Vape Review of 120 Cereal Pop by Mad Hatter E-liquid (120mL)

April 21, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of 120 Cereal Pop by Mad Hatter E-liquid (120mL)

Vape Review of 120 Cereal Pop by Mad Hatter E-liquid (120mL)

By Ksenia Sobchak

120 Cereal Pop e-liquid by Mad Hatter may very well be one of the greatest cereal flavored vapes ever released. At first draw, you'll experience a sweet, fruity flavor of a rainbow cereal while the exhale delivers a creamy, sweet layer of vanilla milk. There aren't many cereal flavors out there that can match the true to life sensation you'll experience when you vape 120 Cereal Pop. Not just for Saturday mornings anymore, be sure to buy your 120mL bottle of 120 Cereal Pop by Mad Hatter today!

Vape Review of 120 Cereal Pop by Mad Hatter E-liquid (120mL)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 120 Cereal Pop by Mad Hatter E-liquid (120mL)

what's going on guys JC from breezy here
back at it again with another video and
today we have a quick quick view at a
brand new juice just release fantastic
I've been vaping on it for the past few
days getting you guys a first look at it
it's right here it is the 1:20 cereal
pop this is the follow up flavor 2:120
cream pop it is a cereal flavor comes in
a very similar packaging a welcomed with
a 120 ml unicorn bottle as well as two
smaller unicorn bottles for on-the-go
vapors if you don't want to obviously
carry around this big bottle
I've been vaping in I am more off you
can see I'm more than halfway done with
it I did a fantastic cereal flavor
I've try to run a few devices so far I
have dripped it I have put it in a crown
b3 I've put it in numerous other tanks
and our TAS as well and overall is a
fantastic flavor a really great cloud
production on it
just an overall solid cereal vape very
very fruity with that slight hint of
like milky creaminess added into it
definitely one of my top cereal flavors
since it released definitely check it
out guys it is a wonderful flavor at a
great price for 120 ml of really good
juice this is presented to you from the
great guys over at Mad Hatter so shout
out to them for coming out with another
fantastic flavor again this is 120
cereal pop as you guys can see packaging
and everything and just overall look of
the bottle as you can see right there it
says the serial killer
can't argue with them too much because
it's a fantastic very very solid cereal
vape guys I'm gonna continue vaping this
and bringing as a follow up review on
how it steeps if it gets harsh anything
like that but so far loving it as you
could tell them almost done with 120
mils and it's only been it's been in my
less than a week but a fantastic flavor
guys as always link will be in the
description below so you guys can check
this out
guys at breezy calm where they is made
easy catch guys in the next one

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