MOSA E-Liquid Review

April 26, 2017 2 min read

By Elena Ognivtseva

MOSA is an invigorating mix of fresh orange juice and sparkling champagne. Lean back because your taste buds are going to thank you for this wonderful, delightful vaping experience. The PG/VG ratio is 30/70 and comes in 30ml, 60ml, and up to 6mg of nicotine making it a smooth vaping experience that you can actually enjoy.

Why buy MOSA E-Liquid?

  • That is simple, it is the most outstanding orange on the market out there.
  • Each batch is handcrafted just for you and you can tell how much care and time into, their products.
  • You can rest assured that at 16.99$ a bottle you will get quality vaping e-liquid.
  • They are available in lower strengths of nicotine rather than the strong ones that could make you sick.

Pros of buying MOSA E-Liquid

  • The bottle is amazing and printed very well; it’s probably one of the best e-liquid wrappers there is out there.
  • Great orange taste that will keep you coming back for more.
  • It’s not overpowering like most orange candy. It has just enough orange in it to make this an authentic orange flavor that you are sure to adore.

Cons of buying MOSA E-Liquid

  • Lower nicotine strength than most e-liquids on the market these days, it’s not always a bad thing but a lot of people like their nicotine level to be up higher than 6mg.
  • It can be hard to find unless you order it directly from the internet which makes it hard to get ahold of.
  • Orange is sometimes a tough flavor to get right, and many don’t have a taste for fruit.
  • It comes in 30mL to 60mL bottles that you can choose from. 60mL bottles are handy if you vape a lot.
  • MOSA is 16.99$ per bottle which makes it expensive especially when you have to drive an hour away just to be able to get the e-Liquid

Pros of buying MOSA E-Liquid

  • Beautiful bottle
  • It gives everyone a chance to vape as it is not strong or harsh in flavor.
  • The taste of the orange is fantastic.
  • The way the champagne tastes hit your tongue
  • You can order it online at a few different e-Liquid sites. Such as this

Mosa E-Liquid has gotten superb ratings and only a few bad ones by names as Lisa and Curtiss for example, “This right here!!!! Miss is simply delicious. This product and this product only brought me to Craft Vapery. If it weren't for Mosa, I would have never discovered Craft Vapery. Miss is by far the best liquid I have ever tasted in vamping besides Pank. Mosa has the perfect amount of orange and champagne that makes your mouth water by simply smelling the bottle. I always have Mosa on hand. Since I have discovered Mosa, I have never gone without. You would be a fool to pass this product and not vape it.”

It is an enjoyable e-Liquid, but I wouldn’t make it an All Day Vape because I’m not a huge fan of vaping fruit liquids, but this is the best orange I’ve ever tried.

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