I haven't come
across any issues it's fine
of course somebody's outside cutting the
grass right when I want to do a video
but I don't care I'm gonna keep on going
now what they fail to disclose in their
description of it is this is a menthol
vape never try to menthol vape I didn't
really smoke menthol cigarettes I did
back in the day like Newports marbles
shit like that but I switched um went to
Virginia I switched to non menthol just
because they were like four dollars
cheaper is like 235 a pack down back
when I was down in Virginia so I
switched to them never looked back
switched to vaping never look back at
that again taste to me it tastes like an
orange creamsicle you just get that
menthol like there's a lot of menthol
hitting you when you're taking that hit
it's like all menthol and then it's all
orange creamsicle if you like menthol I
think you would like it if you like
orange creamsicle I personally I'm like
I said I don't I didn't smoke my menthol
not for a long-ass time
there's fucking lawnmower turn it off
well yeah I thought they were gonna turn
it off but yeah like I said I haven't
smoked menthol in a very long ass time
but I actually like this I could bake
through this no problem this is either
gonna be a hit or miss I think you
either love it or I think you either
hate it which seems to be the case in
the reviews out there a lot of people
purchased it not knowing it was a
menthol eliquid and they got a menthol
eliquid not too happy about that
I do think they should disclose that in
the description on other sites that I
had it looked at it I did see that they
put they didn't necessarily put menthol
but they put like an icy or something of
that nature and that pretty much
describes a menthol also heard if you
get vapors Tong from vaping the same
shit over and over again that you should
have a menthol eliquid that'll help get
rid of that so I'm glad to have one in
stock but I don't think this will stay
in stock soon I personally I like it
it's different just not like anything
I've ever had before and I really didn't
expect a menthol creamsicle to be that
good I did read reviews before I
purchased it so I did know that it was a
menthol but I figured for like 20 bucks
why the hell not
as for the nicotine I got a three
milligram no throat hit no peppery taste
on the nicotine but like I said it is a
menthol you get that hit to the throat
like a menthol gives you and I'm I'm a
fan like I said I've never tried Mad
Hatter eliquid in the past but I think
they nailed it with this one I just wish
they would advertise it as a menthol
that way people aren't buying it in not
knowing what they're getting and not
liking it but all in all I'd recommend
this flavor if you want go check it out
like I said 3795 element vape calm you
might be able to find it cheaper or you
might be able to find it cheaper on a
sale I use vape crawl or calm you can
search whatever the hell you're looking
for you could sort by price you could
sort by country if you don't want it
shipped from China you could deselect
China have US shipping only sort by
price drop it down to the lowest that
goes for anything not all sites are
advertised through there it's pretty
much that they got a volunteer to be
through there which a lot of sites are
and no breezy element vapes a couple
sites out there well more than a couple
but I don't remember them off the top of
my head but you could search anything
you can search search each probe sorted
by cheapest price find the cheapest
price through that I use vape crawler
all the time I also use vaping cheap
comm to find good deals that's where I
found this at through 101 vape comm was
vaping cheap and there's also vape deals
that's the website it won't come up as a
linked vape thought deals go to that a
lot of good sales and deals through
there it's a check them out
that's all I gotta say about this I'm
enjoying this gonna vape through this
without a problem if you try to in like
it let me know if you don't like it let
me know taste is subjective I get a lot
of well not a lot but I get negative
feedback if I review something and I
like it and somebody else don't like it
tastes this objective what you like I
might not like what I like you might not
like that's the thing with e-liquid
reviews you can't go off one person's
opinion ten people might like this and
then you get it and you're like oh this
sucks so you can't really go off of that
buy at your own risk this is not
sponsored I paid money for this and I'm
gonna enjoy this so thanks for watching
as always you got to fight for your
right to vape Kasasa fada not blowing
smoke the vaping militia aemsa no more
casualties org
all sites out there pick one stand up
fight for your right to vape thank you
all for watching subscribing liking
sharing growing with me I appreciate
every single one of you and keep your
vape up don't keep the hate up peace out

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