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April 26, 2017 2 min read

Mr. Icey’s e-Liquid is an American vape company out of Long Island, NY that brings Italian ice inspired flavors to life as vape e-Liquid. They are a relatively new company that is just starting to put out products on the internet, so the only flavors they have right now are Lemon Icey and Mrs. Strawberry They have strict recipes that they follow to make sure that each and every batch of Mr. Icey’s e-Liquid is up to standards.

Mr. Icey’s e-Liquid

  • Lemon Icey E-Liquid

o    Take a trip back to your childhood with fond memories of ice cream trucks and cold lemonade. That feeling is the essence of what Mr. Icey’s tried to do when creating this e-Liquid. The innocent days when you’d walk around with lemon candy in your pockets and the taste of Italian ice on the tip of your tongue. Combine them together, and that is what this flavor is all about.

o    70VG/30PG mix and offers 0mg, 3mg,6mg, or 12mg in 60ml bottles.

  • Mrs. Strawberry E-Liquid

o    A delightful and refreshing pairing of lemon & strawberry Italian Ice flavored e-Liquid that hits you with a tangy burst of lemon on the inhale and then strawberry that lingers on your tongue while you exhale.

o    Same VG/PG ratio and same nicotine strength as with the Lemon Icey

Pros of going with Mr. Icey’s e-Liquid

  • Consistency in quality through each batch. Mr. Icey’s thoroughly checks each and every batch to ensure that their customers get the best possible product that they can get.
  • Up to 12mg of nicotine which is good for people who need a stronger nicotine hit.
  • Big clouds with the VG/PG ratio.
  • Lemon is the main star in both of the e-Liquids and happens to be one of my favorite flavors.
  • Not overpowering or artificial tasting at all.

Cons of going with Mr. Icey’s e-Liquid

  • They only have two e-Liquids out right now which is the Lemon Icey and Mrs. Strawberry flavors.
  • They are very pricey and only come in 60mL bottles where most vapers only get the 30mL.
  • Strong VG/PG ratio so be sure you clean your tank out after you finish vaping these liquids.
  • Is known to be corrosive in plastic tanks so please take care of your vape.

There is no doubt that Mr. Icey e-Liquids have already kicked off a great campaign in such a short amount of time that they are in a rush to get more flavors out on the market. These masterfully talented individuals take quality seriously. I believe they are going to take the vaping world by storm because of how fast people have gotten on board and ordered them even before they were available to the public. I would have to say that the two flavors they have out right now are fantastic and don’t have an artificial taste at all. I would most definitely add Mr. Icey’s  Lemon Icy to my vaping rotation because I adore how they did with the lemon flavored part in both of the liquids.

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