Review of Mr. Good Vape e-Liquid flavors

April 26, 2017 3 min read

By Nataly Komova

Mr. Good Vape is an e-Liquid company from Southern California that was founded by Garry Riddle in 2010 and revitalized in 2012. They have lots of e-Liquids to choose from and are pioneers in their profession and passion. Their passion and commitment are reflected in each of their 12-different exquisite e-Liquids. Indulge your taste buds with a treat that’s sure to make into your daily rotation.

Mr. Good Vape e-Liquid flavors

  • Bahama Mama E-Liquid

o    A new take on an old favorite; Pina Colada; Bahama Mama does not disappoint with its sweet, delectable coconut cream and freshly peeled banana taste, enveloped in a noticeable but not artificial layer of tart pineapple; All you’re missing is the little umbrella.

o    Comes in strengths 0mg – 18mg of nicotine for that little kick and also bottle sizes 16.5mL, 30mL, and 120mL bottles.

  • Dabble Dooyah E-Liquid

o    A luxurious, indulgent pie inspired flavor that will blow you away leaving you satisfied with its blend of tart, fresh apples dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar then baked to perfection in a flaky golden crust. This take on homemade apple pie is truly indulgent.

o    16$ for a 30mL bottle, try it if you get the chance to!

  • Dreamsicle E-Liquid

o    Tart meets creamy in this orange and vanilla flavored popsicle vape that will take you back to the days of chasing the ice cream man down the street on a hot summer day. The orange is distinctive but not overpowering or artificial on the inhale, and is finished off with an exhale of smooth vanilla ice cream. Forget about chasing the ice cream truck; this e-Liquid is even better than the real thing!

  • Heaven’s Candy E-Liquid

o    A tart and refreshing combination of grape and sour apple, it accurately represents childhood memories of sucking on Jolly Ranchers the whole way home from school. It represents pureness with a bite.

  • Honey Baby E-Liquid

o    A fresh combination of honeydew melon with undertones of vanilla beans, sweet guava, and pure honeysuckle. The guava brings out the sweetness in the e-Liquid while fresh vanilla beans enhance the smoothness, the melon, and honeysuckle as the prime star of the show; refreshing yet smooth.

o    20$ per 30mL

  • Karma Cream E-Liquid

o    Fresh Georgia peaches along with creamy vanilla ice cream, this is a treat that you just can’t resist.

  • Melon Head E-Liquid

o    An impressive fusion of cantaloupe, papaya, and mango with hints of fresh citrus, this is a flavor that will be cherished by fruit vapers. This three melon mix is a dream for fruit lovers and melon lovers alike!

  • Moon Sugar E-Liquid

o    A delicious, hot just-out-of-the-oven sugar cookie e-Liquid that is paired with the indulgence of warm butterscotch and toasted graham cracker makes this flavor a rich, rewarding dessert e-Liquid.

  • Pistachio Man E-Liquid

o    A mixed combination of pistachios, deep and robust tobacco, dark chocolate with a barely noticeable hint of mint.

  • Sundae Fundae E-Liquid

o    A bright, smooth mix of vanilla ice cream topped with hot caramel sauce then sprinkled with the sweet and rich flavors of buttered pecans in a crunchy candy-covered waffle cone.

  • Sunshine Daydream E-Liquid

o    Tart Greek yogurt with fresh orange, tangy pineapple, and smooth banana finish in a blended fruit smoothie.

  • Sweet Lovin’ E-Liquid

o    A delicious mixture of strawberry and watermelon candies with bubblegum undertones.

In conclusion, Mr. Good Vape’s e-Liquids are superb. They are some of the best out there on the market right now. With each unique blend of flavors, it shows that Mr. Good Vape’s crafters are passionate about what they make and it shows in their impressive e-Liquids. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been vaping two days or two years, they have an e-liquid for everyone!

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