Mr. Juicer Premium Malaysian E-Liquid Review

April 26, 2017 3 min read

By Ksenia Sobchak

Mr. Juicer is a manufacturer of e-juice from Malaysia and is known to make e-Liquids that have a cooling effect. They have several products on the market with high reviews and are testing out their products in America where they have caught on quickly.

Mr. Juicer Premium Malaysian E-Liquid Flavors

  • Berry Crunch Hazelnut E-Liquid

o    A savory Malaysian fusion of fresh, plump berries and earthy Hazelnut with undertones of granola and fresh vanilla beans. A combination of this flavorful magnitude is easily paired with coffee in the mornings or on its own as a tasty treat.

  • Grape Breeze E-Liquid

o    A tangy grape flavor on the inhale with a refreshing hint of mint that will enliven your senses. Made with 50/50 ratio of PG/VG in a 50mL bottle and contains 6mg of high-grade nicotine.

  • Butterscotch Custard E-Liquid

o    A rich and robust creamy butterscotch custard swirled with a luscious caramel drizzle.

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream E-Liquid

o    A rejuvenating blend of mint and dark chocolate with a creamy, delicious undernote of mint ice cream. A classic treat now in an e-Liquid!

  • Grape Mist E-Liquid

o    A tangy yet sweet mixture of 3 different kinds of grapes that is not too sweet but not too sour or artificial tasting, a perfect vape for the fruit lovers out there. It is one of the more traditional blends that Mr. Juicer makes and it is understandable as to why.

  • Mango Wave E-Liquid

o    A bright and lively Mango e-Liquid that is light and refreshing with a subtle hint of cooling mint that is perfect for those hot days spent out in the Summer heat.

  • Root Beer Blow E-Liquid

o    A classic soft-drink paired with the creamy, luxurious taste of homemade vanilla ice cream in an e-Liquid that is one of Mr. Juicer’s most popular flavors.

  • Strawberry Haze E-Liquid

o    Ripe Strawberries are the front runner in this e-Liquid on the inhale but take a backseat to tart raspberries on the exhale, making it a truly delicious fruit twist with just the right amount of zing to it.

  • Mr. Juicer’s Black Label E-Liquid

o    A smooth spiced vanilla with the taste of ground vanilla beans and the spice of cinnamon. Both aspects of this e-Liquid pair fantastically together to make this a memorable vaping experience.

  • Ocean Blue E-Liquid

o    A favorite blend in Malaysia called “Otai” or literally “old timer” which is an exhilarating combination of honeydew with a splash of watermelon. Let your taste buds take a well-deserved vacation with this excellent e-Liquid.

  • The Current E-Liquid

o    Let yourself be swept away by a combination of blackcurrant yogurt, melon, and just a hint of mint.

  • The Squeeze E-Liquid

o    Juicy mango takes the lead role in this e-Liquid with a slight minty undertone.

  • Mr. Juicer’s White Label E-Liquid

o    Plump, juicy strawberries pair well with rich cream to make an impression that you won’t soon forget.

Pros of Mr. Juicer’s e-Liquids

  • Mr. Juicer’s makes some of the best exotic fruit flavored e-Liquid on the market today.

Cons of Mr. Juicer’s e-Liquids

  • Some of the e-Liquids do not let you choose your nicotine strength or have absolutely no nicotine at all leaving you wondering about the consistency of the product in general.
  • The bottles come in inconsistent sizes as well. I’m not exactly sure why.

Mr. Juicer’s does wonderfully at mixing exotic fruit flavors and dessert flavors but are inconsistent in their sizes and nicotine strengths. I would probably not put this in my ADV list because of the uncertainty of quality.

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