Mrs. Lord & Co E-Liquid Review

April 26, 2017 2 min read

By Elena Ognivtseva

Mrs. Lord & Co E-Liquid was originally established in 2013 when they decided to go public with their e-Liquids. At first, they were crafted in small batches, and in 2014 they moved to their first office and started to consider selling their products worldwide. The company blends only the finest quality of flavors to ensure their customers get only the best products. All of their glass-bottled e-Liquid they make comes in a 50/50 ratio while only the DripMe Range line has a 70/30 ratio. They are one of the most popular brands of e-Liquids in the U.K. and sell both to the public and to retailers. They have a broad range of flavors but here are just a few examples of them:

Example of Mrs. Lorde & Co.’s E-Liquid Flavors

  • Chester Pudding E-Liquid

o    A vibrant lemon filling with a pie base topped with soft meringue that gives this flavor a delicious and refreshing dessert taste.

  • Custard Cream E-Liquid

o    A favorite, traditional custard cream dessert flavor that is well recreated and reimagined in an e-Liquid. Rich notes of vanilla biscuits with a smooth and creamy custard center.

  • Druide E-Liquid

o    A unique, absinthe inspired e-Liquid that has subtle hints of licorice with an intense anise flavor that is distinctive of Absinthe. It was so popular that the stock sold out in just a few minutes at Vapefest in 2013.

  • Ginger Nut E-Liquid

o    A warm, gingerbread-like flavor that is easily vaped and not too overpowering.

  • Honey Porridge E-Liquid

o    A tasty porridge mixed with sweet brown sugar and smooth cream, a delightful breakfast flavor now in an e-Liquid.

  • Hot Toddy E-Liquid

o    A refreshing mixture of lemon and honey flavor with a subtle whiskey undertone.

  • Kendal Mint Cake E-Liquid

o    A savory blast of mint with a sugary aftertaste which is ideal for times when you want a little break from the ordinary.

  • Navy Cut E-Liquid

o    A unique, dark tobacco enhanced with tropical undertones of coconut, rum, and chocolate creating a delicious and complex flavor profile.

The Pros of Mrs. Lord & Co E-Liquid

  • Mrs. Lord’s makes a great variety of different e-Liquids, they have a flavor for practically everyone to enjoy.
  • Each batch of Mrs. Lord’s is pre-steeped which takes the frustration and inconvenience of steeping the liquid yourself.
  • Quality-oriented products that are crafted with special love and care.
  • Has up to 18mg of nicotine, so there’s a nicotine strength for everyone.
  • Comes in 15mL, 50mL, and 100mL glass bottles usually with a 50/50 ratio except for the DripMe Range that is 70/30.

The Cons of Mrs. Lord & Co E-Liquid

  • Some of the flavors, for example, Druide, from this company have been known to break certain tanks which is a safety concern.

Mrs. Lord & Co. have a flavor for just about anyone, whether you like dessert, alcohol, or fruit, they carry just about everything. The fact that they go so far as to steep each batch of e-Liquid for you shows passion and dedication for an enjoyable vaping experience. I can see some of these e-Liquids that could be used as all-day vapes and impressed with the different lines they have out.

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